Equia: Artifacts of Zazkor(Last Update: November 12th/2019) - Full Demo Release!


Equia: Artifacts of Zazkor Full demo is out as of today! November 12th!/2019

Demo Includes Six Chapters!

Summary Edit!

Change Log updated.

NEW: Equia Teaser!

Equia: AoZ Teaser

NEW: Equia Chapter 6 Teaser/Trailer

Equia: AoZ Chapter 6 Teaser/Trailer

Download Equia

Equia: AoZ Demo on Mega.nz(Latest)

Equia: AoZ DEMO on itch.io

More than happy to answer any questions, and accept suggestions or criticism!


Welcome to world of Equia, a place filled with wonderful sights, a place of fantasy and magic. Old stories, and adventures to take. Equia is a world of mysteries, and all wait for YOU to uncover them. From dragons to demons, from demons to elves, half eves, dwarves, men and alike.

Vampires? Sure! Pirates, arr, arr…we have that and more! Equia world is developing, and possibilities are many! Worldbuilding is in progress and as such subject to many possible changes!

YOUR story begins here…

You are Trinog Dragonhold, an individual whose past is shrouded in mystery, you just turned the age of twenty, and now considered a full adult. You live within the city of Dragonguard, a city filled with wonderful sights, and a place of which many tales and songs are told.

As you celebrate your 20th birthday, you are suddenly pulled into the world you did not know existed before, a world of adventure, magic, and mysteries. As you explore the world of Equia, you will be faced with a lot of choices that will affect its future, and some perhaps it’s past (i have no idea about any time travels you speak off. Keep it secret, keep it safe.)

Possible Romances
  • Estrella, a charming and beautiful woman, perhaps overly secretive and cryptic, however, she does seem to be interested in aiding Trinog through his journey.

  • Lilian, your best and perhaps only childhood friend, a girl…now a woman. With a heart of gold, Lilian has been part of your life for as long as you can remember, a farmer’s daughter who’s father has deceased…and as much as you were her support during those difficult times, so was she your’s trough bullying you experienced from other children. Overly positive, cheeky, but not less sly.

(More Romance options perhaps will be possible, as i progress. Keep an eye for updates!)

Update Log
  • 11/10/2019 - Rewrote certain parts, Chapter One soon coming to a closure, (insert heavy fixes here) and released game back to Dashingdon.

  • 16/10/2019 - Chapter 1 is finally done! At the end of chapter one, part three…you can now choose to flirt/romance with Lilian…for those of you who perhaps fancied here, also rewrote somethings once again.(Dare say there will be a lot of that.)!

  • 21/10/2019 - Chapter 2 started, some polishing has been done. Made sure to set up the conversation parts with HTML like the ones in beginning, added pictures for chapters on the beginning of each one.

  • 25/10/2019 - Chapter 2: Part 1 written further, nearly ended.
    *Added Achievements.
    *Fixed some coding i messed up in few places.
    *New Stats to define Trinog partner(If one is chosen)

  • *30/10/2019 - Chapter 2: Part 1 finished, along with Chapter 2: Part 2 released and finished!
  • *Further romance possibilities with Estrella
  • *Fixed few typos i managed to find.
  • *Rewrote few lines of dialogue in some chapters.
  • *New achievements.

  • 2/11/2019 - Chapter 2 Has been finished, and chapter 3 is on the way!
    *More art being made for the game, such as first sword that Trinog obtains from the smith in chapter 2.
    *Created a tumblr page at this point, where i will post some art ot other info related to the game, find the link under links!

  • 4/11/2019 - Chapter 3 Start, with Chapter 3: Part 1 already done and released.(That was fast you may say, certainly is and i am surprised myself from the boost of motivation and my drive as i write in such a rapid pace.)

  • What else is new starting from Chapter 3:

  • Due to a request, i have now created an extra choice within Chapter 2, as you’re questioned about your intentions with Lilian or rather your feelings, you now also have a chance to answer the same for Estrella for those perhaps who did not flirt with her right at the beginning, but would like to give a shot at romancing her.

