Ever imagined of writing games if you can do it without these codes just by thinking ....i do


Man I have so many idea but I hate all script codes and finding errors … I always think of writing games which is magical ( not kidding ) :blush: …Still if I can write choice games with my ideas lol I will be awarded best writer ( of course to get it I also require others to stop for an year lol how can I compete with so talented writer,s …


You reminded me of one of Donald Duck’s comic, where the scientist guy invented a machine that can write everything you can think of :laughing:

Well, the result is that everyone in the town begin writing instead of reading, and every buildings are transformed into blabla-for-books (bookbank, bookmarket, restaurant-with-books).

IDK. If I do can write just by thought only, I should’ve created 2 novel-like books this year :confused:


I don’t know what are you trying to do with this thread? If is asking for a coder is forbidden by forum rules.


Almost everyone on this forum imagines writing games that’s why they’re here. Choicescript is fairly easy to learn as coding languages go.

But you could always try Twine (https://twinery.org/) instead. No need for much coding there.

Or look at Chronicler for choicescript.


See, I’m the opposite. I actually like the coding more than the writing, and it drives me nuts some of the things Choicescript can’t do. (It would be so easy to do an inventory system if the thing could handle matrices, and the looping is so clunky…)

But I feel ya. If I could just imagine all my ideas onto paper, I’d have completed three novels and graduated from college early.


I think he’s posing an “what if” scenario - if people could write with their thoughts rather than using their hands or even coding.


I think I saw somewhere that you can make a simple variable array. Something like…


IDK. I’ll try to find that one out again.


Try textadventuresco.uk, friend. You can literally make text games just like these without coding jackshit.


Honestly same. However, I feel the the code kicks my butt into gear because I write and write and write and never finish any of it, but this whole game/code aspect really makes me want to accomplish finishing my story.
If I could write with my mind, I would have so many books written.


Thanks for the pointer! I think I remember coming across that, now that you mention it?

I think my main problem is I learned coding using Matlab, which is specifically for complicated math. So I got spoiled and don’t really think to look for simple versions CS can do.


Since we can “what if…” let me just dump this here. What if… choicescript had a graphic interface, or GUI? Like, you write your story the way you want write it, as if you were writing a normal book.

Then I need to add two choices, go right or go left. So I drag two choice buttons under the text, write their text (left and right) and done.

Now I would select one of them, it would open a blank page, where I would write the choice effect and the story as it continues.

So basically, you would just have to write your book and drag the buttons where they should be, while the application translates your actions to Choicescript code.

The only weak point I see to my idea is: find someone who will actually take the time to make that application, even if you pay him xD




@Josetrayamar As @Szaal pointed out there is Chronicler. And yes, I have spent two years of my life working on said application with only a single donation haha. :laughing:
I don’t do it for money or fame or anything, I just really love CS games and anything to help people make more of them is payment enough.


Alright, alright, dont kill me yet! I didnt even check, I just thought how I used to think the same way about HTML until I found Dreamweaver xD

I will give it a run, and if it works well enough and I dont get tired of doing the same for a long time, I may even write a book with it xD


The thing with me is, I’m pretty lazy to begin working on a project that requires coding. But the thing is, once I start, I forget about everything else and it becomes very hard to stop once I get into it.


In the Tommyknockers, Stephen King writes about a typewriter that can read the mind of an author and pluck a story, fully-formed, from their brain. No need to sit down and type, to think about how you want to word things, your ideas just fall onto the page as words.

I think a lot of people have these kind of daydreams. How easy it would all be if you could show someone your ideas, without having to do the hard work of translating them into reality. I don’t want to know what I’d do to get my hands on a Tommyknocker Typewriter, if they actually existed.


Are they easy then I think I should try man I have like a bundle of story ideas in my head …


Hi mam I don’t think my post has anything to do with choice codes , correct me if I’m wrong it’s just a topic about what I think .Not about codes …:blush:.Anyway sorry if you think I m going against the rule but I don’t think it is actually against any rule to write my opinion .


I tried that one it’s get boring afterwords with out any stats and all yeah I can fool others by typing some +10 agility and all but still it’s …Not what I like… And I don’t know how to set character like male and female so I have to go for pre fixed one like male and a girlfriend who is a romance option… … Currently my system is smoking and melting plastic smell …:blush: And my exams are near so after exam will fix it and start thinking about writing one …


This sounds like inklewriter. https://writer.inklestudios.com

I even programmed a converter for it once. You could write your story there, export it, use my converter (if I can find it… And it’s still alpha code), and convert it to choicescript.

But now I just use choicescript (in a customized vim with special choicescript features… Still planning on organizing it in a plugin and giving it to you guys) cuz it is more powerful.

Still inklewriter is just like writing. No coding. I liked it cuz my brain would stay in writing mode, not programming mode, so the story would just flow.

I even asked the inklewriter people if they would make it open source, hoping to use it as a front-end to a choicescript generator, but they said the code is too sloppy for open source. Oh well. But for non-programmers it would be good.