Exiled from Court (WIP) (UPDATE: September 29th)

Understandable. As contrived as an overtly defined sexuality can seem to some–especially in certain settings–for this story about court intrigue it might only be a narrative benefit. At least insofar as what you say, and what you think really would have been at odds in that type of setting, and nothing smacks of intrigue more than a “fruitless” forbidden romance. I wish there was a better way of phrasing that, but it’s what they would actually call it back then, because lineage, and heirs were singularly important to anyone of higher than average standing. :slightly_frowning_face:

That said, I have no idea what specific characters would say, or do depending on/in response to the player’s input even without these details coming into play. :slightly_smiling_face:


I think that’s a really cool idea! I understand the story being based on a real event makes you want it to be historically accurate tho
But the idea of having the option to talk about it to other characters or stay closeted is a smart way to address it that I haven’t seen in other games!
Just including questions about what pronoun you prefer and how the person presents themselves physically is an easy way to do the charator customisation that I’ve seen in other games


I’ve updated the demo with some suggestions made, like different hair styles for ladies, and the saves are now fixed! Also some grammar corrections and the such. No new content yet, but just so you know.

You said it perfectly! Though what I’m thinking right now is making it clear when an option is just teasing/seduction or when it is actual flirting, so the players knows exactly what they’re doing.

That’s true. I’m still on the fence about it, I want to do my best to write a closeted non-binary character in a respectful way, as a cis woman.


So, I’m coming at this from a binary trans perspective, which I know is not exactly the audience you’re polling here. (Also not sure if playing a binary trans character is even on the table or not.) But I’m gonna maybe go against the grain here and say that if I’m playing as a closeted MC—which is a perspective I’d be all for exploring in this context, mind you—my character is probably not in a state of mind to want to actually share this with anybody, at least not before getting very comfortable with their company. I definitely would not want to feel like I have to do so.

And yes, this means accepting that the MC would be misgendered a lot.

On the other hand, this might be too angsty for the apparent tone of this game, and I definitely understand if you want it to just be fun…especially, you know, given the MC’s title. Of course, it’s also worth noting that I, unlike nonbinary folks, have the privilege of simply playing a cis MC and not having to bother with the concept of being closeted at all. So, take my input with a grain of salt.

With that out of the way, I will say that the demo is, in fact, fun so far. I honestly wasn’t really sure how I felt about the premise at first (I am not usually one to play “hedonist” type MCs), but the way you communicate the tone through the narration definitely sold me. Looking forward to seeing more!


I have notice the stat meter of Seductive/cunning, and i am wondering whether this is the personality that are allowed for the MC?
I think it is a fun role to play as a seductive or cunning nobleman, however i would hope there are more personality stat which MC could act, because i am thinking of a Blunt/honest , honourable and naive nobleman in this world

I sincerely hope there is a fourth choice for the conversation to indicate a naive/honourable personality such as
" My apology , milady … apparently i had embarrased myself again "


Very cool! Admittedly this is my first time really reading anything based on 19th century Brazil, so even though Albarzia is fictional, I’m glad to be able to glean a little more world history knowledge from it!

I think it’ll be fun to play a female hedonist with a potential :yellow_heart: of gold! character. It’s not my usual M.O., but it’ll be interesting to explore the Albarzian universe through that lens. Excited to see more soon!


That’s understandable! The thing is, this MC is pretty set in stone, especially during the beginning of the game. They’re charming, spoiled and prejudiced, having gotten used to being a noble and letting the world fall at their feet. (And, of course, they’re a hedonist).

You will get the chance to try to grow and become a better person as the game progresses, but a lot of the MC’s personality is pre-defined. I really want them to come off as a character of their own. :slight_smile:

Thank you! And that’s what I’m hoping for too, “reward” those who are Brazilian/know of Brazilian history with little tidbits here and there and also show some things about Brazilian society back then to those unaware.

EDIT: forgotten to reply to @CorvusWitchcraft! I’m thinking of locking the player into being closeted (it’s the only way it’d work, I think), then choosing whether they’ll be fine with being misgendered OR perhaps having some sort of nickname they’d ask people to use in lieu of proper pronouns. That way, it still mostly makes sense in the game’s setting, and the nb option is rightfully there.


I really wish we could set the sexuality of the MC. I am not comfortable with the implications otherwise.

I’m…not sure what you mean? What implications? That they’re attracted to whoever they’re seducing?


I really don’t see the problem. Just don’t seduce or be romantic with those that don’t appeal to you. Plenty of COG/HG/WIP has no option to pick sexuality. It just comes down to who you personally decide to romance.


I can already tell that I’m going to love it and that you’re my favorite writer from both WIP’s you made as it speaks to me personally. Good luck with the further updates on both of them :grin:.


I mean you can seduce a certain gender even though they are not attracted to them. It’s more of a persuasion tactic. As a male who into females I’ll still flirt with a male to benefit as long as I acknowledge internally that I’m attracted to a certain gender.

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Hey, guys. Just added the non-binary option into the game. Would love to know what you think :slight_smile:

Also, this is unrelated, but have you ever heard of the Public Universal Friend? Apparently they were a person who lived through 1752 to 1819 who asked to not be referred to with gendered pronouns, only as “the Public Universal Friend” or “the Friend”. Pretty cool!


I checked out this WIP after reading the other one and man! I already love it! Such an intriguing premise. I’m looking forward to seeing more of your work! :heart:

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That they had sex with people of both genders in the past. It just feels like the MC is bisexual by default. It’s awkward because I tend to self insert and I am not attracted to men.


You could try to play your character in such a way that they prefer female more than they prefer male.

Just an opinion.

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How so?


Because of the MC’s history, undefined sexuality and the option to flirt with/seduce both males and females. I don’t know about others, but that’s the sensation I got.

i understand how you could see it like that, but i don’t think the MC’s ability to flirt with people of all genders really indicate actual sexual interest since it is entirely self servient in the case we’ve already seen.
and you could of course always choose not to go the way of flirting when interacting with male characters :slight_smile:


@wanamingo basically hit the nail in the head! The seduction stat is completely self-serving. The game will never imply The Hedonist is attracted to whoever they’re seducing, and the choice to go any further with your flirting will be just that: a choice.

I won’t tell you how to play the game, but I do want to advise against self-inserting hahaha Maybe this advice doesn’t suit you personally, but I’m not sure those who enjoy playing as self-inserts will be big fans of Exiled from Court. The MC is pretty set in stone, and that usually doesn’t fit in with self-inserts.