Equal opportunity fan service


Fan service is often complained about in games as being stupid and exploitative. This is true, but personally I think it has it’s place. A much more legitimate complaint in my mind is that it’s almost exclusively targeted at straight males. So I’ve got two questions: How do you write good fan service(if you think it’s possible at all)? And how do you write good fan service for women?

Also, I want to make a game inspired by stupid exploitative 1980s slasher flicks so feel free to keep that in mind when giving your answers. :slight_smile:


Define fan service.


Um… Well, the narrator going into notably more detail than necessary about a female character’s body. Especially certain areas of it. Female characters wanting to get in your pants for no sufficiently explained reason. Superfluous sex scenes. That sort of stuff I guess. At least that’s what I consider fan service.


I think high school of the dead is the very definition of fanservice.

(At least if you agree with Shoelips definition)


@noogai Although I dunno if it was that “good”. It was a bit too over the top at times, and all the death didn’t help much.

And it’s only an example of male fan service


I think female fanservice is a little harder to come over, I for one have never seen it.

Or maybe I have, but just didn’t think more about it than ‘‘Hell yeah, he’s so ripped he could crush a nut with his asscheecks, can’t wait til he destroys the baddie!’’
Or even ‘‘Haha, that guy is so goofy, always trying to get in her pants!’’


Well yeah. It’s not targeted at me so I don’t have the intended reaction and thus can’t recognize it as easily.


Ohhhhhhhh. I see. I personally don’t write “fan service”, but…
I think you would have to do it slowly. Very slowly. And you should give the players an option whether they think they should do. Also, there should be consequences, just like real life. Maybe even the Vendetta option: a choice whether you want it in there at all. As for female fan service…I really don’t know. You would have to ask a woman. I think the main thing is whether CoG would let you publish it at all.


Well they published choice of romance… which I haven’t actually played so I don’t know how much sex is in that. But why wouldn’t they publish this?


Because choice of romance is not very explict. It’s mostly glanced over.


There is no description of the sex, just something along the lines of ‘‘you have a fun night together’’

Edit: Shintaro beat me to it, dammit!


@Shoelip It dosent go into detail it just says that night surpasses your wildest dreams or something.

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Well I’m not planning to be getting terribly explicit either. Anyway we got off topic without actually really even talking about the initial topic first, so it’d be cool if we could get back to talking about that as well.


@noogai Mwahahahahahahahaha. One minute ahead.


I’m not really a writer so I can’t really help you, BUT if I were to do it I would include humongous amounts of alcohol.


@noogai Well that’s a given. Alcohol and pot for everyone! It’s a classic.


@Shoelip Not a day goes without me thanking god for inventing beer, for without it I would never have banged Sara in the grade of 10.


hey maybe if we want an example of female “fan service” we could ask ScarletGeisha??


Guys –

You’re verging on dangerous territory here. Not the subject, per se, but the last two posts are bordering on offensive.


my bad ‘bout that i wasn’t intendin’ 4 it 2 be offensive.
Honestly i just wandered onto the discussion and meant 2 see if the Almighty Geisha could give an example of what fan service for her was.
Please dont ban me [-O<