English Otome Games


I suppose I have to wait out for Arcana if there are overpricing involved. :thinking:


Now you have login bonuses and they fixed the daily spin so you do get more chances to get coins – coins are in-game currency you can use to unlock “bonus” content but tbh 90% of the romance so far is under that so

Back before this fix, your chances of landing were so slim that you were more likely to get random items – which are used for real bonus content – that frankly you don’t really need. Considering every month they would come out with a book with 3 routes to advance the story, the fandom did the math and you would be spending around a 1,000 USD for the entire game.


Now if you don’t want to pay to play the breakdown would look like this:

Still Yikes

So this was last Nov :)) but yeah the update mitigates this somewhat but it was that bad

Like this is just one side of the iceberg of a lot of issues. So this is a “at your own risk” sort of warning? Am just shedding some light on what went down in the earlier days of the fandom/game :))

Content wise it’s arguably one of the better titles for the mobile crowd but not as great as I thought it would be – but tbf my personal bar for mobile vn’s/otomes isn’t that high so.


I think the majority of people would just pirate the game and get unlimited coins instead of paying that much.


You all bring up really good points. I hadn’t even realized how overpriced the game was—but looking back I see that I’ve sunk a lot of money without realizing. Most of my money comes from the Google rewards surveys, which if you have an android device I would recommend testing out. The writing is pretty meh too, but the characters do have a lot of personality.

I guess I recommended it because the art is nice lol

On the note of piracy, a lot of good otome games are hard to get now. Persona 3 portable, for example, is near impossible to buy now—if you for some reason still have a PSP. Tokimeki which is still one of my favourites, was on the NDS. If I ever wanted to play those games again, I’d get an emulator.


Arcana has such an interesting premise, but the execution of it is weird. I mean, not even Arithmetic or OKKO games put all of the romance behind paywalls. I get that it’s an indie game, but for what is available doesn’t justify the current prices. I hope that when/if the game is finished, it’ll be more reasonably priced.

Soooo apparently, Cheritz will be releasing a new game The Ssum on March 31st, but there’s a lot of talk that this is an April’s Fool prank. The whole thing is a little bizarre, and it looks like a lot of people on r/otomegames on reddit think it’s a prank. It looks interesting, but the art is very off-putting. I can’t tell if I want this to be a prank or not. If it is real, it’s supposed to be a very casual game with no bad ends (!!!), and more feel-good (?) and relaxing than anything. I don’t know if I trust Cheritz on that though (after all, they brought us some amazingly painful games).


Nusantara: Legend of The Winged Ones, the Magical Otoge games are kind of like that. Cinderella Phenomenon is great, but the protagonist personality is fairly set from the start. Blind Griffin is fairly short since it was made during a NanoReno but it has a very unique setting and characters (honestly I enjoy anything by Cyanide Tea).

It’s actually pretty tough to find finished otome games that allow for some roleplay with the protagonist. I will say I think English otome games have the more interesting unique variety of protagonists rather than cute, humble wallflower and the slightly spunkier version of that from japanese games.


I played Nusantara, haven’t tried cinderella, also played the blind griffin, but that one was a bit “meh” for me.

I feel like I have found everything to be found haha. Must say I found the demo for Ebon Light here, and it is an amazing game. Looking for the full release :smiley:


Welp… That is bad. I hate paying per route basis so I am going to give them a pass. I would rather buy a whole complete game. XS


You should definitely try Cinderella Phenomenon. It’s really good, and it’s free.


Actually, Persona 3 is on the PSN and dowlodable on PSVita. Problem is, still cost quite a bit! And always on the PSVita, there is Sweet fuse: at your side (around 10 € or little less) very cute otome game full of nonsense and humor. But the protagonist is (in my opinion) fantastic! :smile:


You could get Persona 3 Portable on sale though. I was able to get mine on sale and it was worth it. XD


I was quite unlucky to never find it on sale :expressionless: but is true I have buyed a PSVita only six month ago or so…


Aww… Don’t worry… There might be more sale to come, usually they will be one on Black Friday and if Altus has some special event or something. There is still a chance though. Will inform you guys if it is on sale.


Its on the vita?! Damn guys thanks for telling me, I’ve wanted to play that game again for so long. VITA TIME TO BUY

Edit: TIME TO THINK ABOUT BUY damn the vita is expensive


Yep, it’s on PSN. =)


Ugh, the Arcana. I pay for Julian’s romance bits, but I think I should just delete the app and save myself the future expense. I’m not really into the story, the romance has been fairly poorly developed so far, and even though I love Julian, it’s not worth it. I’m glad I’m not the only one who super side-eyes the romance behind a paywall thing!!

In other news, I’ve wanted to play Code: Realize for awhile now but I don’t have a Vita (maybe I’ll buy one next year). But it just came out for the PS4 today! Yay! My copy arrived from Amazon today as well. I can’t wait to play an otome game on my television so my husband can mock me!


I’ve played Code:Realize on the PSVita, one of my favourite otome with CollarxMalice, Hakuouki and Sweet fuse :heart:
I’m going to buy the fan disk as soon as I can! I love the steampunk setting, and the drawings are truly beautiful! Plus Cardia is quite capable on her own, and that make quite fun to play in her shoes. :slightly_smiling_face:


Ahem, dear fellow visual novel game fans, do you like fantasy, do you like royal romps and cute princes and princesses are you inclined to m/m and f/f pairings? Would you like to become a champion of a large section of this forum’s gay community?
If so take a look over here and hopefully cast your vote for the awesome gay and lesbian themed royal romp the “The Beast Within” is promising to be.


@idonotlikeusernames Weird question- have you played DRAMAtical MURDER! ? If not, give it a check out! :smiley:


As a heads up for peeps who haven’t played DMMD, there are some pretty dark topics and explicit scenes. And some romances that could potentially be uncomfortable for some – won’t go into details here exactly – but if you’re familiar with the kind of stuff Nitro Chiral produces then yeah