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I did like Damien's path in the first game. He was the first path I chose. I have made it past the part you referenced (dying in a fire). But then I die in several other bad endings on that path. I can't stand how the other paths treat my favorite character Diana. For me, my favorite character's path made the entire game well worthwhile.


Oh, I looved it, it was soooo good.

Lemmasoft is awesome for keeping up with what's new and happening otome games wise.

I'm currently waiting on Wilder, which is being made by Sonnet009, who made Aloners, so I have high expectations, yeee!

OH OH OH And Rock Robin full release end of the month!!!!!


I enjoyed this demo - what will the full release bring that is left out of the demo?


The full release will just be some minor edits in the main story text wise, as well as some UI changes here and there- most of the changes are focusing through the free play story line, which I love as it is a direct continuation to one of the four main endings- with the three guys or single ,not counting Sterling's ending.

Basically, they add romances to certain recruitable character- such as Seth, Faust and Collin...I think Wiz too, that's it, far as I remember. They also add story to everyone else, for interaction, some of them have been released already, but are still glitchy- particularly Fausts- I can't right click without the game freaking out on me, so have to wait for the update, but that was only after completing Fausts' romance, which I think messes with the awards system, which is why things be messing, because it isn't coded in there yet or something.

What I'm really looking forward to, is that they continue the original romances too through the 'new' band, and I'm really excited for that. Not much to go on, other than getting with new people may lead to jealousy scenes from then, and maybe a 'story' ending to the sequel, though I think you can keep playing for as long as you want then.

It isn't shown as potential scenes in your scenes lists though, so I hope that's updated, because I'd really like to see Robin continue her relationship with her potential boy of choice (Emmeeeeetttt!!!!) because she really grows. (Not so much with Dallas, methinks)

But that will only be added to the game on final release, so we have to be sad and patient.

But the game has an update button, so you don't need to go scouring for it, at least, so yay?


Yes, my cannon Robin fell in with Emmet - and during the second band she is able to call him once... sigh.

I'd like Robin's relationship with her foster brother to be expanded and explored too. lots of good things in that game to enjoy.

The second band part right now seems to be lacking storywise for now.

I don't remember the update button but I'll need to look for that later.


The International Love Ultimatum 2: Romantic Boogaloo games are out. :grin: I haven't finished any playthroughs yet, but it's like a romantic game making jam, so there's a lot of games to play.



Otome games eh? I've played a fair deal of those but usually I find them underwhelming. Often they just seem too wholesome. Not that I'm a seedy little blighter who needs everything to be mature rated, but a lot of the big commercial otome games seem to be pushing such a chaste agenda. I think of games like Amnesia Memories or Hakuoki where even KISSING is seen as scandalous and is reserved for the end-game. For society to progress women need romantic freedom. I like those games well enough overall, but the promotion of the idealised heroine who tries to defend her own innocence is often too archaic for me. These are games about romance. Go ahead and show romance, we know what we're in for. Hold back no stops.

They're not all like that, and it's only a minor complaint. I'll play any visual novel as long as the story is decent. I've played practically everything for the PS Vita (or Weebmaster 3000 as I always call it). My favorites are Sweet Fuse, Second Reproduction, Cupid and Code Realize.


Speaking of more mature content (kinda), I'm excited for Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome. It's about time we get some localised R18 otome games.

Well, we're only getting one but I hope that it'll pave the way for more of them in the future. Plus, there are the three titles that Aksys is bringing over next year too. I've gotta start saving up for a PS vita....


I've heard about those. One of them is set in a VR world. I'm not very happy about that. I suppose it's inevitable that people will want to write VR themed games (heck I'm doing it), but whenever someone writes something in a similar genre to you there's always the terror they will come up with similar plot points and yours will seem invalid.


Oh, I totally understand! I'll actively avoid anything that shares the same genres + setting as mine for the same reasons. That, and the chance of accidentally borrowing bits and pieces and putting them in my own work without realising it until later. People are always going on about how nothing is original anymore, but still... honestly, even I get annoyed when I see tons of comments about how so-and-so sounds like another title.

