Everbloom [WIP] [Cozy Fantasy | Chapter 4 is out!]

“Well then, allow me to introduce myself properly.” The cow steps back gracefully and curtsies, a playful twinkle in her eye. “I am known by many names, but you may call me the Holy Cow. Think of me as your fairy auntie, here to offer guidance and a sprinkle of whimsy.”

Everbloom is a cozy fantasy game set on the idyllic Everbloom Isle, a place where the charm of a simpler life and the warmth of a close-knit community come together. In this tranquil world, you’re invited to slow down, cherish the small moments, and find joy in building connections and creating a space where everyone feels at home.

Your journey centers on the dream of opening a teahouse, an aspiration deeply influenced by your longing for independence and a meaningful life. This dream becomes a reality with the inheritance of your grandmother’s house on Everbloom Isle. Here, in a setting far removed from the bustle of city life and your family’s expectations, you begin the delicate process of building a new life for yourself.

Are you ready to leave behind the monotony and dullness of daily life and build the teahouse of your dreams on Everbloom Isle?

  • Play as male, female, or nonbinary.
  • Choose your appearance and personality.
  • Romance or befriend one of three distinctive characters: a brave knight seeking a new purpose, a mischievous forest guardian who finds joy in life’s lighter moments, or an enigmatic elf with a complex past, seeking solace and clarity on Everbloom Isle.
  • Create and customize your own teahouse.
  • Cultivate and enhance your grandmother’s garden.
  • Explore Everbloom Isle in search of unique tea saplings.
  • Interact with a host of quirky characters, from the whimsical Holy Cow and her not-at-all terrible fish choir to giant turtles, winged wolves, and enigmatic fernlings.
  • Follow a dynamic quest from the Holy Cow that will challenge you to build friendships, honor your grandmother’s legacy, and expand your collection of unique teas.

Sir Castian/Dame Castillia Honeycutt

Personality: brave, honorable, old-fashioned, bashful.
Blurb: In a land where swords are replaced by teacups, Castian/Castilla, a knight accustomed to battles and quests, struggles to find his/her role. Everbloom Isle, with its whimsical ways, challenges him/her to redefine what it means to be a hero. Can you help him/her weave his/her knightly virtues into the fabric of your new home?

Narciso/Narissa Roseblade

Personality: mischievous, lighthearted, adventurous, non-committal.
Blurb: Narciso/Narissa’s presence on Everbloom Isle is like a breeze through the Elder Tree’s leaves – light, unpredictable, and full of life. His/her playful antics and seemingly carefree nature captivate those around him/her. Yet, there’s a depth in his/her eyes suggesting more than just whimsy. Will you be the one who figures out what really inspires his/her eternal dance through the grove?

Ideru/Ideri Nightingale

Personality: calculating, composed, solitary, adaptable.
Blurb: Ideru/Ideri arrives at Everbloom Isle cloaked in an aura of intrigue, his/her quiet nature standing in stark contrast to the isle’s vibrancy. Amidst the isle’s welcoming community, his/her enigmatic presence stirs a sense of curiosity. Will you be the one who digs into his/her mysterious past and discovers what brings him/her to Everbloom?



Public Demo: 112.000.
Per playthrough: 39.000.

Patreon Alpha Build: 187.500.
Per playthrough: 50.400.

I suspect the word count for the full game will be ca. 210.000 words.


Public demo updates will happen after the chapter is finished. Chapters 5-7 will not be available in the public demo (only in the alpha build on Patreon and in the closed beta that will happen at the start of May. Possibly around May 3.). I plan to complete the first draft by the end of April.

Chapter 1 – 100% done. [16.600 words]
Chapter 2 – 100% done. [27.700 words]
Chapter 3 – 100% done. [18.500 words]
Chapter 4 – 100% done. [49.500 words]
Chapter 5 – 100% done. [23.470 words] Note: Available in the alpha build!
Chapter 6 – 100% done. [50.360 words] Note: Available in the alpha build!
Chapter 7 – 25% done. [12.300 words]


Feel free to leave comments with questions, ideas, and any possible errors (including grammar and punctuation) or bugs you might have encountered. :yellow_heart:


January 26, 2024

  • Demo release (ca. 46.000 words, excluding code).

