Evertree Inn by Thom Baylay

Isn’t Isaria Dandy’s mother?

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The post you are replying to is 5 years old it was posted in 2016.

No,she’s the Boss of D.
D was working for her as a secretary/personal assistant/agent.


Half-elf and half-orc would be great. Half-elf especially would be great! :slight_smile:

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I made an elven warrior to romance Daisy with.

Now I just need her to survive the finale.


Slightly weird continuity error. Not a huge thing, just something that wouldn’t make sense to anyone playing the game for the first time.

Playing as an assassin, I picked the lock to room 3 before dinner, but since I had low perception I only discovered some of the clues. Later, I sweet-talked my way into partnering with Gunther. Together, we searched room 3 again and “solved” clue #1. However, the clue description now says that Risenfaal was murdered with a wooden comb, which is information that my character never uncovered.

It kind of feels like that information showed up out of nowhere.

Edit: Same thing with Isaria’s necklace. I kind of jumped the queue, somehow.

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