English Otome Games


Any interactive fiction with school/college theme?
Pls reply if anyone of u know
P.s. I have tried the cog and hg one’s


Valentines Otome has been released! I have not got around to playing it yet but I am so so excited. I was really suprised by how much I loved Halloween Otome and I really hope I love Valentines Otome just as much. The premise sounds much more boring but who knows, it could be the best thing ever.

Has anyone else tried it yet?


Love 365 by Voltage is a really great app for otome games. All of their games, save for the PARTY versions are on there, and they have some wonderful games. I believe you can either buy stories individually, or pay for a monthly subscription, or you can be cheap like me, and read the monthly free stories they give. Their games aren’t the deepest or most innovative, but they’re nice reads.

Has anyone played the demo for The Rose of Segunda? The premise isn’t super innovative, but the art is lovely, and I really like the characters so far.

@Dragoabhi Off the top of my head, for PC there’s:

  • Nameless | School isn’t the focus, but it’s still kind of a school setting? Beautiful graphics, lovely music, great voice acting, fantastic plot, and I highly recommend playing, but it’s pretty pricey.

  • Let’s Not Be Friends | Pretty standard school otome, translation is good, a bit wonky at times. Decent graphics, okay plot, and I think it’s pretty cheap on Steam. Probably worth it if you get it on sale.

  • Night Class | I think this is what it’s called? It’s on itch.io and free, and it’s pretty much what it sounds like, a business class at night. Graphics are good, and I think it’s a pretty good game, considering it’s free.

  • Nicole | Personally, I hated this game, but that could be because I ended up on the kidnapper’s route first. I found it predictable, and on the one route I played, I was super frustrated with Nicole, since she’s smart, but sorely lacking common sense. I don’t know about the other routes, but they’re probably better. I liked the art though, and the characters are pretty interesting. Not worth the price, but if you can get it on sale, you might enjoy it.

On mobile:

  • Wizardess Heart | Some characters are better than others. It uses a ticket system, and there are microtransactions, though you can play it fairly easily for free. Music is good, art is usually pretty good, but the MC is a bit of a ditz. Sometimes she grows out of it, sometimes not. IMO, best arc is The Spring of Unicorns, then the The King of Fairies and The Tower of Sorrow.

  • Building Up My Virgin Boy | Not a traditional otome, and I only played it for a little bit. Translation is a bit off sometimes, but I like the voice acting.

  • Love 365 | There are some school settings in their library. Not a problem if you’re paying for them, but it you want to read it for free, you’ll have to wait and see which stories are free for the month.


Playing on Love 365 is a fun way to give myself a little mental break at work, lol.

Ooooh this is my first time hearing of Rose of Segunda, and it sounds like it was made for me. I love historical/fantasy settings and playing among lords and ladies. Putting that on my list to buy when it comes out.

On another note - Valentine Otome has 3x the word count of Halloween Otome. WHOA!!! I’ll save that for this weekend - looks like fun! And it’s freeeeeeeeeee!


Sonnet009 has an Aloners redux coming out shortly. :D



Oh.my.god. :sob: For the longest time I wanted to be able to buy it just to support that wonderful game and Sonnet, but now there’s going to be extra content too?! Dreams really do come true. Wow.


OMG! I love it! I forgot she was going to release info about the mystery title she will be working on!

Best Valentine’s gift! Thank you for posting this @Fiogan! :heart:


A new game came out today that I’m excited about! Red Embrace, another title from Argent Games. It’s a shorter game, BxB with three routes; the art is really pretty, and the writing is fun! (I beta tested it and had a grand time talking about commas with it.) The renameable protagonist, Ash, has a variable personality and it affects how the ROs treat you! (Plus flavour choice of three career backgrounds…so neat.)

It’s on itch, Steam, and Android. :D


Looks good! I’m downloading it right now :blush:


I like the content of Red Embrace more than Chess of Blade :laughing:
Yeah the writing is amusing. That’s good, due to I prefer some fun to too-serious dialogues. Three ROs are adorable. It’s one of rare games that I like all of ROs. However, Dom is kind of too gloomy compare to the others, and his actions are unexpected sometimes.
The only problem is it’s a short game :frowning_face: Wish it’d be longer.


Has anyone played Soulslayer? It seems like it has a really interesting premise and is set in ancient China and created by a Chinese developer. Apparently it has minimal romantic elements but they do play a part in the story, though ultimately it’s a murder mystery where choices matter. That, coupled with having beautiful art, makes it something I’m definitely going to give a go when I have time. :slight_smile:


I come bearing gifts-





I haven’t read a thing in this thread, I only came to say that Aloners by sonnet009 has been the best VN I’ve ever read and it’s free!!! Trash is just :heart:


I read this only after I posted and I’m in tears right now.


Trash is amazing! Are you excited the Sonnet009 is re-releasing the game with different background art?


Hmm. Not sure if it counts, but April Was a Fool is a pretty good VN. You have to be a lady though. It’s short, but I enjoyed it and really like the art style. Five Ro’s including one lady.



Yes! It took all my self control to not start screaming like a crazed fangirl. Aloners has been the only game that I’ve replayed like 15 times and I never got tired of it.


And another chapter!!! :smile:


I also made some fanart of trash awhile back…


Has anyone else finished Ray’s route in Mystic Messenger?? I’m an emotional wreck waiting for the After Ending. Also can we talk about how incrediblly gorgeous his CGs are??? I’m swooning over how great he looks in that black suit. Saeran Choi, more like Baeran Choi

Hakuoki: Edo Blossoms is out too, and while I wasn’t a fan of Kyoto Winds, hot damn, they look good. Chikage looks even better now.

If anyone plays Ikemen Sengoku, Shingen’s route is going to be released soon, and I’m so excited! I read parts of his route in JPN, and it looks like it’s going to stomp on my heart :upside_down_face::upside_down_face:. At least it doesn’t seem like it’s going to rip it to shreds like Kenshin’s birthday story.

Ikemen Revolution by Cybird will be released soon, and I’ve played bits of it in JPN, and there are some great VAs, like Hanae Natsuki, Suwabe Junichi, and dAyumu Murase! The art and music are really pretty too.

Red Wolf Hiding has a demo up, and it looks pretty interesting. The MC seems really interesting, and I kind of really dig The Wolf?