English Otome Games


“It lives in the woods” has been my favorite so far. The only game deserves horror title in my opinion.

I actually find “Perfect Match” is kind of interesting. I prefer Damien to Hayden since his perfection make me feel… unhuman :smile: I incline toward flawed human guys :joy: Anway Damien seems to try to get rid of his feeling for everyone including the MC, and I’m looking forward to seeing he gaves up and confesses


Omg thank you for mentioning Vicboys. I’ve never heard of it until now and it looks right up my alley. More historical otomes please!


Endless Summer ended, and I have mixed feelings. :frowning: The last book was kinda mediocre, imho, and the ending felt rushed af. But it was still a good go, and one of the better stories, I think.


I was about to say “Um, CASSANDRA??” Because how dare you forget Cassandra Allegra Philomena…etc etc… Pentaghast, but then I remembered that she’s not into girls. Alas. And Aveline has put Hawke firmly in the friend zone. Maybe some distant day a thousand years from now when DA4 finally comes out there will be a lady knight for the next hero to romance.


Can I just say that Cass is the most beautiful woman ever and I flirt my hardest with her with my lady quizzy every time, then cry a little and respectfully back off, and hope someone will make her happy one day because she totally deserves it, and she needs to be swept off her feet. ;^;

Also ship her and Varric so hard.

(Fek Bianca)


My Inquisitor is totally crushing hard on Cassandra. She’s gonna keep making her moves, get turned down, be deeply disappointed for a while and then eventually get with Sera who is a better match for her anyway. Varric and Cassandra is a fun ship! I also lowkey ship her and Hawke because she’s a total Hawke fangirl and it’s cute.

Fek Bianca seconded. Intensely seconded.


what is bullshit… Whoever looked at her and said “yup, looks totally straight” is an idiot that deserves a slap to the face…


has anyone played boyfriend to death, boyfriend to death 2 and till death do us part? because i just discovered it 2 days ago and now i have an unhealthy love for cain and vincent <3 aaaahhh! and god i feel so bad for chris in tddup it was hard to have a bitch mc play through with him but i had to, because i like having all of the endings unlocked ohoho~
WARNING: these games ARE NOT for everyone tho. Definitely NOT for the faint hearted and…uh feminists i think? haha. i REALLY wouldn’t call the romance anything akin to tender and sweet, kinda more like Stockholm syndrome kicks in and the guys have to see your value and THEN some routes go all cute (ex. cain, vincent, ren etc) but some routes just DONT, its all doom and gloom. The guys are essentially creepy pervs who kidnap you and torture you soooo yea. haha definitely avoid this if its not your taste. GORE, NASTY FETISHES, MURDER, HORROR, RAPE AND CONSENSUAL SEXY TIMES WARNINGS! i know i sound like a crazy person with weird fetishes now but idk i LOVE HORROR genres and…hot men sooooo averts eyes
shrugs i thought i should share if anyone is willing to give it a shot.


Oooooohhh! Me! i play those! haha the whole ticket thing is kinda frustrating tho, but YES, i LOVE " it lives in the woods." i kinda have a huge crush on andy too but…i dont really swing that way? oh god, i dont wanna offend anyone, its just a personal preference really. I romanced the popular guy with glasses ( sorry i forgot his name ) <3 i agree with you though, some stories ARE bland. side eyes love hacks but oh well, i love dramas and otomes too much to not give anything a shot


I’ve seen ads popping up for Arcana everywhere latley. I’ve been tempted, but after reading the comments here, I’m not so sure anymore.
I’ve tried most of Choices apps and such, but they stories all kind of feel the same, no?

Speaking of apps:
Has anyone tried City of Love?
I really like the art, but I’m not sure about the story. I never really got around to finishing it. Can’t really remember why…

I also really liked Regency love, and I feel like it really deserves some more love. It’s a quite short game, with some stats raising and just a few romance options (3 or 4 if I remember correctly).
It’s not free, but I do feel like it’s worth it.
I love a game with a bit of stats raising, makes it more fun in my opinion.


Hoo yes, played the first and second and I loved them. Couldn’t put the game down until I got every ending. My fave is Sano :heart_eyes: Bonus points that the mc’s gender is not specified
I should try Till death do us part when I get my laptop fixed.


oh god thank you! haha i was kinda worried that everyone would just flat out say im crazy and then go all out feminist me hahaha :joy: OMG I LOVED SANO’S route as well…until he did “that.” That’s wayyyy too painful and horrible for me to endure. His sexy time scene was too fvckin cute tooooo! argh! that one scene where you brush his hair and he holds your hand against his cheek and then you see his other eye? CUTE! TOO CUTE! I CANT!
i love vincent more tho ughhhhhh <3<3<3 he really killed me (figuratively) and turned me into a melting mess of pure love. sighs dreamily


I didn’t even realize there was a BTD2 and Til Death! I’m so excited for the end of my work day now. I adored Sano <3

(Also, don’t be too quick to rule us feminists out :wink: we like some fucked up stuff too, yo!)


So… I didn’t know about this game, so I searched on google and have seen some images and is really disturbing lol. Is there any “good route” where you can avoid all the pshyco shit?


Nope lol. Well, It’s been a long time since I’ve played but I think by making specific choices in Cain’s route (the second game) you can avoid your mc getting hurt.


No. These boys are all literally psycho’s, sadists, serial killers, and literal monsters. They kidnap you for the sole purpose of tormenting you. Even in the ‘happy’ endings of BTD and BTD2 there’s gonna be physical pain and mind games galore. In a lot of them happy endings only happen if the PC’s mind gets so warped they lose sanity completely. Til Death Do Us Part is a bit different in that it’s about already established relationships. One where the PC’s ex was a controlling, abusive, completely obsessed yandere to the nines. One where the PC is the abusive one, and one where the PC finds out hubbo’s got a big secret. They’re dark, dark, dark. But fun.


haha yea, i know what you mean. I’m all about girl power too, but… i do like getting manhandled from time to time :wink: oops tmi!

uhhhh…nope, sorry. You can’t avoid the gory psycho shit, the treatment of MC just gets a little better in the happy/survival ends. BUT some guys are just pure evil and none of the endings are happy side eyes strade and rire also just a heads up, Jack’s route in tddup was suuuper disgusting/disturbing shudders

hmmmm if you think you cant stomach it then don’t force yourself, or you know just look at walkthroughs for the happy ends so you dont have to see all the gore in the bad ones. try looking here http://boyfriendtodeath.com/pgs/btd1.php it has a warning chart for the characters


I’m in full angsty Hakuoki hell (and enjoyng every bit of it) since I’ve finally got my copy of Edo Blossoms.
Very surprised by Sannan. Great route.


I love Sannan but I only played first psp game since I don’t have a vita/ps3/4 :frowning: he has a full route in other games?


Yup. In Kyoto winds/edo blossoms, Sannan, Yamazaki and Nagakura have all a route…that’s one of the reasons the game have beed divided in two.
The games ore on steam too.