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Blackcross & Taylor’s The Rose of Segunda is getting a sequel currently intended for around Spring 2019 :grin:.

The Thorns of War

Two years after the events of ‘The Rose’, Segunda is on the brink of civil war.

The disgraced House Stavizzi, the Royal House of Vilquine, and the opportunist House Triste, have been gathered at the city of Garllucio for peace talks in a last ditch attempt to avoid the looming bloodshed.

Pick up the story as Iolanthe di Parisi and see if you can navigate this new world of political intrigue and double-dealing.

According to this post:

The game will feature:

  • Approx 200,000 words (twice the length of ‘The Rose of Segunda’)
  • Nine new ‘traits’ for Iolanthe as well as retaining the nine from the previous game
  • Begin the game with your current lover or remain single to pursue one of the two new love interests: Sir Mathys Aurele or Ambassador Vesela Brovik
  • Nine returning characters from ‘The Rose’ with updated outfits
  • New character sprites (by the original artist) including the Duchess di Parisi, King Auguste of Segunda, Count Pieto Triste, Sir Mathys Aurele, Ambassador Vesela Brovik, Lord Marc De Souza and Cosima Venitti.
  • A new secret romance
  • 33 beautiful CGs

@blackcross I only found out about the interest survey for the sequel ten days after it closed but I am so glad the sequel is a go :relieved:. The description of the sequel might need to be rephrased since the MC can pick a different first name than the default. I am so looking forward to this sequel :heart:.


Yaaaaaaas! @Kirlett told me about it and I literally spammed one of my entire university classes to participate in the survey. XD

So amped woooooooooooo


Ah, thanks for the mention, @Norilinde - I’m glad we got enough interest for a sequel too. :slight_smile:

As for the name thing, I left it out here to improve the flow of the ‘pitch’, as it were, but I’ll be sure to mention you can change the name on the game’s page, once I have enough art assets to build one.


I’m already in love with the secret romance and I know NOTHING about them :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Disclaimer: I’m part of Argent Games

Hello hello! I’m Gamma, and I want to share with the CoG community a vampire visual novel that Argent Games (Chess of Blades, Red Embrace, Requiescence) is working on. I found CoG through the Dragon game many years ago but haven’t otherwise played many CoG games, and I hope this overt advertising isn’t against any rules, but if it is, do delete the post.

Onward to the important information: the game! (And yes, it is now on Kickstarter.)

Demos (Win/Mac/Linux/Android)

itchGoogle Play † (Steam doesn’t have the demo yet, but you can add it to your wishlist~)


Red Embrace: Hollywood is a unique vampire visual novel that puts you, the player, at the heart of the story.

Choose your appearance, pick your vampire House, and make hundreds of choices that determine not only your future–but the future of Los Angeles.

In the world of RE:H, you can be anything…because you’re already dead.

Features List

Genre : Drama, dark comedy, twisted romance (G/B/NB x B)
Rating : R-17
† Routes : 3
Endings : 21
† Platforms : Steam, Google Play, Itch.io
Estimated Release Date : Spring 2019

† Customizable MC (name, gender pronouns, skin color, hair color, eye color, bust, jaw)
† Your custom MC is shown in CGs
Choose your own vampire House
Have your very own (optional) human blood pet/slave, male or female
NPCs remember how you treat them

Details and pretty pictures

Story Summary

1996. Los Angeles, California.

A young newcomer is turned into a vampire and thrust into the dark, dangerous world of Hollywood, forced to sink or swim.

You are that newcomer.

Custom Character

RE:H features a custom character that will also appear in CGs, not to mention naming and choosing your pronouns (They/She/He).

Choices for Every Conversation

Another one of RE:H’s most important features is its dialogue system. Beyond the normal action-based choices you’d see in a visual novel, RE:H features a choice for every dialogue response your character makes. There are no “automatic responses.”

Unfortunately, it isn't a dream.

Some choices are locked to a certain house, personality type, or only show up if you have a certain relationship with a character. As a result, you’ll see many different options with each playthrough.

These options aren’t just for show, either. Almost every choice will affect a character’s opinion of you, your personality, and/or your reputation in Los Angeles.

I hope the above information has piqued your interest. You’ll find more information about the characters, world, gameplay, and some fun freebies (such as: wallpaper/icon pack and a Which Vampire House Are You quiz) on the Kickstarter page.


I played the demo and can highly recommend…ah, I love it so much. :D Super great writing, lovely art, lots of snappy dialogue options for MC…I’m really looking forward to this game! :green_heart:

Screencap of my MC at end of demo <3


We were talking about this yesterday on one discord server :smiley:

I remember when I saw Red Embrace and wanted to play it, until I saw it was bxb… I just can’t get into a visual novel if I play as a man, so I was NoOOooooooOOOOOOoo!!! (since the art is super nice and all that), and when I got this linked yesterday, and I saw we can play as a she!!! This is just so great!!

