Epic Profile Pics? Where do I sign up?


Well…I have lately been seeing a lot of really epic artwork on profile pictures and was wondering…where do you guys find these epic profile pics? Do you draw it yourself or do you have someone draw it for you? :blush:


I got mine from the artist Noah Bradley. his website is amazing. http://thesinofman.com/


@Wire drew mine as official art for Community College Hero.


Hey you just published your game on Steam right? Congratulations!


My stuff is more on the amateur side, but I draw my own, specifically for a profile picture. I like to think of it as practice, and I find it a fun relaxer when I’m stressed.


You know. I’m an artist too but I guess I was just too shy to use my own work. That’s changing now!


This community is pretty nice. Don’t be shy :slight_smile:


Yep, using my own stuff now :slight_smile:


Yep! Thanks so much! The community over there (at least the folks who enjoy the CoG/HG releases) seems really thoughtful and welcoming as well. CCH has been received really well over there!


Quick question, if you go to my profile can you see the picture of the spaceship, the grey one? I set it as profile background but I myself can’t see it when I go.


Drew it myself. Though am still working on improving my skillz


I went there and this is what came up.


Poop the, my profile background isn’t coming up. They did warn it might take a while so no worries. Thanks for checking!

The invisible picture that refuses to show:


I googled shadows for mine when I first started making my game. This was the most obscure one I found.

My background art on my profile was drawn by @Imon for my game though :smile:


Maybe it’s me then? I had a look at your profile and it didn’t have a background? It was the same as the pic i showed Imon? It has your profile pic but not the one up the top… On your own profile’s when you look at it can you’s see it? I can see mine but now I wonder if anyone else can see it? I’ll just use the phone and have a look.

Works both on the phone and the laptop now. Must have just been a loading error. Pics are great by the way @Imon :smile:


Thanks! Same to you! Is your profile pic a drawing of you?


Thank you. Hahaha, how did you know? I used my original selfie and drew over the top lol. I got irritated starting to draw from scratch but wanted to draw and was lazy. I drew that on my phone. Do you use a program for your artwork? I used Sketchbook.


I almost never do digital work, that is the only digital piece I have ever done. I mostly work in charcoal and inks. But for digital works on a mobile device I cannot recommend Procreate enough. Its fairly cheap and the amount of functionality it offers is astounding. Seriously do yourself a favor and check it out. :smile:


Digital work is not easy :frowning: I’ve seen those amazing pieces on deviant art. I’m probably better at drawing freehand but can’t have art stuff around, my kids always find them and use them to create new artwork on the walls :sweat_smile: I will check it out :smile: Might use it to make another profile pic. Thanks.


I should get a profile pic…