Error with "nonexistent" variable that actually exists

No idea. I haven’t edited the startup file in a long while. But if it works then I won’t complain.


No idea what changed. The issue appears to have fixed itself. Praise the Omnissiah.

best guess would be that somehow you had a startup that didn’t contain the variable.
best idea is to just upload ALL files anew upon updates.
Does it mess with the savefiles? unfortunately, but better save than sorry

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No idea. I’ve had this variable for the past two chapters so I couldn’t tell ya.

It doesn’t -seem- to mess with any save files but then again I don’t use the dashingdon link to test my work when I do it myself. I use the run-server command. Thing. Command? File?

i don’t work with cside, so i can’t help ya there ^^;

I don’t either.

mhnnn… then i think i know what ya mean. but yeah, it’s strange Oó

If it works I won’t question it. xD