Exiled from Court (WIP) (UPDATE: June 30th)


Thank you! I knew from the get-go a “fixed” protagonist wouldn’t be for everyone, especially when you’re playing someone as self-absorbed (like you said) as The Hedonist. Hopefully everything else will be enough to draw people like you in. :slight_smile:


I am really liking this protagonist. When I play games I usually make characters that are like nice and responsible, but I am really excited to play such a jerk, but also one with few inhibitions. It should be a fun ride!


Firstly, great story! I swear I stuck in the plot already in minutes :sweat_smile:

It’s amazing to see all the detail for building The Hedonist, especially its layers of personality! It reminded me a little of the realistic and sarcastic descriptions of Machado de Assis (by the way Dom Casmurro is a masterpiece) making captivating character even if not so correct haha

In fact, when I started to imagine my MC, i already remembered the eccentric Lord Byron (references)

I am happy with your work, even more because brazilian like me :blush: :brazil:

​​I can’t wait to create my tupiniquim Lord Byron selfish, seductive and ready to go up on the social ladder from a questionable society of the 19th century (burgueses safados podem ser amados tbm) :joy:

Stay safe!


Haha, what a compliment! Machado de Assis was an absolute genius. And I agree: Dom Casmurro is a masterpiece. The fact that the Bentinho/Capitu cheating question remains to this day is enough proof of that!

That’s a perfect way to describe the MC lmao

Thank you for your message! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


The sister better make for the hills then :grin:


lmaooooo oh nooooo

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‘Desperate’ might be a strong word for the situation (as you said yourself, the Hedonist has pretty biased views and there’ll likely be a limited amount of truth in their wordsl), but the fact the dad only disowned the Hedonist and still allowed the marriage to take place does make me raise an eyebrow in curiosity. Either Harry and his family are really persuasive people, the Hedonist is more at fault for what happened than they openly realize (somewhat doubtful on this because it takes to for a affair to work), there is a certain level of truth to the urgency idea the family may have had in arranging marriage for Evie, or the family as a whole truly thought the Hedonist was fully at fault due to how much of a problem child they have been in the past and Harry kept his mouth shut about his own possible role in the matter for who knows how many reasons (maybe to save his own skin, maybe because he doesn’t want to acknowledge he played any form of role in that small affair, etc). Or some other matter I haven’t considered yet.

It will be interesting to hear what else Harry has to say about the matter (think I recall in the Tumblr snippet that he was quick to claim the Heir’s tempting presence to be at fault for what happened in the past before backpedalling a bit). And how he reacts to a MC who formerly had a attraction to him moving on to another love even as they show care for him (wonder if that’ll make him feel a little conflicted. Or maybe he’ll mostly feel relieved because his engagement is official now and could get even more trouble for a affair because ).

The nobility of the dwarves is pretty cutthroat. Then again, their whole caste system and unyielding views are cutthroat, except on itself and it feels really clear that their underground life is slowly but inevitably collapsing because of it.

Loved all the Origins, but of the Elf origins, City Elf was the most interesting to play. For the Dalish, they had too little elf in them (it was really interesting to see just how differently received the City Elf got from clan compared to the Dalish) and for the humans, they had too much elf; they were at this interesting limbo where they had no place on either of those sides. Honestly, It made it easy for me to understand Sera and Solas’ views on the Dalish because I went through that background.

These words feel like they matches the Hedonist MC’s tone so much, that it’s hilarious. :laughing:

One who pursue their desires without reservations coming from a possibly reserved family who keeps their desires more in check and is led by a conservative father. Sounds like mixing water and oil together.

I’m actually with the Hedonist on wondering why Evie came to them of all people about the situation with their father. Yeah, that is the Hedonist’s father as well as Evie’s, but the MC was disowned for not a small reason, and the father was the one to make that end call to have the MC kicked out. There had to be other possible people who could aid the dad that would be less of a headache for Evie to deal with and less of a controversial figure to bring in, yet she chose the Hedonist MC ( have doubts they were a first choice for her though). Maybe she sees that bit of hidden gold in their heart, but I’m sort of skeptical on that idea at the moment.