(Funny enough, I've actually played your WiP and I'm pretty excited for it!)

At least there's Bad Apple Wars and Collar x Malice to potentially look forward to? Although... the latter isn't even out yet in Japan so I have zero idea what to really expect. I'm just glad to see that there's still interest in bringing over otome games. From what I've seen in the past few months, some people in the VN community love to wrack on them :disappointed_relieved:


I'm not in love with the Bad Apple Wars' art but Collar X Malice indeed looks good.

To be fair I was most excited about the code realize fandisk announcement, I love that game. Victorian literature is my favourite thing to study! And I just love Victorian clothes as well (they did the costumes so well in that game usually otome fashion is pretty awful we will not bring up the atrocities in Amnesia: memories)


Once I get a vita, Code Realize is going to be the first game I get ;; it looks so good! I haven't seen anyone who didn't like it! Steampunk setting and literary/historical figures are a major plus, definitely!

My friend is super pumped for more Sholmes in the fandisk too ahahaa

Amnesia was... a fashion disaster lmao I'm also getting flashbacks from the early Tokimeki Memorial Girls Side games... I struggled with picking clothes for the MC and really really wished I could dress the guys too :confounded: they clearly couldn't do it themselves.


Oh gosh, you need that vita. Code Realize is probably the best otome game I've played. I don't call it the weebmaster 3000 for nothing that console is stuffed with great Japan import games.

Screw Sholmes, I gotta see some more of Lupin :wink:

On another note, does it ever happen to you that your favorite character is always the most popular one or the obviously 'main' route? I don't really know why, but it's just ended up that way for me, in practically every game I've played.


I'm slowly saving up... people say the vita is dead but they just don't understand its potential. Weebmaster 3000 is super up my alley lol orz I think I might seriously start using that term irl

Actually, my favourite always ends up as the one character that no one really talks about or fangirls a lot over! I usually have to comfort myself with "more for me!" when that happens. Although the ~main guy~ usually ends up being my second or third favourite in the end anyway. I think their popularity just guarantees more art and thus more gush-material :pray: in some cases, the main guy really is more my type and it happens lol


The vita is incredibly dead, I hate to say. It's only good for visual novels, a couple of good Japan import games localized a couple of years ago, and PSOne/PSP emulation. There is hardly any good new content coming out for it other than the occasional Aksys visual novel. Additionally, a lot of the good VNs are now also available on PC now (the best being Danganronpa 2). A year ago, I would say the PS vita is a great buy, but since so many things have been ported to PC... I don't know anymore... (but buying it for Code Realize is a pretty good reason tbh Code Realize is probably my favorite otome game. And sweet fuse, if you haven't played it on PSP.)


Ah, I totally forgot about how many games also have home console ports too. Otherwise, I'd argue that there are a number of decent JRPGs being brought over too. I always figured that there would be more people leaning towards portable consoles. I mean, you can carry them everywhere lol even if the graphics aren't always on par with home consoles. That, and I know a number of people in the otome community who are always going on about how everything should be on vita. I'm a bit blinded by that side of the issue.

I remember Sweet Fuse :smile: I think it's due for a replay. It's been a long time, but ahhh I loved the gameplay! I'm always here for VNs that go a bit beyond the "click to continue" norm.


Can I just say how much I love this thread? Seriously, found some of the best games ever here, you guys all make amazing recommendations and I can geek out about them with you guys


There are some good recommendations here. Now, I just need to try and get some time to finish a few games.

And for the curious, I will be working on something next year (after I finish up a couple smaller games), but I'm getting some art prepared...


I am glad to read these recommendations.

Honestly, I have never played a game as good as Aloners. I am searching for one, but there was something so perfect about how Aloners was set up. It really felt like me being me, and the story was well thought out and clever. The romance developed naturally.


Have you heard that the creator (Sonnet009) has another game coming out in the next few months? It's called Wilder.