Error: couldn't open 'blah blah.txt'

I feel like a doofus but i need help


radio_intros,goto R_Rusctha
ERROR: couldn't open blah blah.txt

If it helps, here’s the last scene/turn_to the quicktest is referring to:

*label radio_intros

*label R_Rusctha

[i]ThIs iS your own Vinnie Valentine, broadcasting live from the city of Indinago, country a'
Kingsdin, Rusctha. We are, and will forever be, a planet of dreams.[/i]

*label R_Mentis
*temp MentisBC
*rand MentisBC 1 3

[i]YoU aRE receiving a transmission from Mentis. I am [/i]
*if (MentisBC = 1)
  [i]Law, [/i]
*if (MentisBC = 2)
  [i]Rosa, [/i]
*if (MentisBC = 3)
  [i]Phillip-34, [/i]
[i]your broadcaster for today.[/i]

*label R_Jupiter
*temp weatherJ
*rand weatherJ 0 4

[i]YoU've REachEd our interplanetary radiostation, Empyrean Jupiter Galactica.
Today, the empire experiences [/i]
*if (weatherJ = 0)
  [i]cold winds and gentle drizzles.[/i]
*if (weatherJ = 1)
  [i]sunny weather and clear blue skies.[/i]
*if (weatherJ = 2)
  [i]hail and purple sun. Hats are advised.[/i]
*if (weatherJ = 3)
  [i]cloudy skies and green haze. Masks are advised.[/i]
*if (weatherJ = 4)
  [i]foggy weather and high humidity.[/i]

*label R_Aphorite

[i]WelcOmE Back to our broadcast! I'm Jimmy Kreekorillinverdaksy, and you've just
tuned into the Aphorite global news broadcast. Somehow, we are still in business.

*label R_Korstyth

[i]HEllO aNd welcome back to our interplanetary radio broadcast. This is
Reeta Halladin, reaching you from capital city Pom, country Lorxic, and Korstyth: planet and
home to the spaceracers. Speed on, citizens.[/i]

*label R_Cujack

[i]ThAnkS for tuning into Cujack.[/i]

*label R_Duelrarian
*temp featureD
*rand featureD 1 5

[i] WElcome to Duelrarian, planet of the ancients. Today's open auction houses
*if (featureD = 5)
  [i]An Art of Book by Ke'y Goose, priced at a starting bid of one million Requis.[/i]
*if (featureD = 1)
  [i]A Blue Turtle, priced at a starting bid of three-hundred thousand Requis.[/i]
*if (featureD = 2)
  [i]The scar of a Mentis lightning blizzard engraved on white pavestone, priced
  at a starting bid of eight-hundred thousand Requis.[/i]
*if (featureD = 3)
  [i]A portrait of Duelrarian's reigning monarch in the X200s, priced at a starting
  bid of five million Requis.[/i]
*if (featureD = 4)
  [i]A mask made and worn in ancient Korstyth, adorned with eight hundred
  jewel shards.[/i]

I don’t remember making a ‘blah blah.txt’ at all? Like i don’t even know where to find this thing I went and checked all my files. Not sure what this is referring to esp because it’s got a space in between and I’m pretty sure the scene files can’t work like that… right?

Kind of weirded out that there’s a blah blah.txt floating around in my game that i didn’t even know existed. im kind of spooked.

any help it greatly appreciated!

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Is there “blah blah” in *scene_list? Or somethere else in the text?

Blah blah is the fake text that quicktest uses when it hits an “input_text.” It must have to do with that.

Also, you can’t just *temp MentisBC. If you want it to be a numerical variable, *temp MentisBC 0.


Thanks (and also thanks for the extra tip)! figured out where that was coming from.

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