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well fate’s kiss does have 4 seasons for every route, but have you tried lost kisses? it’s what happens in between your training to become a field agent, so far Medusa’s is at 2 seasons (and i think still ongoing?) haven’t played it yet but the devs keeping that series alive is what I’m living for! !

and as for Mac? I like her but imo her route is just not doing it for me … whenever I go back to play it I get bored(?) idk but she cute so :revolving_hearts: and also can’t wait till I get to the part were MC transforms oof maybe it’ll get better?


I can tell you for a fact that it does. MC trying to adjust to her life with her now fiancee and her new Werewolf abilities is pretty cute. But its also terrifying. She starts having these bursts of assertive aggression to everyone else besides RO. And at the current last episode until friday, she wakes up at the end naked in the woods with blood on her that isn’t hers and she doesnt remember anything.


SDDGHDSD ok I’m here for the angst and fiancee?? ok I expect a wedding story like in Astoria but in their supernatural traditional ways yes I’m here for that gay werewolf ceremony


I don’t know if anyone mention it before, but I’m really excited for this game! Not only you can choose your gender which makes me extremely happy, you can also costumize your character. Not an otome but more of an interactive visual novel which makes all the difference.
Set on on 90’s you play as a new born vampire trying to find their way to Hollywood, along the way meeting some extrely interesting attractive vampires :heart_eyes:. It has everything I ask 90’s, vampires, female mc, dark, twisted, mature romance which choices that have impact, something otome games lack.
It’s currently on kickstarter with 3 days left and I’m really hoping to achieve the 2nd stretch goal of being able to costumise your mc more. :blush:


One of the game developers made a couple of posts regarding the project. The demo was quite interesting, wasn’t it?


Yes indeed and so many dialogue variations based on MC’s backround and character. It’s been such a long time since I was excited for a visual novel :smile:


The alpha demo for The Thorns of War is now available. Not all of the routes are available in the alpha demo but the full demo is expected sometime soon. This is the sequel to The Rose of Segunda by @blackcross.


Thanks for the shoutout @Norilinde :slight_smile:

I’ll be sure to pop back here and let people know once the full demo is posted.


Quick question. I just played the Rose of Segunda demo, which I downloaded from the twitch site, and it was great. I’m tempted to buy the game, but the lack of sprites for characters such as the mom and the king (not to mention all the background characters) is really off-putting. Has this been fixed in the final game?


I believe all of the characters in The Rose of Segunda that get sprites already have them in the demo and @blackcross can correct me if I am mistaken. I think both the mom and the king have sprites in the sequel.


Yes, that is correct, @Norilinde

The Rose of Segunda currently has grey, featureless sprites for your mother, the king, the seneschal, a group of noblemen and the maid.

I made the game on a limited budget and so I prioritised the main sprites over any that did not have a major role.

I know they appear more heavily in the demo, but over the whole game, your mother only appears on day 1 (as seen in the demo), and the king and the seneschal only on day 1 and then at the end of the game for a brief scene. The group of noblemen appear for a brief scene on day 6, and the maid character pops up here and there throughout the game.

I hope the above information can at least help you make an informed decision either way, @suburbanbeatnik, and thanks for playing the demo. :slight_smile:


The beta demo (with all routes available) for The Thorns of War is now up.

Also on itch.io, I noticed that there is now a new game Magical Diary: Wolf Hall in the same story universe as Magical Diary: Horse Hall. I loved the first game and while the second game is not a direct sequel which is a pity, I admit a direct sequel would have been difficult with how wide a variety of endings were possible in the first game. The new game is only in Kickstarter phase but if it ends up anywhere near as good as the first game, then it will be superb.


Is there a chance for the customisation option to have a short-bob? My vampire character has a short-bob hairstyle.


We’ve added some more customization options, which you can see here, but unfortunately, no short bob.


Romance Club is a fremium collection of mobile otome games with a female protagonist and male or female LIs. None of the stories are completed yet and they have once a month updates.

You get play passes amd choice passes hourly. Most of the romance is pay walled, but you can still make a lot of stat choices without paying. You can either get free choice passes at rate of 1 per hour and at least 1 per day and for completing new chapters when you watch ads.

I like the pirate game the most and it has a good plot with choices that change the story.