Experiences with siblings


I really thought this would be good to share these unique experiences that all of us had with our siblings .

This happened yesterday
So we ( me, my brother and our friend ) decided to go park at 4 AM and we were at a 25 ft wide road with 3 storey high houses at each side.
there was a slightly cool air ( one of the main reason for going at these hours as later these days in afternoon the temperature is around 40 degree Celsius ) as usual the roads were empty, I mean really not even a dog or cat, eerily silent , just three of us and as our friend got some steps ahead of us , we looked at each other and just started laughing that we thought is full of malice and our friend got surprised and within seconds dumbfounded and as on que my brother took out his gun and aimed at him and said " FIRE "
and then there was fire , I mean literally as it was a lighter ( looking like a gun ) and after that we started laughing again at first it was just us then our friend joined with the look of our friend we just can’t hold that.

All this was a prank that was one of very few we have played but most latest and
I thought was worth sharing ( probably to give people ideas how they can mess with others )

I would also like to know your experiences with your siblings


I had a friend once who played the best prank ever on her older sister.

For weeks, my friend and her sister had been embroiled in a prank war. It started out pretty benign, but then it got intense. Both sides were ruthless. Things were spiralling out of control. It finally reached a peak when the sister left for a week-long summer camp. While she was away, my friend went into her sister’s room and moved all of her furniture an inch to the left. When the sister came back, she entered her room and stopped. She stood there for a moment, and then said, “Something is off. She did something in here.” The sister was convinced that my friend had laid some kind of nefarious trap in her bedroom. So, for the next three days, she slept on the couch. Finally, their mom demanded that my friend explain what she did to her sister’s room. So she did. Her sister was furious, but her mom thought it was hilarious.

In the end, the sister returned to her room, the prank war ended, and my friend emerged victorious.


Meh why not, I’ve got a couple of prank examples :slight_smile: . I had a half brother, but who died a good few years ago and once when I was walking home from school he ran out of hiding from somewhere to make me jump :stuck_out_tongue: …can’t remember how long he was waiting for me exactly, but it took me a good while to walk home from school.

Another time late at night when I was still in primary school I think, so still very young, he randomly rang the police and told them I was bullying him(I wasn’t) . They actually came round and he carried on his story. It annoyed me at the time, since I had school in the morning and it was late at night, but considering my age, the fact I was small for my age anyway, really skinny, have a pretty effeminate voice and don’t look even slightly intimidating and my brother was heavily built, nearly 6ft and was the opposite of me, so tough looking, deep voiced etc it is pretty funny looking back at it xd. Sadly I can’t remember it too well though, my past is really blurry.


He sounds like a funny guy. I’m sorry he’s no longer with us.


Yeah he was :slight_smile: and thanks :slight_smile: appreciate it.


Sure, I have a little story for you: I’m one of the only females in my family, meaning that when it’s family vacation trip time, the boys like to target me. >>

One night at our hotel a few summers ago, my cousins and brothers - 2 cousins, 2 brothers, all male - thought it would be fun to attempt the “whipped cream in hand” prank while I was asleep. I believe the goal was to tickle my face and then I would slap the whipped cream on myself trying to scratch it. Well, the poor fools never got the chance to put whipped cream in my hand. Instead, I had woken up instinctively and as one of my cousins loomed over the bed, I shot straight up and stared him down. “What.”

He screamed. It was great. I probably looked a bit like the girl with hair over her face from that one horror movie I’ve never seen. I doubt they will attempt this particular prank ever again in their lives. ~


Nice prank idea - will try on my brother


I got a funny story. My dad, my mom , my older sister and I were coming home from camping in Indianna, will my dad was driving and it was raining and it was at night. We ran out an animal, and my sister started to cry, because she thought we had ran over a dog. My sister was 12 and I was 8. Well, after a hour of hearing us cry, my dad drove back and checked the animal and it was a porcupine!!




I cut my sister with a pillow when I was little, burned her in my sleep… twice… cut her in my sleep and gave her a black eye… in my sleep…by kicking her into a fan…

It’s generally a good idea to stay away from me sleeping…


I am intrigued
How can you burn someone while sleeping


You kick them into a heater.


( LOL ) that was worth a laugh
but she didn’t get any serious injuries right ?


A few scars… but nothing serious :blush:


Glad to hear :smile:


She was a brat she deserved it :smirk:


There was this one time when I uninteionally scared my brother to death by unknowingly dressing like Sadako/Samara. My hair is already “ghost girl” material anyway, and I was sitting at a dark spot in my parents’ room in front of the TV, facing the door, wearing a white dress and half-asleep, humming to mysef. And my brother passed by the open door and saw me from the corner of his eye, and practically shat himself and screamed like the 10 year-old boy that he is while running down the stairs to get the holy water (seriously). I snapped out of of my daze, realized what happened, and then just laughed my ass off.

And then my brother got his revenge by taping Jeff the Killer’s picture on the ceiling of my bedroom, so when I wake up in the morning…


Was it really " unintentional " :smile::smiling_imp::smile:


Yup. Half the time at home I already look like a ghost anyways (bad hair covering the face, pretty dresses, creepy face). It was just dark at that time and I was wearing white and my brother saw The Grudge for the first time…

So yes, unintentional. :grin:


I think I never had any kind of prank with my sister lol’ we always loved each other and never really fighted, but when I was little I used to lie on the floor to draw and she’d sit on me (she’s 6 years older than me). She also would took my hand and use it to punch me x_x And when she was on her rebel times (12-15 yo) she was also mean to me because she didn’t want to play with me and would make fun of me when my favorite shows on TV went off air. She didn’t let me watch Hunter x Hunter because she saw a upside-down cross on it and forbid me to watch (while our mother didn’t care). Nowadays she’s not even christian.

I think my favorites memories are when she was using the toilet and asked me to bring her paper asap. I ran to get the paper and when I handed her the paper is when I saw that was paper towel, not toilet paper :joy: I swore it wasn’t my intention but she got so mad even so.
And specially: I always got sick very easily and it was even worst when I was a kid. My sister would see me down on my bed and would take Ludico (my stuffed rat) and make what she called “Ludico’s showtime”. She just acted like Ludico was talking, and dancing and tripping… and that would make me laugh xD But when I laugh I start to cough, and when I cough it’s obviously harder to breath, so my mom always got mad at her for making me laugh xD but I liked that a lot.

I also have my bad memories: I trade a Yu-Gi-Oh card that my sister wanted with my cousin and then she stopped to play with me. I feel bad for that even nowadays.
And on our last family trip (around 2004), we got 2 strips each other. I got a red and a green one, and she got two reds. Those strips were meant to wrap in your pulse and never release it, you had to wait it to pop naturally, so I took my red strip and used it this way. But I wanted to have a match strip with her (yeah, that’s how younger siblings are, I don’t know why), so I regretted it and a friend gave me a red one a while later.
Then my sister just took my red strip without telling me and gave it for a friend of her. My heart broke.