Equia: Artifacts of Zazkor(Full Release)


Note: This is full release, not a demo.
Latest Update: 6/12/2019 - Further typos fixing, fixed the issue about the wolf scene in Chapter 5


Welcome to world of Equia, a place filled with wonderful sights, a place of fantasy and magic. Old stories, and adventures to take. Equia is a world of mysteries, and all wait for YOU to uncover them. From dragons to demons, from demons to elves, half eves, dwarves, men and alike.

Vampires? Sure! Pirates, arr, arr…we have that and more! Equia world is developing, and possibilities are many! Worldbuilding is in progress and as such subject to many possible changes!

YOUR story begins here…

You are Trinog Dragonhold, an individual whose past is shrouded in mystery, you just turned the age of twenty, and now considered a full adult. You live within the city of Dragonguard, a city filled with wonderful sights, and a place of which many tales and songs are told.

As you celebrate your 20th birthday, you are suddenly pulled into the world you did not know existed before, a world of adventure, magic, and mysteries. As you explore the world of Equia, you will be faced with a lot of choices that will affect its future, and some perhaps it’s past (i have no idea about any time travels you speak off. Keep it secret, keep it safe.)

Possible Romances
  • Estrella, a charming and beautiful woman, perhaps overly secretive and cryptic, however, she does seem to be interested in aiding Trinog through his journey.

  • Lilian, your best and perhaps only childhood friend, a girl…now a woman. With a heart of gold, Lilian has been part of your life for as long as you can remember, a farmer’s daughter who’s father has deceased…and as much as you were her support during those difficult times, so was she your’s trough bullying you experienced from other children. Overly positive, cheeky, but not less sly.


Possible blood and gore, violence, sexual or mature themes. You’re free to play on your own choice. You’ve been warned.

Game Art Notes

As i do my best to offer as many visuals i can for game locations, along with weapons of the characters i have to make a quick note here. Some of the game art is created by myself personally, or at least with best of my abilities.

Some game art is however owned by various other artist’s and all the art present within the game is free for use with no demands, however, i would like to compliment all of this beautiful art that i use and its respective authors.

And with that said, all the credit for various art shown within the game that does not belong to me goes to their author’s.