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This is both late and slightly off topic, but I thought I’d give one of my favorites a mention.


Red Rose ~ Beauty and the Beast.

Bella, merchant’s daughter, must pay off her father’s debt by working in a rose-filled mansion. There she meets a grumpy noble who always wears a mask, an ostensibly polite but oddly suspicious butler, and even her old school mate from business school.

The protagonist Bella is independent, resilient, reasonable, and proactive. In a crisis she neither despairs nor waits for rescue; she does whatever she can to save the day.
Neither her nor the ROs are very mushy; there is very little pining, blushing, kissing, and the like. It is a very slow burn of getting to know each other and care more about each other, culminating to their choice of action at the endgame.
There is no splitting of routes; your RO (or lack thereof) is determined by how deeply you got to know them.
The romance part runs parallel to a trading sim. It’s not too difficult, but doing well at it is a prerequisite for getting a happy ending.


Oh my mistake, I mean otome game with English translation, can’t play sweet fuse without emulator, hahaha, thanks.

Sounds interesting, any link to English translation?


English translation?

(Omw cog is asking me if I’m letting other people share their points too, I’m sorry)


If we’re talking original PSP, the only other title that fits your bill would probably be Hakuouki (because it’s the only other English otome game available on the console). In terms of fan translations, I’m aware of two and they’re both high school simulators (Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side 3 & Storm Lover Kai).

The Vita probably has more titles that would appeal to you, like Collar x Malice and Psychedelica Of The Black Butterfly (both games that I’ve seen people like a lot for the plot/cast dynamics rather than just for the art).


I don’t know if these have been suggested already, but these are the ones I’d recommend at the moment:

  1. The House In Fata Morgana by Novectale.
    I’m not sure if this really counts as an “otome” game, since it’s not a game where you can choose a love interest or make that many choices. Usually I’m not all that fond of the kinds of Visual Novels where you don’t have much control of the story or choices, but this is such an underrated masterpiece that I just had to include it. The atmosphere is overall dark, as it is a game with a gothic theme, but it has a lot of fun moments as well - not to mention emotional ones. I’ve never cried for a Visual Novel before, but I did when reading this one… Several times. It’s a beautiful work of art that I wish got the recognition it deserves.

  2. Demonheart by Rolling Crown. It’s a dark fantasy romance visual novel that I’m playing right now. The protagonist is very customizable personality wise, which I really like, and it’s an intriguing read that constantly makes you question who you can trust out of the characters, if you can even trust any at all (WARNING: mind you the romances in this game aren’t exactly “ideal”, with which I mean that they’re not necessarily good guys, and they don’t portray healthy relationships. That’s one of the parts I like about the game, but I thought I’d warn those who might be troubled by that.)

There are plenty of others that I’d recommend, but I can’t think of any on the top of my head that haven’t already been brought up :sweat_smile: I’ll add some more if I can think of any.


As We Know it is an upcoming game about finding safety and love in a post-apocalyptic bunker. You get to choose a job and manage your time a bit to see different events. I am not describing it very well, but the demo is fun and their previous game, Pinewood Island is an interesting murder mystery otome that I very much enjoyed.

(I hope it’s okay that I linked their kickstarter, I’m really hoping it gets backed but I’m not affiliated with it in any way.)


i don’t think it would be a issue since its related to the subject matter at hand. I think earlier that has been done for potentially upcoming Otome games though i cant say with certainty.
Edit Though if your truely concerned you can ask a mod


Did anyone mention Nightshade? It’s the game with the ninjas and you play a ninja princess. It’s pretty fun with some angst.


Oh my god. i love you, you beautiful person, you. Because of your suggestion, i tried playing the house on fata morgana: Requiem of innocence and holy shiiiit. hooooollllyyyy shiiiit. that was…i cant even…you’re absolutely right! y is this so underrated?! its a masterpiece! kudos to the writers! that was sooo sooo good. my heart…just…shit…everyone just, do yourselves a favor and please try it out. Im gonna go download the sequel now!

and yessss for demonheart as well, i know the boyz are really unhealthy relationship partners but im so down for raze man. Waiting for part 5 is killing me ugh.


@Elsee Aah I’m SO happy that you gave it a chance!! And you’re hyping me up so much for Requiem of Innocence haha. I’ve only played/read the main game, but I bought the spinoff(?) as soon as it came out in English and I’m gonna play it all when I have more time :heart:
Have you played the main game too? I can’t recommend it enough! Though I advice people to play that one before Requiem of Innocence, as the latter spoil some very big plot twists from the main game :blush:
And I don’t know how it can be so underrated, honestly? I suppose the marketing must’ve been a bit so-so?