  • More typos have been hunted down and fixed, doing the best i can with this.

  • New achievments again!

  • Stats screen has been slightly organized differently.

  • New stats are available as well from this point on.

  • The Hunter who you bump into has had her name changed.

6/11/2019 - Chapter 4 Start, with Chapter 4 Part 1 finished and released(This is where the fun starts)

  • Fixed more typos, the best of my abilities. If you find any please do provide feedback or message me!
  • New achievements.
  • As per anon question on Tumblr page, Lilian is not forgotten…for those of you who thought so, go ahead and write her a letter, and describe her your latest adventures!
    *During the WIP phase, for now…there is an option to skip right ahead to Chapter 1, 2, 3 or to start the game normally, as I have some demonic drive and passion and release content in rapid pace…it can be annoying to click through everything again so there you have it!

7/11/2019 - Chapter 5 Start, Chapter 4 Finished and Released to public.
*Some things have been altered, and fixed thanks to additional aid.
*New Stats window, Spells and Powers, where Spells and Powers you learn will be added too.

8/11/2019 Update -
Here it is!

Grab a nice cup of tea and continue your journey trough world of Equia!

Chapter 5 Start is fully finished, along Chapter 5: Part 1!

  • Dialog Alterations
  • New Spell! Fancy being a bird?
  • New Achievements
  • Re visit Dragonguard in bonus chapter, based on overwhelming votes for romance with Lilian, a girl with heart of gold.
  • Mystery unfolds, as some background of MC comes to light.

​And we finally come to that! Chapter 5 is finished, and fully released! Grab another cup of tea, and continue your journey!

Whats new…

  • ​Fix, fix, fix. Get those typos out of my way!
  • Dialogue alterations, a lot of this is going on lately.
  • New Spells!
  • New Achievements
  • ​Story unfolds further, twist and turns, deception and lies on every corner!

Demo Release Changes:

  • Typos fixes, unfinished sentences hunted down with bow and arrows!

  • Powers and Spells are now separate sections, as they are not equal or same in terms of usage!

  • Some dialogues were altered, extra dialogues were added.

  • A lot of coding was fixed where it was messed up, causing some…scary things to happen, oh my.

  • Introducing some new coding here, or to be specific Your Empire, which you will unlock at certain point of story!

  • Some of the game art has been changed, and more art was added!


Possible blood and gore, violence, sexual or mature themes. You’ve been warned.

Game Art Notes

As i do my best to offer as many visuals i can for game locations, along with weapons of the characters i have to make a quick note here. Some of the game art is created by myself personally, or at least with best of my abilities.

Some game art is however owned by various other artist’s and all the art present within the game is free for use with no demands, however, i would like to compliment all of this beautiful art that i use and its respective authors.

And with that said, all the credit for various art shown within the game that does not belong to me goes to their author’s.

  • Who are you interested in pursuing a romantic relationship with? (Just a small pool to help me with further writing)
  • Lilian
  • Estrella

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What is this Kofi? It’s like that https://itch.io/ page were guys share creativity and donations?

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You take a quick look around available outfits, and decide to wear a fancy one!

But… but… my foppery is not satisfied! :stuck_out_tongue: Just what is it that I’m wearing? A top hat with a cravat? Lacy cuffs and embroidered lapels? A short tunic with hose and garters? Or perhaps those puffy, slashed sleeves?

The serious version of that question being, what time period is this story set in? :thinking: I’m assuming medieval-ish?


That is a good one right there. I suppose i will rewrite that part, and describe what player wears per choice.

Regarding the time period, medieval-ish would be about right! :smile:

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Hey Pete. I liked your demo. If I get it right, that first scene was more than a dream and more a foreshadowing of a future crisis?

By the way:

My apologies dear, i am afraid i am in a bit of a rush. Are you hurt?
Actually i spent equal time with my parents, as best as i could.

