English Otome Games


For anyone who may be interested, Winter Wolves has officially released their Queen of Thieves games. You play as three sisters who are trying to find their mother; there are several romanceable males (as well as females if that is your preference) in the game.


Otome Games? Well..I guess I can recommend a few that has not been mentioned here yet.

Love is Strange - set in an alternate reality where Chloe never got shot, Rachel Amber never went missing, and Max never got time travel powers. The game lets you pick between four possible romance options: Chloe Price, Kate Marsh, Victoria Chase, Rachel Amber.

Deardrops - music romance visual novel that follows the protagonist Suganuma Shouichi. Once a world renowned violin prodigy, circumstances have forced him to give up the instrument, leading him back to his hometown. (That all aside, the usual "yeah, this is an eroge" warning needs to be said. Adults only, etc.)

Freak-Quency - you play this game as Sonnya Gray, a young 16 year-old whose attitude is depending on your choices. This is an otome game with a simple Persona Portable-based map system as well as stat-raising. You can basically do whatever you want: get a guy, make friends, or choose not to.


Can we gush more about Wilder? It's coming out within the next few months, and I'm ecstatic!!!!


Not so off topic, but not exactly otome....

Did anyone here play Pacthesis' dating sims? They were basically my teenage years.

She recently came back from a 2 year+ hiatus, and her latest game should be released before Feb next year!




I loved those so much. Oh my goodness... there goes my night. Thanks for that.


Patchesis was my first otome games.
I dunno if they've aged as well as I remember but I'm excited for the upcoming game!!!

Not sure if this has been posted before but have you guys played Hustle Cat? That game represents my whole being, namely being trash and loving cats.


Maybe I'll write you some reviews, haha. I don't know if I'll enjoy them as much by damn if I won't try them out.

And they actually weren't my first otome games! I think that honor goes to Harvest Moon (Alex4ever).

I dated everyone in that entire game just so I could bang the emo dad.


Oh, Emo Dad :two_hearts: Probably one of my favorite romances in a long time. I just love how he's such a loser.

Have you played Mystic Messenger? Wasn't my cup of tea but it's been a massive hit. Personally I prefer Cheritz's other games.


Yes, he's a loser. But he's a loser who loves you :sparkling_heart:

I haven't heard of that game! But when I googled it the first phrase I saw was 'emotional labor' so I'm thinking I wouldn't enjoy it either lmao. I'm about to play Freak-Quency, though!


Have tried MM. It's....okay? A little overhyped but it's not bad.

I'm more excited tbh for 7KPP getting finished and Queen's Crown :))


Yeah I read that article and felt very validated. I was also relieved to find out that the girl I was trying to romance wasn't actually a romance so I didn't have to waste my time anymore :blush:

@squarelyblue 7kpp and queen's crown are amazing!!! I am so excited for them. I love Jasper and the blonde guy in Queen's Crown


I have legit a specific runs for everyone in 7KPP (too many RO's and I love them to various degrees)

Excited for Noah (dark dude with tattoos) for QC :>





7KPP is also something I'm really excited for. Sassiness forever, whoop.

Rock Robin is still in beta, but keeps churning out updates for the game, everything keeps getting better, if you guys haven't looked at it recently.

Anyone here played 'Where We Laid Our Scene'? I haven't had the time, and haven't found decent reviews to work up the energy to do so. It's by a company I trust but...I dunno.... the main character seems a little stereotypical- bitchy guy discovering other people have feeling too. :confused:

Any reviews?

Pacthesis, yus. I honestly don't have a favorite character. ....okay, maybe Veon. Because he's a cat. XD

But, otherwise, I'm wondering what's going to happen after her current game. She has a niche way of designing her games, considering a lack of cgs other than rehashed kiss scenes, and I really think she has the potential to develop into a really amazing game dev, as she's very creative. But a part of me thinks she came back to finish this game for her fans, and that's it. :frowning:


Me too! I really liked Princess Anaele, she's really romantic in her own way :heart:


Zarad and sassy Widow forever! XD


@squarelyblue I started out with specific runs for each character, but then I became an alpha tester and was like... Hey, I should probably do each background with each character, right? Just to... make sure it works... right...?


All are good, but some are better than others. I want to gush so bad but I will refrain.

And aw, man. Queeeeen's Crown!

THE WRIST KISS, RIGHT? :scream_cat:

On Pacthesis? Not.... really. They obviously don't live up to my fourteen year old hype, and the mechanics are sort of weeeeeird. But they are creative! Like, I really liked her lunar world design. Ohhh, and the cyberpunk one. Also I think some of her dialogue is quite good!

Oh, sidenote! It's sort of hilarious to me how her drawing style didn't change at all for like three years. And still hasn't if her game dev blog shows her current skill.

Agreed! She had some cool ideas, she implemented them pretty well, and best of all, she actually completed them. I hope she sticks around, but I can understand why she wouldn't. She seems to have lost interest, and I can respect that.


THAT WRIST KISS! :scream_cat:

He's so fabulous. Doesn't help that appearance wise, he's totally my type too. :sob:

Reviews wise, I meant in general. Pacthesis...yeah, I get it. I think she's grown game mechanics wise, and some dialogue wise, but not really art at all. I honestly think the pinnacle of her art really was Wonderland days, because all the kiss cgs go downhill from there, methinks (Cough, CHRONO DAYS cough).

Her humor is awesome, I loved Kai in Memory Days, and she has a wonderful theme running through the games, with the shifting continuity of Cigam vs Magical Worlds and how the two combine. But now it seems almost a little rut like- if you look at her Festival Days, you see how much care was put into it, despite her undeveloped art style- there were two cooking minigames, you could interact with objects you found in the world, there were small animations everywhere, you gained secrets through gameplay, not by simply getting the best endings, and I'll still say that final kiss cg is one of her best pieces of art.

What would I like to see from her? ...I don't really know. I doubt she'll make more games after this one. I'd like to see growth, of course, but I do believe nostalgia is the main reason I'm so excited. Her work is awesome, but with a maturing fan base, we've moved from online dating sims to ren'py games, where characters have personalities you can choose, cgs happen all the time, there are characters to interact with who aren't romanceable, we can talk about adult issues, and so on.

Pacthesis hasn't changed up her order to reflect this, so, in essence- her stuff is great, and awesome.

i just think I'm not young enough to appreciate it as much as I used to.


I will refrain also from gushing but yes Noah is love (Noah is life)

And Widow x Zarad is my usual ship for him <3 (near OTP status since the other one is possibly Countess x Lyon)

I haven't tried Pacthesis but looking into it. Not also an otome but Bioware has been my go to game if there is a romance component involved (but not strictly a romance). So here I am re-living Garrus and Shepard as the OTP and I am emotionally compromised


If your like me, you inist on starting out as the Princess background… of course I am not an alpha or kick-starter supporter so I’m in the dark for most everything.


I always choose to be royalty or nobility when I can, my friends don’t call me “Princess” for nothing :blush: