Everbloom [WIP] [Cozy Fantasy | Chapter 4 is out!]


I’m back with a little progress update. I’ve been hard at work on Chapter 5 of Everbloom, and I think I may be able to finish it in a couple of days. As of today, the chapter is 19.000 words long, and the full thing will be about 25.000. Then, Chapter 6 will be almost twice as long (the longest chapter in the game), and Chapter 7 will conclude the game with between 25-30.000 words.

Overall, we’re at about 133.000 words out of ca. 200.000.

The next update to the public demo will happen near the end of March, and it will include Chapter 4. Chapter 4 is almost 50.000 words long.

@expectedoperator Thank you for the feedback! I’ll make sure to fix the pacing in that scene. :yellow_heart:
@AlexBreton Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed Rosetta! :yellow_heart:
@AmawynOakleaf Thank you for playing and for the encouragement! :yellow_heart:


Can I turn the Holy Cow into steak?



Back with another little progress update. I’ve just finished working on Chapter 5, and I already wrote the first 4000 words for Chapter 6 today. I believe this should let me add Chapter 4 (the big one!) to the public demo (the one available here) next Friday. Once again, the old saves might be incompatible, mostly due to little changes in the way some variables work.

If you want to play through Chapters 4 and 5 right now, they are both available in the Everboom AB (alpha build) on Patreon. Aside from the closed beta, which will be limited in scope, Chapters 5-7 won’t be available outside the alpha build until the official release.

Speaking of the closed beta, it will involve at least five people and it will happen in April. I’ll write about it in this topic a week or two before the beta, and you’ll be able to ‘apply’. Anyone can apply, as long as you’re willing to give honest feedback. :yellow_heart:

@fingerplayer You can’t. :upside_down_face: While the word never appears in-game, the setting is more or less vegan.


Aww man, so no Holy Steak then?

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CHAPTER 4 is out!


  • Added Chapter 4 (ca. 49.300 words, excluding code).
  • In Chapter 4: multiple scenes for each friend/potential love interest, new developments around the teahouse, special quests with Malena or Fern; some things will be either or, so make your choices wisely. Some of them will influence the overall outcomes in the final chapter.
  • One scene includes a potential kiss…
  • You can explore the friendships/relationships however you like in Chapters 1-4. The ‘lock-in moment’ isn’t in the demo as it happens in Chapter 5.
  • I have yet to include some of your feedback, but I have all of it written down. :blush:
  • Requires a new save.

Chapter 4! The intrigue of the shadows continue, and I still think it’s connected to the MC’s magic. But the new information and rereading previous chapters makes me think it’s also related to the origin of the father’s opposition to MC’s grandma.

I really liked exploring the island this chapter. I enjoyed the worldbuilding of the island’s past and how the island currently functions beyond the teahouse. I liked the further development of the RO’s plots, especially in the mystery of why we’re warned away from Narciso. I was also invested in fulfilling the Holy Cow’s challenges, so when the Fern suggested going after the Scarlet Tea I immediately made my choice.

I both liked and disliked the descriptions this chapter. There seemed to be an increase in over-explanation and use of similes to the point that descriptions began to drag down the narrative. To be honest, the insistence this location was beautiful or that character’s attitude was understanding made it seem a little disingenuous. Having said that, I thought many of the details of the environment and the depictions of character actions were well done. It’s easy to envision what the island and the people are like because of how the narration focuses not just on visual features but also scent, sound, etc.

It’s where Sir Iberia will be staying.
In chapter 2, remove the “Sir”.

“Ah, I see,” you muse aloud, "the issue likely lies with the yeast.
Wait, is Sir Castian making a cake or a bread?

Looking forward to chapter five! :smiling_face:

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There are yeasted cakes out there. I think most of them are eastern European, but I know of one that’s supposedly from Spain.


It’s oddly fitting I be drawn to this WIP… Seems tea is a miracle worker in more ways than one.

I’ve always been a sucker for cozy stories, so I’ll be looking forward to making a home for myself in what you write.
As for any feedback, I did feel the dialogue seemed a bit unnatural, that is to say, long-winded or perhaps too on the nose? Though I am hardly a good writer or good reader, so take what I say with a grain of salt.
On another note, Narissa has my attention so far…/ / / /

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When infection arc will happen?

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Thank you for the whole comment! I’ll tryyy to modify and tweak some moments if I notice them when I edit the game. I’ll just keep that in mind. :yellow_heart:

That is true, and even more so in a world that doesn’t know baking powder and doesn’t use eggs. :blush:

Thank you, that’s very nice to hear! :yellow_heart:

What do you mean by ‘infection’? I’m afraid I don’t remember writing anything about infections. As for things that are to come, more broadly, there will be no more updates to the demo. There will be a closed beta in the second half of April, and then I will submit the whole game to Hosted Games.

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I’ve been hoping for more cozy IF games! :yellow_heart: This sounds right up my alley. You’re making great progress on it, too!

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I’m back with another tiny progress update. Chapter 6 is now officially over 40.000 words long, which means it’s going to be the longest chapter in the game once it’s finished. It’s also the most branch-heavy chapter in the game with four distinct paths through the whole chapter.

Overall, the game (in my files) is now at about 177.350 words, and I can already tell I’m going to need to write a bit more than 200.000 words (number I planned) to finish everything. The whole thing will be closer to 210.000. it’s not a huge difference, but it will be crucial to give everything enough space.

@J_Simone Thank you! I’ve been meaning to write one for quite some time, and some events in my life made me actually go for it. In some part, it was–and still is–kind of like self-therapy. I know it’s not the most popular genre when it comes to IFs, but not everything needs to be about what’s popular. Sometimes you just know you have to write something. :yellow_heart:


This time, I’m just back to tell you that I finished writing Chapter 6. It ended up being ca. 50.350 words long, which means it’s now the longest chapter in the game. Well, it’s the longest chapter overall, but it consists of four exclusive paths, which might make it seem shorter during a playthrough.

I have only one chapter left to write! It will be shorter than the last one, closer to 25.000.

I’m also currently considering whether I should include an epilogue at the end of the game. There are some pros and cons, and I do already have a cinematic scene in mind for the ‘closing moment’. I might wait until the closed beta and ask about it (whether the scene is enough) then, but if you have any thoughts, I would love to hear them even now. :yellow_heart: