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I recently played Nightshade and then picked up the remastered Hakuoki. The entire time I was on Hanzo’s route I was like “Chikage bae? Is that you???”.

And I’d just all around recommend Nightshade on the protagonist alone. Having played Nightshade and Hakuoki within days of each other, Nightshade’s protagonist definitely has more oomph and agency than Hakuoki’s. Yukimura has her moments but yeesh…I felt like she did a whole lot of nothing (I still love the game doe).


Y’all…whichever one of you mentioned the Choices app has ruined me.


There are discount on the PSN for the Hakuoki games and Amnesia.


Wich is favorite so far?


hey, cardinal cross is out! I’ve been eyeing this otome since it’s development, and it’s actually been out for a while now buuuut i just wanna share if anyone wants to buy.


Just want to see who Egon is. I heard something of his romance that didn’t sit well with some of the reviewers.

Edit: I just google it lmao… Oh man… He’s usually my type of guy that I usually chose in VNs… I’ll probably wait for a sale before buying it.


Cardinal Cross isn’t exactly an otome, but it’s pretty close. The romance is fantastic and interesting, but it’s not the main focus. I can see how Egon wouldn’t be to everyone’s taste, but really I think the issue was that some people were expecting a fluffy romance game and instead got something a bit more morally gray.

Personally, I really enjoyed Egon’s romance arc and love the game as a whole. It made me laugh and cry… also hot guys kept finding the best excuses to run around in their underwear. :sunglasses:


I only read one or two reviews but it’s not glorifying an abusive relationship isn’t it?


In my opinion, no. Not at all. Possibly vaguely spoilery: It’s really just one scene and it’s bad enough that I understand why someone would be put off Egon, but I wasn’t bothered. It wasn’t one sided. It was a complicated and messy situation and Lana, the mc, had a hand in it too. My take on Egon is that he’s someone who was weirdly socialized and given some very skewed morals, but who honestly tries to do good over all. He’s a bit of a train wreck, but then so is Lana. I really liked how they fit together, but it’s not exactly 100% wholesome. That nothing is black and white is one of the primary themes of the game.

It’s hard to explain better without feeling like I’d be spoiling too much, but It’s also worth pointing out that there are two other love interests that are much less contentious and no real need to romance anyone. There are a lot of touching moments with the mc’s family and best friend.

For what it’s worth, I hate the yandere trope passionately.


Unfortunately, I don’t plan to pursue the female RO. Perhaps I could consider the other RO, is it the blond haired male?


Yep, and he’s a cutie. He has a robot helper and they’re hilarious together.


My problem with Cardinal Cross is the ending. Is so… Extremely disappointing. They expend a long time of the game building for this grand final, and then… You don’t actually see the big stuff happen, you just keep jumping from perspectives, and it’s assumed the thing happened, and that’s it.

Then suddenly you are at the very ending and you find out there will be a second part because the ending is terrible inconclusive. And this bothered me because I didn’t read anywhere that it would be either a series of a two part game.

Another con is that everyone is sassy. Its very unrealistic in my opinion lol.

Also there a lot of cgs, which would be good if they weren’t done for different artists causing a clash between them, lol.


Thanks for the insight. I will not be able to buy it at full price at the moment but I downloaded the demo just to see how it is. =)

Once I’m done with DA:O. I’m in the endgame now.


because of the negative meh and semi positive reviews im sorta on the fence about getting it.

oh wow been ages since i played.


I heard good things about the series especially from @Seraphinite. That’s why the first two things I did when my sister and I bought our PC was pay extra for get a decent internet speed and get the game off Steam Summer Sale. >~<

I was so engrossed! Too bad I have to play DA 2 from Origin but I have save some money for that though. I am now contemplating whether to subscribed to Origin Access first since it would be cheaper.


I would recommend you get it when it’s reduced, as it is now, is not worth almost 10 pounds.

And @resuri08 you have to let me know what ending you get.


@Punchysporkk yea, i was really put off by that scene with egon and i understand that things in a relationship dont have to be lovey dovey all the time and that everything is morally gray but i just wish i had the option to be more angrier or scared and generally, be more freaked out at him but i digress, lana as a character, has a trait that is ingrained into her as oppossed to actually shaping her personality like in COGs. She’s more of a brush things off with humor kinda gal IMO, still the story is good.


Woot woot! you know, DA:O was actually the first videogame that i played. haha When i was just a door away from the final fight my heart was racing, i was freaking out coz holy crap final boss fight! Then i closed the game and waited for like 2 weeks to get back into it. Yea, i was that scared hahaha Oh, and I am still in love with Alistair and his VA :two_hearts:


DAO is one of three games that had me cry at the end: no kidding. Only FFIX (such a heartwarming ending, with some sadness, but so much love, and the music!) And Kingdom Hearts (I made it! I really made it! I couldn’t believe it! And the music again!) had me in big, fat tears, like, real tears, with my mom asking me all worried what was wrong with me, and who she had to kill!!! (and I wasn’t a kid either: just mommy love that one moment scream at me for being childish and into videogames, and the next moment is momma bear)
Still one of my favourite videogames, I guess I’m gonna play it again one of these days!


Are you referring to DA:O?

News for the hour, I am finally done!! Man, I think it took me more than a minute to decide whether to do the dark ritual or not. Yes, I was horrified to learn that my fictional love will have to sleep with Morrigan so that my human noble will be alive. I was thinking that I just have sacrifice my MC. I chosen to do the ritual though… It was the most unpleasant experience of my life. :joy:

That last boss fight was really something. I was all why are you here Arl Eamon!? And you Irving?! Great! Now I have take care of both of you! :joy:


Just a minute…? It took me ages to decide… Not even for Alistair sleeping with her, but because I was thinking what are you gonna do with that baby.