"Episode interactive" need help!


Hello there,

Do you guys know about this application called “Episode”? It’s another choose your own adventure game with tons of stories made bij the episode team itself or made by the users.

I’m currently writing a story on this “episode” app but my native language isn’t English, so I need some friendly people who can help me and beta read my first chapter ^^ if you are interested, please send me a message and I will send you the details :smiley:

And if you are asking “why doesn’t she just ask this on the episode forum itself?” Well, those friendly administration of the forum won’t let me complete my registration because some issues the registration had so I can’t post anything on the forums. I’ve send them tons of mails, but nope, no response. Sooooo annoying.


I come from a long line of English teachers (although I’m actually a chemist) so I’d be willing to help out.


I also be willing to help out I was born and raised here in the USA English was my primary and Spanish is my secondary but very limiting on my Spanish because I’ve mostly lost it all when going to school. But I be happy to help.


(Puts on Grammar Nazi mustache)

I would also be willing to help out. I was born and raised here in the USA, English was my primary language and Spanish is my secondary but my Spanish is limited because I’ve lost most of it going to school however I would be happy to help.

(Takes off mustache)

Now that I’ve made you hate me I’m going to go and cry in a corner whilst blaming my ancestors for passing on to me the curse of the Grammar Nazi


Lol thanks for correcting my grammar though most people are snobbish about it when they do “the Nazi grammar thing”. Thanks though.


If you still need help then sure x


What is the name of the story id like to read it