Exordium Novum W.I.P (20/01/2016)


Hey guys,
I’m hoping to right a novel or at least a novella using choice script.
And I need your help!
I will hopefully upload updates once a week, please pester me for updates. I know my way around choice script, and I’m pretty good at writing stories. But i lack motivation.
So i need you awesome people to keep me on track.
And to correct my errors if you may.

It’s a little into the future, and your beta testing a new system. This system allows for people to start a new life in a fantasy or sci fi realm. But once your in, you can’t come out.
You have to survive in this realm, by fighting monsters, farming domestic and gathering resources. Despite that, there will be a story to follow.
Not very good at this kind of thing that’s why I have a partner that will help me liven it up for the final release. If I get that

Direct Link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/wz75kezt50jje9t/Exordium%20Novum%20v0.1%2020-01-2016.htm?dl=0

Sorry guys, I took some time and thought about it, and I realised you guys were right. So I have taken down the adf.ly links.

I have done some more on the next part, finally (in the process of getting new jobs. Haven’t had much time.). Should be up in the next couple of days.


Sounds like a good story so far can’t wait for the demo


Will their be other people in the system or are you alone there?


I’m going on a limb here and saying that there will be more people and also looking forward to this good luck :+1:


I say go for it, and good luck.


Sounds like an awesome idea can’t wait to play the demo


Can’t wait for the demo.


Thanks for the support guys!
Should be able to get it done this afternoon.
Depending on how long it takes me to code the Character Creation.


Kinda sounds like Sword Art Online…I Like It!
(No im not one to usually watch anime but S.A.O was so interesting)


Even If it does sound kind of like it I’m still interested to this wip


Yeah, haven’t watched or read sword art, but I’m kinda getting ideas from a few different books on Wattpad, and the authors of them watch and read Sword art.


I watch it i like the anime. Some people liked it and some didn’t


If you like SAO, you might give Log Horizon a shot.


That is also a good anime


Ok guys… the character creation is pretty deep, meaning I’m allowing a species customization, any ideas on things to edit…? Supposing it’s not too ridiculous…


An Elf race?(20 char)


An humanoid animal like race, I think that’s wat people call them or was it call the beast race


Ok guys, I have decided how I’m doing it, I have added 3 default species or races, plus an option to make your own-ish, it will ask how many arms legs etc.


You say that like its a bad thing?


sounds awesome cant wait to try it