Expected Choice Body error on a label?

So ya, I got another one…I am beginning to loath spaces and indents :unamused:

With this one whenever I try the first choice instead of going to the label, like it should! It comes up with am expected choice body error on the label itself not any of the choices.

I have quadruple checked all my indents and hunted for any sneaky spaces. But everything seeeeems to be in order…so Im just confused.

	#No time to waste going backwards, I need to try the hatch
		*if (Strength >= 60)
			*set Strength +5
			*goto hatchsuccess
		*if (Strength < 60)
			*set Strength +5
			*set Health -1
			*set delay +1
			*goto hatch_fail
	#For all I know that hatch could be jammed on something, better to find another route
*label hatchsuccess
Stepping up to the hatch


There’s nothing on that choice. At least plug a *finish on it until you write something.


facepalm omg…thank you

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