Aah yeess Demonheart is amazing!! I’m really torn between the characters and if I should even trust them but I love it :laughing: Brash is my favorite, though I hate him for various reasons at the same time lmao. Love Raze too, though. It’s too hard to pick just one :wink:


yea, i kinda saw fata morgana floating on the internet before, when it was still the main game and i wasnt really interested coz idk i was looking for more otomes. sweats and yea, it didnt look like one plus i hate kns bcoz of the whole no choices thing. For some reason i hated all the kns I’ve tried before because it felt forced lol. soooo it reallyyy wasnt my cup of tea but when you brought it up, i was curious and surprise, surprise! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT AND I WOULD FIGHT ANYONE WHO WOULD TARNISH IT! ARGH! takes a deep breath

anywayyy my point is that the spinoff? or prequel? came out recently and i just went all oh, well, i might as well play this one first since it’s the prequel. idk y i assumed it was a prequel. Probably bcoz it had “innocence” on it and i just thought oh okay so this was before everything went to shit. Basically i just got it on a whim and had no particular expectations. BOIIIII was i in for a ride. God, that was so tragically beautiful. You’re definitely in for a treat :+1:

eeeeep! yes! i got trust issues with them on chapter 4. i kinda got really scared of raze at the middle to end parts of chapter 4 bcoz…ya know. He is suspicious AF. Makes you think if he even is raze.
Brash…irl, i really don’t get along well with guys like him so i don’t really like him actually haha. buuuut i did try his path and he can be sweet. i just wish we didnt have to suffer through the verbal abuse haha. they are both pretty bad choices for actual relationships tho. :sweat_smile: sooo yeaaaa, there’s that.


Is it me, or is there a distinct lack of Female x Female dating sims / vns? Everything I usually find is generic guy x girl or a absolute metric truckload of Boy Love type stuff.

I feel like I’m in the minority whenever I look. DOES YURI NOT MAKE BANK? :sob:


Sometimes! Ebihime has a lot of yuri titles, and there’s actually a yuri tag on itch, too.

Hanako Games has a few yuri titles as well. And Winter Wolves has several games with yuri romances, plus they’re planning to release a few yuri-only titles in the (relatively) near future too, I believe.


I just read a lot of posts so maybe I’m mistaking, but no one mentionned Doki Doki Literature Club. Now I know that there are a fair number of girls and women on this forum, and that they don’t like when a game is gender-locked (I know I don’t, but since I’m a man I feel like on CoG forum I should not complain about it too much given how some of my best CoG are male locked).
But damn, Doki Doki Lirerature Club is such a cool otome book. If you plan to try it be very mindful of the warnings, because even if it starts as classic dating sim, it take a turn for the worst very abruptly and darkly. Some themes may also not be suited (I know one of them really struck home in my case).

I sincerly recommend you this game for four and a half reasons:

  • the topics and themes of the story are dark, but not needlessly. In most cases, it’s not dark for the sake of being dark and edgy, the causes and consequences are pretty realistic (at least from my experience). The writing is unoriginal but solid and the structure of the story makes you want to go a bit further each time.

  • the choices. I can’t really explain without spoiling but I could use a word that describe well how I felt on my first run; crescendo

  • the visuals are okay. That seems like not such a good point. But they are okay in the sense that there is not a great number of them, but the ones that are in a game are pretty good, even though not revisiting the genre. Plus the fourth reason makes up for the lack of many different visuals.

  • and finally, why should you buy this game ? Well you should not. No, really don’t. It’s free on steam. So granted, a free game doesn’t make it good. But it allows you to give it a try without to much regret. Plus there are also a ton of gret reviews on Steam.

Okay so for the last half reason (I realized as I wrote it that I have no idea if it’s valid for others), but there are very very few mentions of the protagonist being a boy. From memory I can recall only one occurence a the start. That is the kind of things that would me play a gender locked game where the protagonist is a female. But it’s only remale RO on that one so yeah yuri it is if you’re gonna pretend :stuck_out_tongue:


I know of Winter Wolves (I don’t usually like their stuff) but I never knew about Ebihime or Hanako. Though maybe Winter Wolves will release something that redeems them in my eyes soon then. I dunno why, but the way they do their games really grates on my nerves lol.


Weird. I’ve actually seen way more yuri than bl in english…


You must know where to look because I sure as hell don’t lol.


Have you checked hongfire and mangagamer? All the games there are 18+ though


Is this a bad thing? I’m pretty most of the people I’ve met on this forum are over 20.