And also, something we were talking about on the discord, which I don’t know if you are interested about or not, is, we were wondering if you will add more colours on the customisation? Like, brown hair, brown eyes, ginger hair, etc etc.


We’ll be revealing stretch goals soon, and one of them is more customization options ^^ (although probably only colours, not hair styles and other shape changing customization).


Oh! And something else. We noticed that there seems to be a bug with the friendly/aggressive (and the rest too, I think) stat. Is like the bar is the other way around. Me and a friend were playing aggressive MCs and got the friendly bar almost full, on the other hand, another friend was playing a very nice MC and got the friendly almost empty.

So it looks like the names should be switched?


It’s actually supposed to be read as:

Friendly ------------- | ------------- Aggressive

But the visual design is sub-optimal, so it just looks empty when you’re Friendly instead of looking like you have increased your Friendliness. It’s on our TODO list for our next GUI update!


Ohhh, so there is like a bar in the middle… So, if you chose friendly and aggressive options, would you have a bit on both sides?


In its current design, you would not be able to have points on both sides. Points on both sides would be the same as not having enough points on one side, which is how some choices are determined (choice_a only possible if Friendliness > 5, for example).


Sold! Will be watching this with great interest! If i can get the cash together will definitely support.




Wishlist indeed.


So I’ve read a lot of stories on Voltage’s Love 365 app, and I’ve got some thoughts

  • Star Crossed Myth: I played Huedhaut, Dui, Leon, and Scorpio, and let me say, I loved Hue’s. He hit one of my favourite tropes reincarnated love and unconditional and devoted love, and he’s just very nice overall. I liked Dui’s and its overall plot, but it just didn’t really hit me as a ‘wow this is super great’. Leon’s was okay, but for some reason hearing Tsuda Ken just sounds wrong, and his character was very predictable, but enjoyable. I…didn’t really like Scorpio. Super tsun, tragic backstory, just not for me. And is he voiced by Suwabe??? Because that just seems so wrong to me.
  • Rose in the Embers: I played Misao and Tsukumo, and I actually liked both equally. Not super life-changing, but romantic. I think I just prefer Tsukumo a little more because of how he looks lmao.
  • Diary of a Step-Sister: I bought Yuji’s, and I got exactly what I expected lol. Very cute, I like the MC’s monologues, and Yuji was perfect.
  • My Last First Kiss: I love this game so much omg. I love the childhood romance trope, and Takamune, Ichiya, Rin, and Ayato were wonderful. I can’t wait to save up enough coins to buy Makoto and Hiroki because they both hit some of my favourite tropes.
  • Her Love in the Force: Suuuuuper disappointed. It’s not bad per se, but goodness me, I played a whole game with pretty much zero romance. There was no real resolution in the end, no hug, no kiss, no handholding smh. I understand it continues on in its sequel, but jeez that’s excessively bland.

Samurai Love Ballad released Genya/Hanzo, and I loved Genya. He’s one of the goodest bois in that game, and his voice clips are :ok_hand: :ok_hand:. I just want Nobuyuki to be released and Jinpachi and Kaede and Kotaro and Ieyasu’s Act Two and Kageie and Kansuke and Kiyohiro and wow I sound thirsty. Still not a real fan of the art and sprites though.

Mitsunari’s route is going to be released soon in Ikemen Sengoku, and I’m excited for the sweet angel to finally be out in NA. He’s too precious.

Idk if anyone plays Midnight Cinderella here, but Nico’s Ever After was fantastic. I loved it and I love the Stein trio so much.


Aaah, Argent Games…! /o\ I really enjoyed Red Embrace as well, and was glad I gave it a try when I was initially unsure. Haven’t played Requiescence yet, but definitely plan on it. I’m honestly so constantly impressed by the talent that itchio creators have, especially with something as niche as English dark/gritty otome games.

Of those, all time favs have got to be (from least to most likely to stain your hands) ‘This, My Soul’, ‘Aloners’, and ‘Demonheart’, the latter of which slam dunked me into the trashiest of trash cans :two_hearts::wastebasket::two_hearts:

… where my demonhearts at :eyes:


I just played Red Embrace last week. And I played the demo for Red Embrace: Hollywood yesterday. I love it already. I really enjoyed playing as Golgotha. And I can’t wait for the full game.

I love My Last First Kiss. I love Takamune and have almost all of his stories, but I’ve only played a few so far. His POV story is heartbreaking. And I’ve also everybody’s path except for Hiroki, Riku, and Makoto.


Found this on the PS youtube channel. I’m not sold on the drawing style, but seem interesting.


@Gamma I love your demo. Finally, my childhood dreams of kissing Billy Idol and Nines Rodriguez can be fulfilled.