Etronic: Powers

Okay my name is dementos i’m so very new to this and I just wanted to say hi to everyone before I start so hi. I’ve had this crazy idea a while back about writing an actual book called Etronic. I no longer wanted to make it just a novel(i’m not a author nor have i wrote a book…ever) I wanted it to be an action choose your own adventure game.The first Choice Of Game book I read was Choice of Zombies and ever since I’ve been a huge fan I just wanted to see if it’s something you guys would enjoy…

Back Story
You are a Junior in high school going on a field trip to electricity factory that was just built in your town (Kinda Generic). Jazmyn, your best friend wanted to see what was behind huge red warning door that read " Authorized Personality Only" After stealing a key card from an unwary janitor you went back to the door. What you found inside changed your life “Literally” You wake up in the hospital unable to see until it hit you. You now can see electricity currents through walls, you can feel the energy pulsing thorough your veins, you can absorb any electronic devices you touch.

Well that’s the story so far i didn’t want to ruin what happened when you went though the doors. Any sort of feedback will help. I don’t know if i used the category right like i said i’m new. Let me know what you guys think :slight_smile:


Just to be clear: the MC can’t see in regular terms like people colors and all that but only electrical currents? Or do they also see electrical currents on top of regular sight like a sort of X-ray vision?

Sorry he can see color and has xray like abilities

He? Can we only play as male, then?

No i need to be more careful with my words you will be able to choose the gender and sexuality


Is this a super hero game? A horrible accident occurs, then suddenly the character wakes up with a strange new power… Sounds like the premise of a super hero game to me. :blush:

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I was thinking Hero/Anti-Hero

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What about villain I love being villain

I will try do my best this will be my first

There can never be too much games of this kind. I will be keep an eye on this WIP. Go for it and congrats on the iniciative.

P.S. I am 99.99% sure this should be in the WIP category, not game development. Aparently, as a regular, I have the power to change it, but I have no idea if I should. It is probably best to check with a moderator. @FairyGodfeather, could you clarify it for me and check it out? (quite random moderator choice, using the moderators’ “@” seemed a bit too much :slight_smile:, sorry about that).


Sounds fun. Will there be an option to save my game?


Yes of course don’t want you to lose all your progress.

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Yeah I had no idea what category to put it in at the time.

No big deal. When I create a thread I have always doubts. The moderators usually correct us when we are mistaken, they are great. By the way, what will the game’s plot be about? Any idea yet? Thanks.

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Yeah, feel free to move categories if you feel it’s warranted. If you’ve the power to do so the forum trusts you to have been around for long enough to be able to make the right decision


Could be nice. Just how would super powers be viewed in your story? Are they common and are considered normal or are they more antagonized against?

Just went ahead and corrected your post category, hope you dont mind. :sweat_smile:

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Sounds interesting, though I’ll have to hold off on opinions until I know anything more about this.

I’m wondering how much you’ve written so far, and how much of the story you’ve planned. Now his doesn’t mean I want spoilers I’m just a bit iffy about new projects without a demo, and this is coming from a person who can barely finish his own. Nevertheless I wish you luck in your writing of this story, and look forward to updates. Don’t take any flak from sceptics like me! :slight_smile:


In this story there are very few people with powers. The handful that do have powers are treated harshly.

Oh I completely understand i’m very new to this. I feel the same way when I see other WIP too. I have about half the book done. I’m going to start to using the scripts and putting choices in. I have the whole story fleshed out it’s the romance part i’m not so sure about .

Real-life Cole McGrath!!!

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