February 23, 2024

  • Added Chapter 3 (ca. 18.500 words, excluding code).
  • Added more customization through clothing.
  • Modified Narciso/Narissa’s reaction to pushing away their hand in Chapter 2.
  • Requires a new save.

March 22, 2024

  • Added Chapter 4 (ca. 49.300 words, excluding code).
  • In Chapter 4: multiple scenes for each character/potential love interest, new developments around the teahouse, special quests with Malena or Fern; some things will be either or, so make your choices wisely. Some of them will influence the overall outcomes in the final chapter.
  • One scene includes a potential kiss…
  • Requires a new save.




Hm. I think that, when it comes to replanting the garden, as we’re given the option to have an herbal tea earlier, an herb garden option might be a good idea as well. It would make sense, if we’re cultivating our own tea.


I love settings like this and cozy fantasies (and tea!) so this sounds fantastic. Looking forward to trying it out!


I will always give a wip a chance when the author makes an introduction of the game look this nice and inviting. :blush:

And not to mention the description sounds very interesting.


this is nice. very relaxing read. im not really a big fan of slice-of-life but so far this is making think twice.

keep up the good work @Dariel


If Rosetta consumes rose tea and has lived for forty years does that mean she’s a rose vampire?


I loved this! All of the characters are interesting, and the pacing of how the world and people are introduced was great. I really enjoyed the MC’s relationship with their father – I turned him into a teacup – and I liked range of teahouse details we can choose from.

One option did seem strange to me, though. When we are speaking to the MC’s mother after the funeral, the mother outright says that MC’s father is still at his office. But then, on the same page, the MC can ask where their father is – and the narrative acts as though it’s being brought up for the first time.

Looking forward to those challenges from the Holy Cow! :smiling_face:


Already added it to the list of changes. Thank you! :yellow_heart:

Hope you enjoy it! :yellow_heart:

Thank you, I’m glad you like it! :yellow_heart:

That was the idea. Thank you for the encouragement! :yellow_heart:

My lips are sealed… :upside_down_face:

Added to the list of changes. Thank you, and I hope you enjoy the rest of the game, too! :yellow_heart:


The read at first with the father was anxiety inducing. Everything afterwards on the island was so wonderful relaxing. The characters are beautiful and whimsical, I love all of them :grinning:
I’m looking forward to more to read :books: :smile:


I guess cozy fantasy is just not for me. Or I had a wrong idea of what cozy fantasy is. I’ve expected the story where MC finds calm, comfort, freedom to pursue their desire and supportive and respectfull community. Instead everyone (maybe except the knight) is suffocative, pushy, condescending, disrespectful of MC’s boundaries and doesn’t care what MC wants (because they all know better). And MC is a doormat, who can’t tell their cousin not to intrude into their house, can’t tell that rude plant to shut up, and can’t do anything by themself. It doesn’t feel like MC wants to build a teahouse, MC is commanded by others to build a teahouse. MC never initiates anything, they are ordered around by others to fulfill other’s idea of what MC’s dream is, or it is a "spontaneous burst of magic’.

For example, on the second day cousin intrudes into MC’s house and orders MC to go "with open heart’ (whatever that means) and find new saplings, never caring what MC actually wants to do. If MC woke up, went to inventorize their saplings, decided that they need new ones and went to ask cousin where to find them then it would be MC’s decision, not cousin’s.

And I didn’t expect that potential RO would scold MC for being shy and touch-averse. And that after MC politely declined proposition to spend time with this RO game will punish MC.

Found bug: Narciso/Narissa is called by their name (in choices and in narrative) before their introduction.


Thank you! I’m really glad you enjoyed the read! :yellow_heart:

I added it to the list of things to fix. That wasn’t my intention so I might need to reword that fragment. I’m fairly certain I know which one you meant. Thank you for pointing it out! :yellow_heart:

Already fixed those fragments. The next patch will feature the corrected version.

