Eternal Spring In Solitary Confinement (WiP; posted on 14/02/2021; demo version v00.01 alpha - 05/04/2021; 04/03/2021 - new summary)

@Constantine thank you very much. I’ve already fixed it.

Thanks for the update will give feed back when done reading.
And on to more important stuff, if you’re not feeling well take a seat, a hot cup of chocolate and a break, one’s mental health is also very important. Especially authors who provide mental happiness to us readers like you. So get well soon. :blush:

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@im_not_savior, sorry for the work load dump but these sentences are repeated.
And like the new power choice can’t wait to see next update :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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@Lyle_Schiefer Thank you very much. Fixed.
I wrote at night and didn’t get enough sleep, so I didn’t know I pasted so much.

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@im_not_savior ok with regards to powers id recommend to seriously add more, the current three is too limited. so far you have fire, darkness and lightning. all you are missing now is water/ice, earth, wind, light and void. if its too much work for you that’s fine. just do what you can.


I chose the agent to be female but in the 4th option it say “him”. It should be “her”

Also at the top where it says “the Woman shouted” make “Woman” lower cased like this “woman”

Also at the very top lower case “Agency” as well unless it’s the actual name of the agency


Closed at author’s request.

I felt a lot better. Now I’m writing hard.

The update will come out on Saturday or Sunday.


small update. rewritten opening scene.


There are a few minor grammar mistakes but nothing mayor. If i may ask what your first language?

Loving the story so far

Thank you. My first language is Russian

I apologize for my absence and for not writing. I’m changing the story and the series a little bit, so progress is very slow so far. I probably won’t write on the forum yet.
The update will be released either at the end of May or at the beginning of June.


Sounds good