You written “I” lower cased in both these sentences. You see, in English language the pronoun for the first singular person should always be in upper case.

English is the only one that insists on capitalizing the personal pronoun.

“But Nahim, why this weird rule of always capitalizing I?”

It turns out that this unusual convention was kinda of an accident. Seems that in our Olde Archaic and Medieval English, the word for I was closer the Germanic counterpart, “ich”, and it was often pronounced “ic”.

Back then, the word was not capitalized. However, the pronunciation changed over time and so did the spelling, losing the consonant C.

At first, i , was left lowercase. Until the time our buddy Chaucer wrote The Canterbury Tales in XIV century, I , the personal pronoun, was slightly taller than its lowercase equivalent. From that point on, it was typically capitalized.

In other worlds I is uppercase in english by the same reason Redditors think the plural for Humanity is Humanities, lol!

Sorry for the lecture, but is a weird piece of trivia that makes me think how probably half of the rules school grammar try to push into our heads are pure nonsense fruit of some random medieval/classic fanfic! :rofl:

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I do not mind lectures, as long as they are useful. Thanks for explaining, will do my best to deal with those I’s from now on.

As for the first scene, more of a foreshadowing yes.
Also glad you liked it! Thanks.

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EDIT: I will edit this post in the future, and provide further art that i have available for the characters present, or characters that will make appearances.

As i progress with the game, it came to my attention to ATTEMPT and create visuals of how ROMANCE options look.

So far i have been keen on placing images within the game best i can to enchance some immersion and describe the places if my words are not enough, one example would be sword that Trinog obtains from the smith in chapter 2, and as i just updated the game…if and once played you can see what i mean.

Not being an artist myself, i am sort of sad to see i have to resort to certain software like this to get a picture of it, but it is best i can do. That aside, this would be the first romance option, Lilian, Trinog’s childhood friend, and a sweet, gentle, farm girl.

To continue, this would be the second romance option. A slight show of how Estrella would look like.

Estrella is the second romanceable option, cryptic, secretive and slightly annoying woman. Though i dare say she can soften up…hint hint But she does seem interested in aiding Trinog with his journey and aiding him the best she can.


Another character which will appear at Chapter 4: Luviel Empire.

Lord Federick of Luviel Empire. An elderly man, with large experience obtained mainly from his days where he fought in various wars.

Lady Elyse of Luviel. Makes apperance in CH4: Part 2

Queen Luviel of Luviel Empire. Makes Apperance in Chapter 4: Part 2

Arafin, a Dwarf from the city of Thorbur, which is capital city of Shutor Kingdom, the Kingdom of Dwarves located at Calelodge Mountains on the continent of Eimend. Makes appearance at Chapter 5: Part 1

Nirissa Eladi, introduced in Chapter 6.

Krea - Introduced in Chapter 6

King Gawin the Great (Well, more like King Gawin the mad.)

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It won’t let me go past the prequel im stuck on the choice to go to chapter 1 but all it does is keep loading

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I am all too familiar with this issue, i am experiencing the same thing myself. Though this does seem to occur on dashingdon often, at least from what i have read around the forums here and from experiences of other people.

I am looking into alternative hosting methods as i write this honestly. However, if you would wish…i would be more then happy to send you a message and offer you compiled game so far. You can open the .html file with your browser and play without any issues.

Just say the word! :smiley:

Yea that would really be appreciated i got really into it with just the prequel

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Can I take you up on that offer? Because chapter 3 refuses to load

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Naturally, message incoming!

A small announcement Regarding the voting on Estrella and Lilian.

First and foremost of all, thank you all who liked Equia and follow its progress so far. I was not surprised in all honesty to see so many votes going towards Lilian. Lilian’s personality is…far different level then Estrella’s, and she comes as a cheerful, positive, and heartwarming character right from the start.

