English Otome Games


Yo, we allll crushed on Nines Rodriguez or Jeanette. XD


raises hand V.V. here…my Gangrel was her bitch to call.


I am still crushed by the distinct lack of Yuri VN’s / Dating Sims.


Oh there are plenty all right (Not really). Except they’re all soft core porn or end horribly for either girls.

I remember being desperate enough to try those out and pruning up inside much like a sun dried prune.

Anyways heres a quickie of those I finished.

Sea bed was depressing, Tsui Yuri was actual incest so RIP, Love Nurse Addiction left me thoroughly confused, Kindred Spirits was enjoyable in some routes, and Fatal Twelve was ok. At least there was a confession?

Everything else is probably hentai or problematic as hell. (Read: Negligee, where every girl is a victim of male sexual abuse. And I mean every girl)


Well this just sounds fucking awful. And makes me depressed. Not only do I feel crushed inside by reading this I feel like I’m now a minority due to the lack of actual nice yuri content… :sob:


Try Starlight Vega? That wasn’t too bad, and the art was cute.


Lovestruck has some inclusive LGBT+ routes. :rainbow:

The app also has different genres so sci-fi, superheroes, supernatural (my fave is HavenFall or maybe it’s Fell), castaways, magic/medieval, and so forth. There is usually at least one lady RO per story setting, but newer games have increased it to two. I’d recommend HavenFall with Vanessa (among others but that’s just a suggestion if you want to check out the app)

Idk, if it fits the definition of games in this thread though? It’s visual, there’s a plot with a pre drawn MC (f) you can name, and there are dialogue choices (not sure if they impact the overarching story). Also, music and animations with newer offerings.

It is a free app, but you have to come back to it to earn tickets that can be spent on the stories. I think the regeneration rate is every 2 and half hours and you can hold a max of two at a time, iirc. Hearts can be bought or earned that allow you to pick special responses; however, they are not necessary. I would say there is a special choice maybe in 4 of the 12 episodes that compose a season. Not picking them, won lock you out of the romance or plot–it’s just extra stuff.

So, maybe try that? I relate to you though…There’s not much out there.


!!! tbh whenever I try to go back to find solely gxg based visual novels that focus on a good storyline, LI development, etc instead of just pure hentai/incest/etc i’m not surprised I come back disappointed :pensive: the only thing keeping me alive is like @rachelamber mentioned, Lovestruck~ the female LI’s are to die for (especially Medusa :fire::ok_hand:)


I’ve been fiddling with said thing since last night. Stories seem okay so far. And it seems to me they’re adding more Female Options to the stories at least, which has me interested. The Tickets system and premium choice junk will always be annoying though.


the ticketing and all that will always be annoying, but the FLI’s stories are good imo so I just play around it … that’s what I found enjoyable for yuri based and well the past Korean/Chinese I encountered but alas I don’t think they’ll ever be translated which is a shame since the artwork and cg’s were really good but oh well


Seiyuu Danshi! is out! :smiley:


Played a few of the routes for that game. All in all it was a pretty good bl game


Aww, I want to play it but don’t have enough money right now :confused:


I pre-ordered it months ago and when I saw that it was finally released I dropped everything and started playing. I’m so invested in those voice-acting minigames, it’s basically the only thing I do in that game XD Then I realised I also had to whoo the dudes so I restarted the game and started playing properly.


Looks at feet I didnt make that same mistake i swear.


I just got it, and I’m starting now. Any tips on what to do? I’m worried about money, but I also want me some Meganeeeeee


Look into Cinderella Phenomenon, if you haven’t read it. It’s free to play.


Good for those who don’t have a PSvita :slightly_smiling_face:


This looks interesting


So. Having played this for a few days and trying out about 90% of all the Female Routes for the stories. I can say for a fact I loved Medusa. I am just incredibly sad her story ends on what, Season 4? I would have loved more of that to be honest.

I’ve also been enjoying the Werewolf Chicks route, more so for the Werewolf stuff than the actual chick, granted she looks fine when shes a Werewolf, I don’t really enjoy her when shes her normal self. Wow I must suck?

All in all this app is pretty nice. I like that they advertise their release schedule in the app.