Eschaton: The Rebirth (WIP) [Updated: July 6, 2024]

Hello, everyone!

Back in 2018 I posted an admittedly unpolished and severely underdeveloped snippet of a WIP called, “The Soul of God.” Back then, it got quite a lot of attention, way more than what I was expecting and, despite my shortcomings and inexperience, I was welcomed and cheered on.

I come back now, six years later, having even written and published a physical, traditional book (yey!), wanting to once again try my hand at ChoiceScript. At the moment progress is slow, unfortunately, as life gets in the way as life tends to do when you get older, and I can’t promise updates weekly, though this is a project I’ve been toying around with for about a month and a half.

What I bring is something close to the original idea of my previous WIP, though far more complex. The Soul of God would see the male gender-locked Ocelot face down hordes of biblical demons and angels in order to save his world, with alignment choices inspired by Shin Megami Tensei thrown into the mix. Eschaton: The Rebirth follows a close pattern, where angels and demons are attacking your world, and the fate of the world falls on your lap. The first chapter is linear, with few choices, though the choices that you have available for you are extremely important as they define what story you will continue reading. This story will feature three separate routes, each with different (but similar) stories, where your character will develop a different personality and values depending on the route that you end up getting. No matter the route that you decide to read, you will be presented with alignment choices and combat will be somewhat linear, with the first combat encounter locking you to only allow your preferred stats, while every other encounter can and will lead to death if you do not approach combat with your stats in mind.

Having said all that, I will be focusing on one route at a time, and if you end up going down one of the two routes not being worked on at the moment, you will be notified that you’ve reached the end of that route so far. The current WIP features a completed Chapter 1, and the beginning of Chapter 2, with a combat encounter. At the end of the combat encounter, during the climax of it all (it will be obvious when you get there), the game will not allow you to proceed further.

If you would like to try out the WIP, here is the link:

If you have any questions, suggestions, or ideas of what else I should include in this post, please do let me know, and I hope you enjoy what I am working on!

July 6, 2024 (Spoilers ahead!)
  • Save Feature added to Dashingdon!

  • Multiple typo corrections.

  • There are two secret names that, if typed out as your character’s name, will provide you with a boost to one of your stats and change your initial alignment.

  • Whenever you meet Brynn, Kumiro and Azuri again, their profiles should update on the Stats page to reflect their rebirth, with new achievements to go along with it.

  • Chapter 2 [Brahma] is completed. Do let me know what you think!


You had me at shin megami tensei!! One of my favorite game series.


So far I’m really enjoying it, however I personally don’t like all of the first choices starting and ending with “ “ (I understand we are speaking, but it’s a bit tiring on the eyes imo)
Also I’d recommend adding the dashingdon save plugin! Other than that, I really like the way you write. I can tell that you are a fan of smt, it’s very biblical(if that makes sense lol)


Thank you, I will definitely look into adding the save feature on Dashingdon!

I would like to ask, did you find the quotation marks tiring only on the choices? Were you fine with them being used to represent dialogue?


It was only for the choices! But it can also be justified as a style choice and the story really captivated me to the point that it didn’t bother me that much.


I will take that into consideration going forward, thank you for your kind words!


Really good. I love being OP. Love the direction so far. Keep it up!


Will we have the option of unarmed combat? I like shiva’s path and think it fits him the most. And im envious of brynn. I wanted the purple eyes/energy so bad😭. I like it so far cant wait for shivas path😁


Just like Brahma, Shiva has a unique weapon (Trishula, the trident that you use in his scene), however unarmed combat is definitely something that I, too, wanted to add somewhere along the routes! Thank you for the suggestion!

I’ll have to consider who to tackle after Brahma’s, maybe even make a poll if this gets enough attention ahah


You had my curiosity. Now, you have my attention.


Vengeance wasted the potential to Fuse Aogami and Tsukuyomi
Change my mind


By chance do you have a Discord channel or what not so we can follow your work?


I do not ahah, for now the forum is the only way to get updates on this story, though I do appreaciate the interest!


A shame, I will definitely be keeping an eye on your game then. Thank you for the response!!