Erm... Hi?


I just wanna make a Proper introduction thread (The Off-Topic should where the Introduction thread be, right?) and to post “Hi!” so… Hey there! I’m new :slight_smile:

PostScript; (Psst… I told nobody this but I live in The Americas…! :wink: *Cough*)


Welcome to the forums! :slight_smile:


You know you dont need a thread to introduce yourself right?


Honestly, this is my first time going on a forum as a member, I thought that was traditional, since I gone on so many MUDS, including visiting their forums. :stuck_out_tongue:


Nobody would have expected such a way to say your new on the forum but hi


@Anyone deriding them for posting: On some forums it’s done, some it’s not. Some have a dedicated thread, some don’t. It is certainly better than a lot of the… extraneous posts here now. (I’m looking at you Wired.) We’ve been up, what, a couple of years? Barely enough time to consider anything traditional, so it’s all just ad hoc anyways.

@Happy Welcome.


Yes its very unconventional… would you like me to ask for it to be closed?


What did i do @Reaperoa?

  1. If I wanted it closed I’d have closed it. (We really do need something to distinguish mods).

  2. Not saying you did anything major, just that this kind of thread has more merit than say, your timezone thread, or you countries tread. e.e


Both were threads to get threads about games to have a discussion go somewhere else not because they were random threads


They were being off topic discussions on a thread for a game


@Happy, Hi!


@Happy - I wish more people would introduce themselves like this. Welcome to the forums!


Oh my, I hadn’t expected that much People posting on this thread. It’s lively!


@Happy Hello.


Hi, mara curtsy gently trying to hide her poison dagger. Wellcome this forum new traveler, im a gentle bard wandering here.i can sing songs for you to make a happy smile and an empty pocket.@Happy mara is my pc, Mara jade say you dont be shy and post :stuck_out_tongue: Welcome! Im from spain


@WiReDcHiMpAnZeE I’m agreeing with @Reaperoa there, but seeing as he’s the mod here I’ll keep my mouth shut.

@Happy welcome to the forums, may your stay be long and you enjoy plenty of the games =D


hi @Happy Welcome, hope you enjoy the forums & games/stories


@Happy iam happy that you joined :stuck_out_tongue: and r u gonna make a game?


I might, I did make a little quiz of things I learned for the 51 States of the USA and some other countries with Choicescript. Coding was a bit hard with the variables, only listing the Questions right/wrong I get 2 weeks ago.