English Otome Games


I really need to fix my laptop :sweat_smile: Still thanks for the info


You’re welcome :blush:


Found something new that looks decent!

Not a haul, y’all, but still-


Still waiting for the full bundle to be on sale but looking forward to Sannan’s route.


I was happily surprised by his route. It surely delivered something I wasn’t expecting (in a good way)


I don’t know if I should post this here since I though otome games needed to have a fem protag. but…
There’s a bl game for android (maybe it’s for iphone too idk) called Cerulean Heart, there’s a set guy the protag ends up with but all the guys have a route and it’s not a ticket system, you do quests and wait a while or pay not to wait but it’s possible and actually pretty easy to advance without paying real money


Okay. Vincent and Farz are now my favourites. Sorry Sano!


Me: Oh it can’t be that extre—~looks at the warnings~

Gotta say, wasn’t really expecting it to be THAT.


ah, i see. You’re a woman of culture as well :yum:


Hahaha! yeaaa, i was little apprehensive at first too, but i gave it a shot and it wasnt too bad. Then again i like horror genres so maybe I’m desensitized…Other people have a pretty low threshold for gross crap tho. My bestfriend would literally throw up if she plays this sooo uh, if you think you can’t stomach it, then don’t force yourself :blush:


When i found this post. I was really happy. Didn’t knew these are chick games. Any of you people know some games with war ,magic , knights , or survival or kingdoms .like that?


Otome are literally “maiden games”. But many of these games treat actually war and battle (see Hakuoki).
I guess if you want war, battle, magic, kingdoms, Dragon Age is the serie for you.


I had no idea it meant that. I just thought its some company who makes.i checked sites and it was all comedy and romance that’s it.
Thanks you .are there other companies then choice of games that makes games like i asked? If you do know. Let me know. Appreciate it

Edit- found dragon age .thanks


Dragon age: origins, Dragon Age 2, Dragon Age: inquisition are all games you can play either on console or pc. (Heroes of Dragon Age is just a spin off for mobile) if you are searching for games for mobile, I fear I can’t help much…I think there is a porting for android of Final Fantasy IX, but I’m not sure (one of the best ff ever made in my opinion, and one of my favourite games ever).
I rarely play games on my tablet outside CoG or hosted games…
Wait, if memory serve me well, there are some winter wolves games on theplay store…


I usually search on mobile first. As i am always on the move. But found it for pc


You guys…Monster Prom drops today!!! I feel like I’ve been waiting years for this!

Those who don’t know, you play as a high school monster and you’re trying to find a date to prom. It’s kinda what it says on the tin, lol


It’s now out on Steam :slight_smile:


A multiplayer dating sim?

Can’t say I’ve seen one of those before


Big sales on the PSN for otome games and japanese games in general.

I’ve got myself Norn9, and even if the plot is basically an excuse to get the romance going, the characters and their interactions are very good and funny!!! And not just between the “couple”, but between all of them!
Plus having three different protagonists, all voiced is a great thing in my opinion, and even their characterization is not bad.


Can I ask for otome games (for psp) suggestion with english translation? I mean there are a lot of available but most of the time, people are attracted to art (face value of romantic options) rather than the content or actual story, so can’t really tell which one is fun to play. If possible I would like with some horror or mystery genre with romance of course. Currently I’m playing Short Fuse: At Your Side. That all, Signing Out