Ethnicities in my game

Right so as y’all are aware, I’m working on a game that I needed help with cowritting and stuff. So, now I’d like to do a bit of a polling to ask what ethnicities would you guys like in the game that we are working on. (Keep in mind the game is set in 1930’s Los Angeles)

As far as I’m aware this post isn’t against the rules, if it is I will nix it.

So aside from the usual black, asian, native and arabs I would also like to see french peoples (of different skin color too if possible!). That could be interesting I think. In fact I think nationality and skin color should be kept separated if possible to give our characters more realism. After all not all french peoples in the thirties were white. There was a lot of arabs, africans and some vietnamese who spoke french because of the colonies. I would understand if thats too much stuff tho.

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1930’s Los Angeles was pretty metropolotian. Right off the top of my head, hmm… I imagine there would be a lot of Latin@'s (bc duh), Chinese (because railroad), Japanese (because we hadn’t imprisoned them yet). I remember in Maya Angelou’s memoir she lived in San Fran, which is not Los Angeles, but still Cali, so African Americans as well.

Honestly, you could legit have any ethnicity. There’s always a reason. I am partial to Hawaiians, though :smirk:


Irish so I can practice my terrible accent.


Slavic(general catch all term)