Expected at least one row

 text Name
 text Surname
 text Gender
 text Power

 percent buff
*if (boo = true)
  percent time
  percent allure
  percent disgust

Ok this is my stat screen and it says that line 41 which is percent buff is a invalid under expected at least one row it looks fine to me but maybe not could someone help.

It looks like your spacing/indentation is off

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But where… if you use an *if you add a indent right?

*stat_chart command also doesn’t accept *if command. You have to add separate *stat_chart inside the check.

Yes. But in your case – ignoring the validity of the code – you stepped down one indent from percent buff. Thus, *if boo should have one indent on its child, not two as you have right now.

I’m sorry If I sound stupid but what do you mean?

Something like...

*if (some = 0)
   Percent random
   Percent random
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 percent A
*if some
  percent b
  percent c

Thanks for the help I must annoy you often😖

Well, if you put it that way, yeah. Spending your time not doing your own work can be annoying, but that is the risk you have to take when you help others.

There’s nothing wrong with it. It’s just how it works, so take it easy.

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