Exiting somewhere else from the stat screen?

A small question because I am here sitting thinking about things:

Normally you enter the stat screen, and then return to the page you came from No issue.

Would it be possible to use a *goto_scene from within the stat screen that exits the player somewhere else permanently?

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I’d say only if you fiddle with CS’ sourcecode, as there’s several ways to leave the statscreen (on mobile at least)

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Try *redirect_scene.


Just remember that the stats screen is always visible on some devices.


Thank you, hopefully *redirect_scene will work, and it shouldn’t be an issue that the stat screen is always visible.

*redirect_scene was intended to be substitute of the *goto in the stats screen, as if you use the latter in the screen, any changes made by *set inside won’t be saved. This is especially relevant on RPG-like games where you have equip menu in the stats screen.

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