English Otome Games


Not particularly, just warning you that the sites have nsfw content because I, myself like that warning just in case I’m around someone else


I guess it wasn’t much considered in this tread because is not an otome game?

I’ve watched some gameplay video anyway…if it isn’t changed is a not bad horror-ish game with the most common routes for harem VNs, and a good part of creepy pasta.
I don’t know if exist good endings there…

The art is quite good, I agree.


Hum okay, not really a specialist and not absolutely sure about the definition but isnt an otome game a game in which you are supposed to interract with several potentential romance options and develop your relationship while the story unfold ? I guess it can indeed not be seen as the central point of the game but yeah it felt pretty close as some others visual novel I saw in the thread and since it was good for me I thought about sharing about it.
Dont hesitate to correct me if I’m mistaking about what otome game are or why you dont consider this one an otome :slight_smile:


Ikemen Revolution is out!

So far, I’m absolutely in love with it! The art is gorgeous, they even have subtle changes to the expressions while playing! The backgrounds are beautiful, the music is nice, and the voice clips are wonderful, after all, I’m trash for Furukawa, Suwabe, and Murase. Right now, they have four routes out (Lancelot and Jonah for the Red Army, and Ray and Fenrir for the Black Army), and I’m guessing that Sirius will be released in a couple of months. The translation so far is great, but the gacha system is a bit frustrating (aren’t all gachas though? rip). Like all Cybird games, it’s F2P ticket system, so I guess if you don’t like that, this game isn’t right for you.

Ikemen Sengoku will have Uesugi Kenshin’s route soon, so if you like yanderes, that’s something to wait for.

Lost in Secular Love has its English translation now. It’s 30% off on Steam right now, and even though I haven’t bought it yet, it looks really tempting. Romancing bald monks and being able to control their hair? Lol, sign me up pls.

Steam Prison looks like it’s going to be released within a year. I’m absolutely sold because of Makoto Furukawa lol. But it looks really interesting and the art looks gorgeous. I’ve heard that it’s pretty good, so that’s exciting.


From wikipedia:
An otome game (literally “maiden game”) is a story-based video game that is targeted towards women. Generally one of the goals, besides the main plot goal, is to develop a romantic relationship between the female player character and one of several male characters. This genre is most established in Japan, and is mostly made up of visual novels and simulation games; particularly dating sims and life simulation games.


Okay, still not sure if the game I talked about fits, (if you take the general definitinon it does but I guess the literal traduction gives a different vibe :smile: ) but hey if you are into visual novel that tells a good story with endearing characters (well girls I guess) and also enjoy really dark narratives it could be for you.


The wilting amaranth is a yuri game. idk if its any good tho. Not really my preference since im straight AF.


Speaking of Hanako Games, she also started a curation list on Steam called Hella Yuri, though most of it is visual novels. It often lists the amount of romances (some games have GxB romances as well). Most of these games are also safe for work, though some will still have some really serious themes (Fatal Twelve comes to mind)

If you want to take a look at it, here is the link:

A pure yuri game might possibly be finished later this year, and I hope to work on a pure yuri one at some point in the future.

Full Disclosure: I hope I don’t sound like I’m pushing Winter Wolves in general with this post because I have written two games for them, so I’m obviously biased.


Same. Though to be fair, most of the yuri games out there are made to appeal to straight dudes, not to queer women. But if you’re just looking for yuri and aren’t too picky, there’s a TON of options.


Just in case anyone is curious, with Steam’s Summer sale, a good number of game are on sale both CoG, and otome/etc. games

As a point of disclosure, I have written for a couple people/companies with goods on there… My writing appears in @JimD’s Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven part 2 as well as a couple Winter Wolves Games stuff.

First, it looks like the CoG games have a general 40% discount.

Winter Wolves games stuff no more than 2 years old is 50% off, while older games are 75% off. This doesn’t include the two newest games Cursed Lands and Love Bites. For the curious, I wrote Planet Stronghold: Colonial Defense for them, as well as Love Bites.

If you are curious about Love Bites, or other games, there are free demos. If the game does interest you, but you want to wait for a discount, I would recommend waiting until this fall/winter. The Love Bites demo can be found at the itch.io page: https://winter-wolves.itch.io/love-bites


Thanks for the advice. XD

Just saw Hakuouki Edo Blossom and Kyoto Winds both on sale for less than 4 USD. Still deciding to get Divinity Original Sin or Dragon Age Origins. I don’t want to splurge too much because I already bought Life is Strange. :joy: Now I know the reason why PC gaming are still striving because of these sales!


…i know u cant splurge but…both, you should get both :joy: i played both and i really cant choose…okay maybeee if it was a life or death situation, i would be more partial to DA:O

oh, and this game I’ve been stalking, which is yakuza kiss is in early access at steam! so if y’all wanna have a look then pls go for it! i just thought it needed more advertising bcoz i don’t think many people know about it.


I am tempted to get one of the WW games on either Itch or Steam. I enjoyed Seasons of the Wolf a lot, even though I never finished my third playthrough, but I do go back to it periodically. On the other hand, I had high hopes for Amber and then I couldn’t even finish the demo. Not sure how I feel about Love Bites, since it’s not exactly my genre.

Anyone have thoughts on Seraphina’s Crown?


Thanks for the info! I’ve wanting to play them and I didn’t know they were on Steam until I searched for it. I’ve been waiting for the games to come out on 3DS, but I guess that’ll never happen since they are already out on Switch…

Also, Dragon Age: Origins can be bought for about 3 $ or € if you know which site to look on.


I decided to get both but I have to sacrificed Hakuouki bundle. :crying_cat_face: So far I am holding on but I still put Hakuouki in my cart. XD

That’s why I bought it. :joy: In my country’s Steam, it cost $2.34 converted. Excited to play it, it is still downloading though since we don’t have the greatest internet connection.


@resuri08 haha weeeell, at least both games have actual gameplay? that’s more enjoyable, but also equally frustrating. I hate grinding but i like killing them when im OP soooo…shrugs have u played the psp version of hakuoki though? i have, i dont really know what edo blossoms offer. I have the impression that it’s mostly the same thing, but with added characters to obtain and maybeee, some new scenes for the previous guys? kazama is best guy for me :two_hearts: who’s yours?


Yes, I have but I heard that there are some additional scenes for each route and additional ROs to go after.

For me, Hijikata has always been my favorite. :blush:


I’ve played KW/ED version, not the original…and my favourite guys are new routes! :sweat_smile: Nagakura and Yamazaki. Of the original guys, definitely Okita.


Oh wow I played love bites about a week after it got out fully, thanks for the story.
I also enjoyed colonial defense but was sad at Lucios’s ending I was hoping it’d turn out better for him I also tried my best hoping to ensure lasting peace but was not suprised and the epilogue on that. :innocent:
I think I bought love bites on itch and the other through steam.


Chikage is definitely my ultimate husbando. cough mainly because I’m obsessed with his VA cough.
The game definitely broke my heart. I cried. A lot.