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You have more conscience than me. I was planning to sleep it off before deciding but I tend to have a history of not finishing my games when I reach the final parts AND my sister was somewhat pressuring me to finish my playthrough so she can play hers without me breathing behind her back. :joy:

I have to admit I do value my Warden’s life but I value Alistair’s more. I was planning to sacrifice her since Ferelden needs Alistair and I was worried about what the child will become but it hit me that I don’t want Alistair to feel bad about her death and I trust Morrigan somewhat.

Overall, I decided to be selfish and at least, Alistair didn’t seem to enjoy it. Too bad, there was no extra dialogue for it from Alistair though and I hope my Warden don’t regret it. :joy:


Welcome to the Dark Ritual club! :laughing: It’s a hard choice at the end of DAO because it makes you feel so unsure. I was quite pissed that my friend Morrigan had to sleep with my true love, but I wanted us to survive. I figured we could always try to hunt Morrigan down later and rescue the kid.

Thanks for this info. I was mildly interested in this game, but I think like @resuri08, I’ll wait for a sale and get it when it’s really cheap.


A 5ever mood and one that I’m still salty about for a lot of reasons. I’m also salty about Tamlen and frankly I doubt I’ll ever be over that.

I’m though very excited for Queen’s Crown and 7kpp (I hope those two do get released this year or soon!)


Thank you for the welcome! :joy: Overall, it was a good ending for me so it compensate what I did with Alistair. Now I am excited to embark for DA 2 but I thought I have to do the other campaigns first since I am saving money for DA 2 and it’s DLC.


Queen’s Crown is also on my radar, but I haven’t heard of 7kpp. What is that one about?

Has anyone mentioned Ebon Light yet? http://underbliss.tumblr.com/ You can get the demo off of itchio. It’ll be free when it launches. I believe her website also has the demo for download.


Come to the discoooooord :eyes:


Is there news for the Queen’s Crown? I am waiting for it as well.

@Meira_Litch What Discord is this??


Ebon Light discord :D. We are always the same people active, so we are a small group haha.


Very much aware of Ebon Light and a lurker on the discord (hi Meira)

7kpp is Seven Kingdoms a Princess Problem (aka when Game of Thrones meets Jane Austen? Kinda? Sorta?)

Basically you play as a gender locked female lead who is representing her country – determined by stats for extra replayability since each BG has a very specific subplot – in a thing called the Summit. The Summit happens every 7 years and the current one is extra important since everyone is on the brink of war or some kind of political tension one way or another.

What goes down in the Summit is a couple of months of the world’s most eligible/best that each country has to offer having to mingle and ultimately deciding on a match.

You can do a romance path, a political path, or not bother with the whole marriage thing :)) but yeah pretty much :stuck_out_tongue:

[Also no matter what BG you play as, people are trying to kill you or at least make sure you don’t succeed so have fun surviving!]

@resuri08 nada. Everything is quiet on the tumblr


ohhh yea, I’ve been waiting forever for queens crown and 7kpp too. I like the super nice blond guy from 7kpp, i cant remember his name but ughhhh i can’t help but want to make him blush, he so pure and cuteeeeeeee :two_hearts: exactly my type. Oh, and i like torturing myself with that asshole-y guy as well, i think his name was jarrod?

i wonder if lee almonte is ok now?

and yaaaas, love the art on ebon light and my fave guy is vadeyn. He is so niceeeee and i love his green eyesssss :eyes:


@resuri08, @spunkycatninja and @squarelyblue, in case you don’t know, here is the last update about queen’s crown.


@Elsee Unlike CoGs, most otome have pretty set protags or blank slates (by which I mean the kind without much personality), but yeah Lana is definitely her own person. For me, she was great because she reacts much as I would, but I’ve run into enough MCs that dont mesh with me to know how frustrating it can get. The whole Egon/Lana thing is largely a matter of personal taste, and I just don’t want people to get scared off of a great game due to one small part of it that may or may not bother them.

