Exiled from Court (WIP) (UPDATE: September 29th)

Sounds historically correct for nobles in most societies



Man i am finding it hard to root for our mc in any route other than cult route :sweat_smile: , but it will be interesting to see a hedonist noble prevail in other routes as well , so yeah looking forward to further updates.


Thank you for all the love so far! :heartpulse: I’m now fully back, so expect more frequent updates! I’m very glad I’m out of the exile choices so we can move on the actual story.

Yep, it was loosely inspired by Guerra de Canudos! I also think it’s a fascinating bit of Brazilian history.

As for the intensity of the cult route - I understand the way The Hedonist behaves after witnessing such a traumatic event may seem odd, but it has been three years, and they’re pretty good at repressing shit. This is not the last we’ve seen of the exile routes or their impact on The Hedonist! So I wouldn’t worry about it too much for now.


Guess who just updated!

This update includes:

  • A visit to a brothel (that’s always fun, right?);
  • The option to seduce an escort…or to chat up a madam;
  • The introduction to the second RO, Val;
  • And more!

I hope you enjoy! Please be warned that a few of the variations/different choices haven’t been double checked, so I’m sorry for any grammar mistakes/inconsistencies. If you encounter any, please tell me so I may fix it!


I really enjoyed the update and I do really like the new characters I got to interact with and I’m hoping that the interaction with the brothel workers wasn’t just a one time thing since they seemed very interesting to me


Another delightful update! And the plot thickens! The brothel was also certainly an interesting experience and brings up another highlight to being the Hedonist. I usually wouldn’t play a character that would frequent places like that, but as the Hedonist it just seems like something they might do? It’s just a lot of fun!


This is a promising and very well-written demo! I really like how you painted the world. Most medieval CoGs and HGs are European-inspired. Reading something inspired from Brazil was refreshing.

I played as a male noble and I couldn’t help but visualize him as effeminate. Nothing wrong with that, but it’s not how I usually play my male MCs.

I can’t exactly pinpoint why the narrative sounded that way to me though. I’ll try reading through with a female MC and tell you what I think.


Ah, thank you! :heartpulse:

Oh, that’s interesting. Though it makes sense for male Hedonists to come across a bit as dandies, that wasn’t 100% purposeful. I have the tendency to visualize female MCs when writing, so please do tell me what you think once you replay!


Aaaaah!!! As a fellow latam I’m so excited for this game!! I think the writing flows great and the story is very engaging especially because you left us with a great cliffhanger, cant wait to see where this leads :eyes: also love that I can make my mc a total douchbag with 0 regards for anyone lol.


very fun game! i like playing games as a bastard (for some reason)

Typo i think?


My grandmother.

Evie would probably disapprove, but she deserves to know what her son is up to. And, most importantly, she can give me some much-needed advice.

  1. I am female
  2. my grandmother? shouldn’t the son be grandson or grandaughter?
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This is after picking the cult route (and also being romantic with him, if that helps :slight_smile: )


Thank you! <3

The “her son” in that sentence refers to the grandmother’s son - aka The Hedonist and Evie’s father! I’ll try to fix it soon so it’s not so confusing.

Thanks for catching that! I, uh, am pretty sure it’s solved now. That pesky bug wasn’t showing up in any of my quicktests or random tests >:(

Also: sorry things have been a bit quiet lately! I’ve been super busy, not leaving me much time to work on EfC.