Equia: Artifacts of Zazkor(Last Update: 16/10/2019) - Chapter 1 finished!

Hello there! I decided to make a new, and lock the old topic concerning this WIP of mine. The first topic was rather of a mess and was rushed, so let us fix that by starting off on the right foot!

More than happy to answer any questions, and accept suggestions or criticism!


You are Trinog Dragonhold, an individual whose past is shrouded in mystery, you just turned the age of twenty, and now considered a full adult. You live within the city of Dragonguard, a city filled with wonderful sights, and a place of which many tales and songs are told.

As you celebrate your 20th birthday, you are suddenly pulled into the world you did not know existed before, a world of adventure, magic, and mysteries. As you explore the world of Equia, you will be faced with a lot of choices that will affect its future, and some perhaps it’s past (i have no idea about any time travels you speak off. Keep it secret, keep it safe.)

Possible Romances
  • Estrella, a charming and beautiful woman, perhaps overly secretive and cryptic, however, she does seem to be interested in aiding Trinog through his journey.

  • Lilian, your best and perhaps only childhood friend, a girl…now a woman. With a heart of gold, Lilian has been part of your life for as long as you can remember, a farmer’s daughter who’s father has deceased…and as much as you were her support during those difficult times, so was she your’s trough bullying you experienced from other children. Overly positive, cheeky, but not less sly.

(More Romance options perhaps will be possible, as i progress. Keep an eye for updates!)

Update Log
  • 11/10/2019 - Rewrote certain parts, Chapter One soon coming to a closure, (insert heavy fixes here) and released game back to Dashingdon.

  • 16/10/2019 - Chapter 1 is finally done! At the end of chapter one, part three…you can now choose to flirt/romance with Lilian…for those of you who perhaps fancied here, also rewrote somethings once again.(Dare say there will be a lot of that.)!


As i continue with this, it came to my attention that i must warn the readers of potential blood and gore, adult content…overall mature things. So do have it in mind, as you proceed to read this.


What is this Kofi? It’s like that https://itch.io/ page were guys share creativity and donations?

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You take a quick look around available outfits, and decide to wear a fancy one!

But… but… my foppery is not satisfied! :stuck_out_tongue: Just what is it that I’m wearing? A top hat with a cravat? Lacy cuffs and embroidered lapels? A short tunic with hose and garters? Or perhaps those puffy, slashed sleeves?

The serious version of that question being, what time period is this story set in? :thinking: I’m assuming medieval-ish?


That is a good one right there. I suppose i will rewrite that part, and describe what player wears per choice.

Regarding the time period, medieval-ish would be about right! :smile:

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Hey Pete. I liked your demo. If I get it right, that first scene was more than a dream and more a foreshadowing of a future crisis?

By the way:

My apologies dear, i am afraid i am in a bit of a rush. Are you hurt?
Actually i spent equal time with my parents, as best as i could.

You written “I” lower cased in both these sentences. You see, in English language the pronoun for the first singular person should always be in upper case.

English is the only one that insists on capitalizing the personal pronoun.

But Nahim, why this weird rule of always capitalizing I?

It turns out that this unusual convention was kinda of an accident. Seems that in our Olde Archaic and Medieval English, the word for I was closer the Germanic counterpart, “ich”, and it was often pronounced “ic”.

Back then, the word was not capitalized. However, the pronunciation changed over time and so did the spelling, losing the consonant C.

At first, i , was left lowercase. Until the time our buddy Chaucer wrote The Canterbury Tales in XIV century, I , the personal pronoun, was slightly taller than its lowercase equivalent. From that point on, it was typically capitalized.

In other worlds I is uppercase in english by the same reason Redditors think the plural for Humanity is Humanities, lol!

Sorry for the lecture, but is a weird piece of trivia that makes me think how probably half of the rules school grammar try to push into our heads are pure nonsense fruit of some random medieval/classic fanfic! :rofl:

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I do not mind lectures, as long as they are useful. Thanks for explaining, will do my best to deal with those I’s from now on.

As for the first scene, more of a foreshadowing yes.
Also glad you liked it! Thanks.

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