Error of indentation

I’m having trouble with the indentation, even though I’ve made the indent.

The error I’m getting is "

My code looks like this: Invalid indent? Expected an #option here, not *set

    *hide_reuse #You would work out a little and maybe even catch up with Blaine.
    *hide_reuse #Go to the weapon's room.
        Unlike when you were a kid and the guard almost kicked you and Hayes out,
        *if Dominant < 50
            [i]You were dominant/Confident enough to answer with a straight face.[/i]
            *goto Smoothy
            [i]You didn't know what to say. (You were subservant)[/i]
            *goto smoothy
        *label smoothy
        "Yeah, Uhhh, We got quite a few things."
            *hide_reuse *selectable_if (Hex > 1) #Sharpen your claws
            *set Claws "Sharp"
                *set Hex-2
                "So you need your claws sharpened eh?" The man said as if speaking to himself.

                *if BlaineHistory = "True"
                    Though you wondered if ${Blaine_he} actually wanted it or if he was 

                    *if Astute < 50
                        You took a deep breath
                        *goto smithy
                        Your hands clenched tightly, and you wanted to punch something, You 
                        *goto smithy
                    *goto smithy
                    You chuckled at 
                    *goto smithy
                *label smithy
                "sorry about that. Kinda got lost" You chuckled awkwardly.  
                *goto smoothy
            *hide_reuse *selectable_if (Hex > 29) #Pistol with a silencer,  Hex 30
                *set Hex -30
                *set eq1 "Gun with a silencer"
                "Ah, very good choice."
                    #Standard bullet. 
                         *goto smoothy
                    #Silver coated bullet. 
                         *goto smoothy
                    #HE rounds. Not great for stealth mission, but who cares?
                        Vigil. That's who. 
                        *goto smoothy
            *hide_reuse *selectable_if (Hex > 24) #Body armor,  Hex 25
                *set Hex -25
                *set Bodyarmor "Level 4 Body armor"
                *set def +2
                "Ah yes," 
                    #Pink color. $!{Blaine_name} would like that.
                        "Pink huh? Okay then, I won't judge". 
                        *goto smoothy
                    #brown maybe?
                    #Black. Vampires love black color
                        "Would you like anything else?"
                        *goto shop
                    #Blue. It may stand out more.
                        took out  
                *goto smoothy
            *hide_reuse *selectable_if (Hex > 9) #[i]Concealable Knife gun.[/i]
                *set Hex -10
                *set Melee "Concealable Knife gun" 
                *goto smoothy
            *hide_reuse *selectable_if (Hex > 49) #Medical supplies. 50 Hex.
                *set Hex -50
                *set eq2 "Medical Pack"
                [i]You purchase some medical supplies (You can raise your health to 50 with this).[/i] 
                *goto smoothy
            *hide_reuse *selectable_if (Hex > 4) #Ammunition for your gun.
                "Ah, ammunitions."
                    #5 rounds of normal bullets (5 hex)
                        [i]You bought 5 normal bullets[/i]
                    #5 rounds of silver bullets (10 hex)
                        [i]You bought 5 silver bullets[/i]
                *goto smoothy
            #Leave the store
                [i]You leave the store.[/i]
                *goto main4
    #Head over to your dorm room to sleep.
        *goto Sleep

A lot of it is deleted, but the coding is all there. I think the “Hide_reuse” is messing up.

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move this to the right and it should work


as in, I should delete one indent?

no, add one indent level si its not on the same indent as the choice

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I don’t really understand how, But I added that indentation, then deleted it again so it wouldn’t get any error, and now that You’ve advised me to add another one, It suddenly got fixed. I’m so very sorry for the bother, but thank you!!

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Looking at your code, it’s easy to see how mistakes are made. Simplify it with *goto if you can; put the armoury stuff into its own section. You should try to avoid getting more than three or four indentations deep.


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