I mean, I can’t even guess what the parents’ reactions will be to learning Evie has enlisted the Hedonist of all people in their potential time of need.

I’m actually the opposite; I hope it’s possible for the Hedonist to develop in a way that they personally decide they are fine not going back to that privileged life and continue living on their own terms even if they possibly mend something with the family. The expression on each of their faces might prove to be priceless in some way.

Maybe even come to help Cami more with the inn and learn to enjoy doing things with their own hands.

Of course, there no telling what will happen right now (or if that’s even a plausible option that the Hedonist would consider).


The Harry affair does bring an…uglier side of him, mostly because he’s doing his best to reconcile the fact that he’s always thought of himself as a good, moral person with the fact that he is cheating on his wife with someone who he does not consider particularly moral, even with the affection he knows he feels towards them. It leads to him sometimes wanting to blame The Hedonist, though he knows very well that, like you said, it takes two for an affair to work.

I do agree that divide between human/elf is a very interesting aspect of City Elves, but I just love the Dalish a lot! They can come across as self-righteous, but I do like how, even in the face of so much hatred and ignorance, they try to remain true to themselves and their culture.

Evie has been sitting on those letters for about a month now before they came to the MC. It was…a difficult decision to make, to say the least lol

aww, Cami :pleading_face:

Only time will tell :stuck_out_tongue: Though I do promise “attempt to become a better person” as a feature lol


It’s soooo good! I love your style, dying to see more.


This is… shockingly good. I wasn’t expecting to like it since I normally don’t play characters as self-absorbed as the Hedonist. But I actually like it a lot. I can’t wait to see everyone’s reaction to exactly who Evie brought to help the Baron :joy: Also, seeing fellow DAO players warms my heart (Dalish elves FTW):evergreen_tree::heart:


Guess who just updated!

This update includes:

  • The second option as to why you were exiled;
  • A complete stat screen, with relationship stats and stat explanations;
  • Working relationship stats;
  • And more…maybe?

Hope you enjoy! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’m afraid this one has a little too much telling and not enough showing, so I’d appreciate any opinions.


I just read the second option and oof that was hard to swallow. I know that mc is a sleazebag but gosh, the things they did… Btw is it just me or did Juju, somewhere along the line as they get older, stopped seeing mc as a partner in crime and more of a ‘patron of chaos that I can take advantage of as long as I stay mischievous’?

And ughhh I love how ‘unlikeable’ (but still very entertaining) the mc is. The hedonist is just so fun to experience somehow (?). Established mc personalities in choicescript games are always fun for me because I can just dive into the character without pausing and think ‘wait am I self inserting myself again’ djdksk thanks for sharing this WIP with us mere mortals


thank u for enjoying it :pleading_face:


I loved the new option. It puts more emotional elements to the exile of the MC. I am curious about Juju. Do you plan to write about her in the future updates?


Having played the new demo, now I feel like a monster… Good! Shall make for a great redemption Arc! Also interesting to see the Dad as being somewhat decent considering how awful the MC can be!


Every character that is relevant to the exile options will show up in the future! Harry is the most prominent one since he is an RO, but all others will get their closure with The Hedonist.

Yeah, this is probably the rougher option, though the next one paints The Hedonist in a more positive light! Dad is mostly kind, and he felt just awful after learning what happened. Though clearly not bad enough to make his child fess up lmao


The cult thing?

Anyway I’m sticking with exiled because of a gay kiss and in that background while the Hedonist is never a particularly moral guy I still feel the mc definitely got the short end of the stick there and his exile was as much because of the prejudices of others, including especially his father as it was due to his own behaviour.


When you put it like that I guess it doesn’t sound that positive fkjsegankejgn But yes!