Being already in love with the MC it is far easier to approach her and deal with her. But i am also glad to see Estrella recently obtained some votes as well, perhaps overly cryptic, annoying, and irritating at the start. Estrella has her charms and a hidden warmth. I am glad to see people giving some chances into attempting to romance her, and see her character grow and change through the story.

Though seeing so many votes for Lilian, and even being asked anon questions on Tumblr page regarding romance for Lilian. Combining all of that, i decided to create let’s say…a bonus chapter, or a scene where you are given the chance to return to Dragonguard city after some time in your journey, this will provide a chance for all of you Lilian lovers out there to visit that character sooner than intended, and offer you further romance with her.

You can see this incoming in Chapter 5 Start matter the fact, and it is currently being written. Or…to be precise. It’s already done. But i wanted to see if i can finish Chapter 5 in FULL…and that is the only reason for not releasing it so far.

I dare say i produce updates and content on ALMOST daily basis. Depending on multiple factors, however, that sometimes can be delayed. Passion, the drive, the urge is not what i lack. But i do not wish to burn myself. That is perhaps the main reason why i delayed releasing Chapter 5 Start despite it being finished today…matter the fact i am already writing Chapter 5 Part 1 as i write this, it’s currently 1:50 AM here for me.

I been writing like a mad man all day. Now you must say this guy is out of his mind! But highly motivated! With that said, however, Chapter 5 start along Chapter 5: Part 1 will be released tomorrow absolutely.

As usual, i will update Tumblr, and post a devlog on itch.io when i do this, that is the way i usually announce releases.

However this also brings me to another reason of why i am writing this post. I find it difficult to notify those who liked this post as i update almost on daily basis as said before. Updating the title of the topic is…decent enough i suppose. Only way to notify people is to actually make a post like this. Ah yes, creating long posts to read. How marvelous, i know!

I do not wish to clutter the topic more then i need. Such as when i made post for the art, which i edit and add further pictures on it when i have something to say. On that note i created a discord for easier communication…and notification about the game.

So for those who wish to be reached in a more easier way, toss chit-chat, discuss , share ideas with me. Aid in some way perhaps, offer their help with testing, or anything else you’re more then welcome to join!

On an ending note, a quick thank you to @Justin_Davis for his help so far with testing things before their release, his feedback, compliments and helping me fix many typos, and alter many sentences for easier read.

Seeing the post so far, i think i will stop now, before i write another book. :smiley:

Equia: Artifacts of Zazkor DISCORD Server.

Can’t you upload to dashingdon?

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I am experiencing issues with Dashingdon, and as you can see other people as well. I contacted Dashingdon via PM here on CoG forums, in attempts to resolve the issues.

He did what he could on his end for time being, but for some reasons it is failing constantly. And due to that i compile the game and upload it in such state. It is eventually the same in the end. You download it, and just overwrite the old file with new update. Opening it via default browser and you can play without any delays or lags at it.

Matter of fact i find it far more easier to deal with it in this way.

The game being compiled works both on PC, and Mobile Devices with no issues so far. And beta tester did no report any issues regarding that matter as well.

I would gladly attempt with dashingdon again if the matter is resolved. But having it reachable this way is not bad at all in personal opinion.

If i may ask though, what bothers you about it at present moment, and why makes you insist on Dashingdon?

I was playing and all of a sudden i went back to chapter 1 is that supposed to happen?

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Yes. Happens sometimes. But that is something that i mess up on my end, however knowing what you have with you. You were playing trough Chapter 5 start, but as it was not finished, you were directed to there, after hitting the end of what was written, instead of being directed to CH5: Part 1.

Ohhh ok makes sense i cant believe you killed him come on i was just starting to really like him i thought we where about to become an unstoppable fighting duo he was somewhat like a father and its kinda my fault because he got attacked by our own men because of the fog

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And i dont want to reveal to much because idk how far u wish to take the demo but the information we received about our past and about the mc mother and how old Estrella really is suprised me now if only we could get some better info on the mc dad

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