Expressive Arts GCSE' Website (Off-Topic)


Hey guys,

As some may no I have GCSE’S coming up for the next two years, for one of our Expressive Arts GCSE’S me and my team have decided to create a website and put certain clips of Expressive Arts or pictures to make our website piece more realistic, this will be shown along with our dance, drama, sculpture, creator writing piece to make one huge and hopefully passable piece, if you would like it in more detail please message me,

So I have came today to ask you wonderfull people if you can spare the time to check our WIP WEBSITE, remember it is not real just part of our exam, so here is te link to it, hopefully the peeps who are working on the CoB website will check it out to,


A quick look at the site and the colour scheme is great, with a nice professional looking background image of London. You might consider a black textbox behind any writing over the picture to make it easier to read, although this is not essential.

A spelling error on the ‘home’ page: It’s withheld (one word) not with held.


My phone sucks as I cannot see any pics. Will look tonight from my laptop. Looks claen and simple from my phone.


As a start, it’s great – very professional. Some of the home screen text can be moved to the “About” page but it’s a WIP. Very impressive so far.


JH is amanzing maybe some minor problems to use in a phone ,but art design is awesome. !


thanks guys


Hey guys we have a forum up and running please login and sign up


Will this help your grade?


Am not sure, it will make it more realistic


ok will help out and log on to post a few things.


I cannot log into your forum as I do not have a Weebly, nor do I plan on getting one. And I don’t like facebook. If you can add a google login will sign up. Thanks. Nice artwork by the way.


I haven’t done that
But I will try and get one sorted for you