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I want to introduce Nightshade as well. I don’t know how to probably sum up the game without give away (spoil) anything because this game is best left discover yourself. But what I can say is that, the writing is beautiful, the art is beautiful, the music is beautiful. And it features the best husband: Hanzo Hattori OTZ


@resuri08 i like hijikata too but i hate feeling like we’re destined :joy: he’s canon afterall.

@Willow_Felya_G ahhhhh! I’ve always wanted to date the heck out of yamazaki! he is such a sweetheart

@Bourbon_neat saaame, high five!
ah, I’ve played nightshade as weeeell. i love flustering the bodyguarddd :two_hearts: so cute hahaha :joy: and hanzo definitely is the hottest


I really can’t get this part… I mean, the anime superceded the game so far in my book, any route is canon in the eyes of the player. I don’t acknowledge the anime’s existence Or do you mean the feeling that he feels like the main guy? :joy: In my headcanon, I paired up Chiharu with Heisuke and I have a separate MC for Hijikata. XD


yea, u didn’t get that feeling while playing through? it’s been a long time since I’ve played so i don’t remember the plot much but i do faintly remember feeling like hijikata was kinda forced down my throat :sweat_smile: sorry. i know u love him.


I did get the feeling. Who wouldn’t if his face was plastered in most marketing items for the game. :joy: But since he was my favorite from the start when I first discovered Hakuouki, I don’t felt forced into him. :joy:

No worries. I love him as a character to be honest. That’s why I paired up Chiharu x Heisuke instead of Hijikata x Chiharu. :joy:


guys anyone know any high school visual novel or rpg games


Hanzo is definitely super hot. I mean that smoldering stare and when he smiles ugggggh. But the best thing about him is how supportive he was OTZ he made me stop several times while playing his route and just sat there, staring at the screen with tears in my eyes because my word, no one had ever said such encouraging words to me. And his voice (which is also Chikage’s voice) ugh it is like he was whispering to my soul


Sadly the new routes (Yamazaki, Nagakura, Sannan) have much less CGs than even the completely newly introduced guys :cry:
Still, Yamazaki is very sweet :heart: ninja boy is best boy (with the big boy/puppy Nagakura - I’m never able to decide who I like more of the two)


i love looking at his blushing face most hehehe, makes me want to tease him moreeeee. Although, i have to admit that i love blushing men period, not just on hanzo. :joy: I swear everytime i see the sprites change expression into blushy ones, i have to stop and roll around squealing into my bed. :two_hearts: Also, i don’t remember much of the events on the game now, so i forgot how supportive he was haha! what stuck out most was the fact that he was hot as hell and stoic…which makes him hotter :fire:

wwaaaaaaait, WHAT?! they have the same VA?! i didn’t know that! :heart_eyes: that explains the whole deep and sensual voice shtick they’ve got. :two_hearts:


oh, well thats disappointing. i was considering to get it, purely bcoz of yamazaki :cry: so hearing you say that kinda makes me falter hahaha


Yeah, it’s a little annoyng…still, Yamazaki’s route is very cute, and the CGs may be few, but good :heart: (one can say even hot!!!)
If you can get the games on pc, are actually very cheap on steam, at the moment, so you don’t have to worry about spending too much (and maybe you may like the three new guys. I only liked sweet Souma, a mix between Yamazaki’s sweetness with Nagakura’s relative dumbness, and not IBa or Sakamoto, but its just my own personal taste)

Still, I feel is a good investment.


I’m instantly intrigued. :speak_no_evil: haha ok, I’ll have to delete a lot of stuff on my laptop though bcoz i have crappy storage.


@Dragoabhi High school otome games? There’s a whole section of them (about five or six, IIRC) on Voltage’s Love 365 app. I really liked Furuya Yohji in Our Private Homeroom, and Ichigo’s route in Dreamy Days in West Tokyo. They’re paid stories, but sometimes you can read them for free. There’s also Nameless for the PC, but it’s more of a backdrop than the actual plot, but I’d still highly recommend playing it. The few others I can think of off the top of my head are Hatoful Boyfriend and Storm Lover Kai

London Detective Mysteria is getting translated and released this autumn! I’m actually really excited for this because I love these historical settings and Hiroaki Miura voices one of the main characters, and I’m absolute trash for him after Ikemen Sengoku.

That Which Binds Us was also just released. I’m a bit embarrassed at how fast I bought and cleared it, but it was really enjoyable. Definitely more a calmer play and without a lot of the senseless drama you sometimes see in otome games.

Hakuoki Edo Blossoms is 85% off. Too bad I already have a copy but wow, a 30+ CAD game down to about 5 CAD is incredibly cheap and totally worth it.

Anyway, since Anime Expo is coming up, I expect to see a lot of announcements for games. I think Cheritz mentioned something about Mystic Messenger’s 2nd anniversary, and maybe we’ll hear something about The Ssum? And I’m excited for more translations and releases since it seems like companies are starting to find otome games profitable and worth the investment.

Also with the talk about Nightshade, what about my best boy Goemon? Hikaru Midorikawa aced it and I’m weak to him calling Enju “ojou-chan”. He’s so nice and carefree, I loved his banter with Gekkamaru in his route. Or Kuroyuki? Hiro Shimono fits him perfectly,and I feel so bad for him in his BE. Poor boy just needs some help and validation.


Ahahahahah!!! Glad I’ve intrigued you! :smile:
I must owever admit Sannan surprised me a LOT in the hotness department :astonished:
I was worried about his route…but it was quite enjoyable.


Yessss Best boy Goemon!! I love his good ending so much~~~ It left me feeling good for days.

And, really, Gekkamaru is precious and warm my heart in every route. The way he devotes his everything to Enju TTvTT


:sob: I want to play Sannan’s route… the only thing I felt was missing in the psp version was Sannan and more content for Chikage but I finally got a working computer and I want to finish Danganronpa v3 first. Also Hijikata is so beautiful (and with his Sebastian hair makeover :two_hearts: though I do like the long hair more) but my favorite route was actually Harada.


I forever am wishing for more Kondou’s contents. I know we can’t romance him. But I fell for him so hard. A busy chief but still spent time to come to your room and offer sweets so you could feel better. And boie did I spend hours dabbing papers at my face because of [spoiler]. OTZ


I forgot about The Ssum. Was it supposed to be released on April Fool’s this year or last year?
I was so surprised that they managed to get the voice actors to come over for Anime Expo too. It’s a shame I’m not able to go…

I’m excited about London Detective Mysteria too! I like Karin’s games because they usually have a twist in them. I didn’t buy it when it first came out on PSP because they have a bad habbit of porting it to PC or console later. Which kind of reminds me of their current project which they decided to move to mobile phones instead considering the trend. That made me and my friends upset. I think maybe…it would have been better to move to the Switch instead since it’s hot right now.


smiles well now, this keeps getting better and better. hahahaha :joy: sorry peeps, ignore my thirsty ass.


The bundle for Edo Blossom and Kyoto Wind is also on sale, less than $4 so I recommend it for those who haven’t bought either. XD

I am not sure if I am going to buy Mysteria… The MC is throwing me off. ^^;