Every RPG Ever


Anyone else seen http://i.imgur.com/bFeoW.jpg

I just stumbled on it and was thinking it could be fun to base a twine or choice mini-game on it.


That pretty much sums up my reaction xD
I’d say mini-choice, never liked Twine - It’d be brilliant if someone can draw the humour out of it. Similar to Bard’s Tale on iPad/Android?


LMFAO! I’d play it Fairy!


The benefits of twine is it’s ridiculously easy. The game in twine would look exactly like that chart. Admittedly I just use twine for making flow-charts and plotting not for actually writing though so I could just skip that step.



Well… Yeah, that’s basically how things go. Missing one thing, however: ‘Obligatory moral choice: Become valiant saviour or unduly malevolent psychopath? Gain Shining Armour of Radiant Goodness or the Sword of Evil and Death respectively (- Neutral option yields no advantage, if it exists).’


That was in a Gameinformer magazine.



Rpgs–especially the oldschool ones-- usually put you on the good guy side.


@RagEgnite …Which is why the evil choices always appear cliché, and never seem to interfere with you saving the day - save for making you seem more of a total bastard in the process.


Well didn’t Valkyria Chronicles had characters that tried to stop you or something along those lines?


I’m not sure. I was thinking more along the lines of Baldur’s Gate, or Fable.


Planescape: Torment is probably the only RPG where even I winced doing a completely evil play-through. I just liked most of the followers way too much to treat them like complete crap or do rotten things to them. (Well except Vhailor) Did it anyway of course.

Really though I’d actually like to see an RPG which was completely dedicated to a villain protagonist. Not just have an “evil path” as an after thought.

No moral choices, just flat out villainy. I mean maybe at best you’re a villain with good publicity or you might even have a few people you’re fond of, but there should be no mistaking that you’re not some anti-hero, you’re a villain and that’s it.

Obviously I’m not including stuff like the GTA series or the Overlord series since they’re not RPGs. Still fun though.


So I’m about halfway through converting the chart into very, very, basic choicescript. I’ll probably just stick the skeleton up in my dropbox and link the text file once I’m done if anyone’s interested.

I think villainy is just a matter of perspective. A lot of heroes do terribly villainous things, breaking into peoples houses, stealing their stuff, destroying property, randomly murdering things, acting in a completely antisocial manner but it’s generally accepted because they’re the hero.

Oh that reminds me of a game. http://www.kongregate.com/games/TerryCavanagh_B/heros-adventure

I wouldn’t play a RPG where I’m truly a villain because to do it well I think it would need to be disturbing and that’s just not my sort of thing.


The Star Wars: KotOR games did a decent enough hero/villain dichotomy, more significant in The Sith Lords than the first one. I would’ve preferred a more branching, open-world feel, but it definitely does itself justice.

As for the image, it more or less hits everything.

It’d be fun to play the CS game when you finish, Fairy.

As for actually being a villain, I agree playing a true villain would require a few disturbing moments. Off the top of my head I think of Hitman games and my grand-aunt freaking out over how violent it was while my uncle played it.


I played a pretty funny RPG game called like GODville? I think it was called you create like followers to go out and kick ass for their God(You) and they go on small quests anything from fighting a mutated monster dog for a taco or standing in the laundry line with a thousand naked hungry demon spawns who want your followers clothes.


@2Ton I play Godville! I’m not sure I’d class it as an RPG though, more of a ZPG. And that description doesn’t really describe much of it. And the bits it does describe aren’t 100% accurate. I may be thinking of a different game, although I never saw another ‘Godville’…


@Redgrave been awhile since I played and yah my bad it’s a ZPG your right



I don’t think it would necessarily HAVE to be disturbing, but it could help in a way.



Found this! Anyone got any others? As archetypal as most of these may be, I think they’re interesting to consider.


@Cadmuss Oh that one’s amusing too.

@RagEgnite I think to play a proper villain, not just an anti-hero with bad PR it would need to be disturbing.



What the hell did I just play?