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I love this game and the concept of it , it kinda reminds me of ra’s al ghul from Batman , Question if the MC is immortal what’s stopping him from making his own empire and conquering other cities, maybe even starting his own cult and having his own followers ? Ps can’t wait for the demo it sounds awesome :raised_hands:t2::100::grin:


@Varovu this game is going to be Awesome the premise alone makes this game one of the most unique games i have seen so i am super hype for this game oh and before i forget are there going to be secret groups/society’s? if so can we form are own secret groups/society’s to aid us in are own goals?


Regarding the regenerative body, or simply the means of which the MC does not die I imagined something like the code bearers from Code Geass. They are immortal individuals, and even if they’re stabbed or shot they don’t die and just kind of recover from what would normally be considered a mortal injury.


I guess that also depends on whatever magic will be involved, but do you consider using things like rebirth/past lives for characters( especially RO’s)?


ooops! I didn’t mean it as cover art, I meant it as like graphics for the chapter title or something like that. I’ll definitely check Fossils’ art out, thank you! And I greatly appreciate your input as well. I am considering many other titles right now, and they are along the lines of having Latin roots :slight_smile:

Thank you so much! And yes, that’s true, if MC is an evil dictator type person they really could just take over the world…you’ll have to wait and find out why not! (meaning I have to figure out some plot stuff of my own haha)

There are going to be multiple reasons why it might be dangerous for the MC to reveal their immortality to other people, but I don’t see why the MC can’t ally with different groups or people on a journey of discovery! Hahah, but yes, I’m thinking of include historical societies or rumored groups of the past that the MC might use to their advantage, whether it be to further their wealth, power, or what not!

thank you for that insight! that might help me in my development <3

I hadn’t actually considered that, but now that you mention it, it could be an interesting route to follow. I may or may not work that option in, but it will definitely provide some fuel for other ideas that I come up with. Thank you for that proposition!


lest go Game of Thrones style, every RO can die the question is…are we going to be able to save them?(we going to look the same while they are in their 90 in a hospital :thinking:)(will there be elves? that way you can put a RO that will not die of age…) @Varovu


Can we have children? Build our own legacy? Make our family the most prosperous ever? Make them the best informants in the world because KNOWLEDGE? Use them however we want?


And watch them die? :cry:


that’s a sacrifice we will have to make…FOR OUR EMPIRE


I want to play this WIP!
So are we like the Hormone Monster and Monstress from Big Head?


Hey! Sorry for such a late response…I know it’s been a while but I got pretty caught up with work and school.

To answer your questions, for the time being, no you may not save them. Adds to the tragedy, y’know? But if something comes up in the plot…perhaps. We’ll just have to wait and see! hopefully sooner rather than later


Uhhh duh? What could be better? just kidding

exactly. priorities, amiright??


I know you guys have been waiting FOREVEr and I did say that the demo would be up…but I lied. HOWEVER! I did make a TEENSY bit of progress so it mostly consists of an intro and some character creation choices. I think I’m gonna work on it a little bit more and then I’ll be posting a short part of it on here for you guys to get a feel for the game.

Again, thank you for all of your endless support and enthusiasm; I really appreciate it!


Funny enough I had an Idea similar to this


hope your doing well! this seems pretty cool


Well…color me surprised…this sounds interesting…mmmm…I do hope we can explore ancient societies…like the Greeks, Norse, Chinese…that sounds amazing…mmm~ I also hope to be able to describe how our immortal, godlike being looks like


Oooooh my butt is clenched waiting for the demo to drop! Take your time of course since this is quite possibly one of the most ambiious WIPS I’ve seen here just in base of scake! While this ain’t the first WIP I’ve seen centering around an Immortal MC (If I recall I saw one on the interest check about a romance based story dealing with the consequences of immortality), but I’ve never seen one that takes place in a couple of eras! Whether this will be hillarious or painfully sad, I still may not know though I am indeed psyched! Good luck!! :wink:


RO can can become immortal ?



There are no true immortal beings but those that are long lived or those that will end when their realm is destroyed never true immoral for the bird of Hermes says so

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