Also the blonde from 7kpp is Emmett! :grin:


Yeah, the blank slate thing doesn’t work for me at all, but on the other hand, the pre-set heroines never seem to be paranoid enough for my liking. My kingdom for a really cold, difficult, untrusting heroine. Yes, I know I’m barking up the wrong genre. I can dream, can’t I?


So I LOVE Cardinal Cross. The art is gorgeous, the story is stellar, and I love all of the characters. I guess my only complaint would be that I wish there was more romance?? Give me more pining and sexual tension and romantic development!

I understand the frustration over the kinda open ending, but I also totally get it in terms of the story being told.

So I haven’t gotten every ending yet, but for the ones that I have gotten, it’s pretty clear that Lana/Egon is the best romance, IMO. They aren’t perfect, and Egon in particular is pretty flawed, but I definitely would NOT characterize him as abusive, nor do I think the game glorifies his problematic behavior.

Anyway, I definitely think it’s well worth the full price and it’s one of the best OELVNs I have played. Like, my choices ACTUALLY mattered in a substantial way, which isn’t always the case in otome games.

@Hazel - for a difficult, cold, heroine, have you played Cinderella Phenomenon?


Actually… if you’re okay with one that’s primarily funny and perverted, Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome miiight work. She’s suspicious of everything, but it’s played for laughs and she’s also really meek and awkward. I love that game, but it’s more humor than otome. The full version on mangagamer is porny, but there’s also a no-porn version on steam. I want to stress that even the smutty version is more funny than sexy. Definitely try the demo first if you’re interested.


Ikemen Vampire is getting a 2019 release. Omg I remember seeing the original JPN promo and thinking it was an actual joke. It’s kind of like the Fate series, where the characters are all famous historical people (Jeanne d’Arc is a man lol). I played some of the JPN ver and I have to say, it’s pretty spicy.

Kenshin’s route in Ikemen Sengoku was perfect - a wonderful spin on the yandere trope. He’s really sympathetic, and I like that he acknowledges that what he feels is wrong, and tries to work with the MC to better himself. Ikemen Revolution is already a gem (Jonah is such a sassy little drama queen I love him), and Edgar’s route is going to be released next week, and I’m super excited to romance a manipulative jerk lol.

Also, I haven’t seen Samurai Love Ballad Party or Liar! mentioned here yet. SLBP is another adaptation of the Sengoku era, and it’s more historically-accurate and serious than Ikemen Sengoku. I like it so far, though I’m not a fan of the artwork, but it’s too bad Nobuyuki, Kageie, and Genya aren’t released yet (at least in NA). It also gets really dark, but so far, I’ve played Inuchiyo’s and Sakuya’s routes, and I’ve enjoyed them. The MC is really different depending on the route, but I think she works well for the setting and plot.

Liar! is more of a mystery-ish game than romance, and I think it’s pretty fun so far. The original game’s plot is that the MC’s boyfriend was cheating on her, so she dumps his ass and goes to a matchmaking party where she’s told she’ll get 10 guys’ numbers, but 9 of them are lying. The very first one with the mama’s boy was really funny, so if you like that kind of game, I’d definitely recommend it.

@Hazel I haven’t played it in a while, but I think Nameless might be worth a shot. Eri is kind of cold and distant, IIRC. I think Voltage’s Kiss of Revenge has an MC that is pretty cold and untrusting.


Ok I’m stuck between wanting to play Nightshade or the first Hakuōki. Both seem to have a good rep but not sure which to play first.


I love all the Choices games, but so far, I gotta say Desire & Decorum, Endless Summer, and The Royal Romance!


i was hoping to wait till they got at least another episode into Desire & Decorum Before i open it. Endless summer ibarely got into chapter 7 before Hero Distracted me (sad they haven’t made a book 2) i dont know if ill get back to it it just didnt quite hold my attention as much as the others…
Royal romance was fun the, the long wait for them to continue it sucked though. Given book one & two both had 19 Chapters i suspect Book 3 is almost over :cry:
i like how they frequently use 2 of their books frequently as references As a tv show, movie, and Comic book

some of their books i wish they would continue but have yet to.


Hakuouki: Memories of the Shinsengumi for the Nintendo 3DS is on sale until 30-08. It’s now €12 instead of €30.