Expected OPERATOR, was: VAR -- What does it mean?

variables line 660: Invalid expression at char 9, expected OPERATOR, was: VAR [scout

this is line 660:
#Go through the window.
You take a look and unlock the window, pushing yourself up. It’s not high enough for you to feel any difficulties climbing, and in no time your hanging on the other side. You analyze the situation and confirm it’s safe to jump. The first thing you notice is an old man whipping himself, back bleeding. As soon as your feet touch the ground he turns to you with a toothless grin. “Oh, hi there!” The stranger chuckles: “Need a guide, ${boy scout}?”

Choicescript thinks that “boy scout” is two separate variables. There shouldn’t be spaces in variable names. When you created it, did you make it boy_scout?


boyscout would work too. Just no spaces.


Thanks! That makes sense…