ERROR: No selectable options

Hey guys, im so totally confounded right now. This piece of code works when i manually play it, but randomtest and quicktest give me the ‘ERROR: No selectable options’ for this specific section all the time. I’m so confused :sob: if anyone could pitch in that would be great


*selectable_if (ac = 1)  #Slash with your ${weapon1}

  *goto rfe


*selectable_if (ac = 2)  #Shine your ${item1} into its face

  *goto rfe

*selectable_if (ac = 3)   #Burn it with your candle

  *goto rfe

*label rfe


Did you create AC as 0? You can get quicktest problems with that because it runs as if 0 is a possible option despite AC (presumably) always being set to a value before this choiceblock.


Yes, i did create ac as 0! Is there a way around this, though? I can’t think of anything other than setting ac to 1 in startup, which might cause issues with the choices i think

You could have one option that is always available.

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Why would it cause issues? Like, if ac can’t equal zero under any circumstances at that point, then it doesn’t matter what it is initially. It will just get set to some other value (or set to one independently) anyway.

Just pick an initial value that actually works with the rest of the code. That’s how I solve all problems of that nature.

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I ended up setting it to 1, which worked out. Had a tiny brain moment since ive been writing all day lol.

Thanks for the help y’all!

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Only if you can get to that group of choices without otherwise using *set on AC beforehand :slight_smile:

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