Fact finding a little help(solved)


Need a little help with figuring out how long it would take to fill a 512 cubic feet sealed space with one occupant of CO2. I know humans breath out something close to 46000ppm. So if the scrubber failed how long would they have before CO2 levels reached a total saturation of 400ppm in the room. Thanks


at 12^3

12x12x12 feet gives us 1,728 cubic feet. This converts to 48,931.51 litres. Assuming that is air, we have 9,786.302 L of oxygen, and 6,990.22 minutes to live. That is roughly 116.5 hours, or 4.9 days.

If the room is entirely oxygen, then we have 34,951.09 minutes to live: 582.52 hours or 24.3 days.

In both scenarios, you’ll die of dehydration before you die of suffocation or starvation. The average person can only go 3 days, 72 hours, without water.


Ok then would be of little consequence as you only have three days to live any way in the game. Hehe that saves me a lot work as I do not need to factor this into the code thanks. :smile:


Less coding always better XD