As for the overall feelings, I appreciate your perspective, and I’m in no position to argue about it. I might just mention that this is kind of how I always treat stories: the player goes from reacting to things that happen to them to being more and more proactive somewhere between the 30-50% mark. Still, thank you for giving it a shot! :yellow_heart:


This made me want to learn how to make tea


The herbalist in me is absolutely loving this



In the spirit of keeping you guys updates, I wanted to come and share that while there is no update to the demo just yet, there will be one later this month, and it will include Chapter 3. Chapter 3 is already done and available in the alpha build on Patreon, and I’m currently working on Chapter 4 (8000+ words done so far). The demo update should be up in a couple of weeks. :yellow_heart:


this is a really cute story! really fun, whimsical, quirky, the whole works. honestly i wish the concept could be adapted into a visual game because i’d play the shit out of a teahouse management game.

i do have one little gripe about it though, and it’s that all the voices kind of… sound the same. you have this really light, melodious tone to the writing, but when almost every character carries that same tone in their speech patterns, it starts to feel a lil disingenuous, i guess? like the kind of feeling when a horror game is all cutesy at the start. a big exception would be the father, i’ll admit. that guy felt pretty real.

anyways, i’ll be following this closely. excited for an update :))



I’m back with another progress update. I’m about 50% done with Chapter 4, and the currently available alpha build of Everbloom (on Patreon) has about 85-86k words of content, which is about 32.7k words per playthrough. I should be done with Chapter 4 within a week or so, and when that happens, I will update the public demo with Chapter 3. I still think that the full game will be ca. 200k words-long. :yellow_heart:

@ohokimlost Thank you for your feedback! I’m trying to work on the voices a little bit. Let’s hope you find them at least a bit more enjoyable in future chapters. :blush:


The Chapter 3 public demo update is coming tomorrow. I’m almost done with Chapter 4 (37k words), which is already available in the Everbloom AB (alpha build) on Patreon. I need to write about 10-12k words more, and then I can start working on Chapter 5.

I also wanted to tell you that the word count for Everbloom went over 100.000 words today, which means we’re more or less 50% done with the game. This is quite exciting for me, and I can’t wait for all of you to play through the whole thing! (I’m also planning the next project…) :yellow_heart:


CHAPTER 3 is out!


  • Added Chapter 3 (ca. 18.500 words, excluding code).
  • Added more customization through clothing.
  • Added the first romantic (or friendship) moments for all three potential love interests. The moments in Chapter 3 are mostly light and subtle, but the ones available in Chapter 4 right now are much clearer and more explicitly romantic. (One scene even has a kiss! :upside_down_face:)
  • Chapter 3 introduces (reveals?) a darker plotline, but nothing gets violent or too uncomfortable. This ‘new’ plotline will continue throughout the game.
  • Modified Narciso/Narissa’s reaction to pushing away their hand in Chapter 2.
  • Requires a new save.

I really enjoyed chapter three! I liked the added characterization the clothing choice gives to the MC – I chose the House Mistveil option, which I thought helped convey more of the MC’s backstory and what they were leaving behind. I also decided to romance Narciso first, and I like his scenes so far, especially the interactions between him and an orderly/logical MC. As for the shadow… I’m going to guess it’s the MC’s magic that’s causing it!

As the afternoon quiets down, you finally have a moment to breathe.
This scene seems to go by so quickly, with morning, midday, and afternoon each getting a few sentences, that there doesn’t seem to be any difference between the midday rush and the afternoon quiet. Perhaps there could be a choice here where we can interact with the teahouse’s customers so we get a sense of being busy.

Looking forward to chapter four! :smiling_face:

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I played the demo!

I Loved the characters sooo much, and the budding story. Rosetta too is a character I truly enjoy :blush:

I’m really looking forward to exploring Everbloom isle fully


This is wonderful! I love seeing cozy slice of life in fantasy settings. Keep up the good work! :blush:

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