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Okay! So, I just played Wilder- Bahadur and…

And, it kind of makes me immediately think of one quote.

‘Never make something really amazing, unless it’s the last thing you do, because everyone will compare everything else you make to it for the rest of your life.’

This happened with the first Mass Effect and Dragon Age.

This happened with the Sims.

And now, I think it’s happening with Aloners.

Wilder is an amazing game. The characters are rich, the universe is unique, and there’s a diversity in the cast that is rarely seen in other games- even though this boasts a largely male romantic cast (80% to be precise), they themselves are amazing. Ran is an albino, who is partially deaf, and suffers from past trauma in a sensitive and believable way, Bahadur is stuck in his slave complex, and it is written brilliantly, and the currently unwritten cast are unique in appearance, and what is shown of their personalities- Amir working with a dialogue and culture shock (only seen to a limited degree once before in a Winter Wolves game, with Joan, C14 Dating), and Royo being a romantic interest with a strong personality, who isn’t hyper-sexualized.

This is all well and good, but then one compares, always, to Aloners. Aloners is a high bar in the visual novel world. A unique story, a strong romance, a choice for romance without sex, and even no romance at all! But most importantly- the character has a personality that impacts the story, but is loved regardless of that personality. There lies the crux- the impact.

There is no personality impact in the Wilder series, and that really upset me to begin with. Then I feel things just started getting shakier from there.

Bahadur spoilers ahead!

Intro plays the same, but the MC and Bahadur are quickly thrust into the action, and they follow the exact same route that Ran and MC did. It feels as if the first few chapters were merely bouncing between a sudden new bad scenario with no lasting impact (the snake felt pointless) to yet another flashback.

The two keep shifting, then suddenly Bahadur is fighting people, then suddenly he isn’t, then suddenly something else. The pacing is strange, too quick to make things have the impact needed. I made sure it wasn’t my reading speed that was the issue, taking my time to read each section twice.
The main character has two personalities- very very nice gentle person, or spoiled princess. Both have no effect on the outcome of the story. They don’t even add flavor text. The longest impact they had was just how one scene was handled for a couple lines, but didn’t even change the outcome.

This may be a complaint with how Wilder is being handled as a whole, not merely Bahadur, but I feel it reflected much more strongly in this episode, because Bahadurs sweet vs bitter ending depends on whether MC respects him as his own person or not. So you want be content in being a horrible nag to him for the rest of the time, and be nice when it matters, and it’ll be content in giving you the good ending.

Another complaint, though smaller, was that I just found the CGs a lot less attractive this time round, particularly the first CG of MC and Bahadur in the barn.

I enjoyed the writing, but the pacing was fast and choppy, the quality felt a bit lessened, and it felt somewhat rushed. It was still good. But… ‘but.’ There’s a ‘but’.

I guess my current problem is this- do I like this, because I am loyal to Sonnet, or am I finding fault, because I’m comparing it to her earlier works- specifically Aloners?

It was good. It is worth the asking price, in my opinion. But she has shown so much more before, and I can’t help but feel she could have done more with this.



What do you think of Bahadur compared to Ran?

Aloners is BRILLIANT and allows for so much customization and choice that it’s hard to compare anything to it.

I LOVED Ran’s route in Wilder, though I totally get what you mean about the choices to be mean versus nice. But Ran was totally my type, and the story/characters were well-written enough that it was worth it. Extra emphasis on “Ran was totally my type.”

Bahadur seems like less of my type. But how was the romance overall?


Prepare yourselves, my list of my favourite completed games is quite long:

  • RockRobin
  • Aloners
  • The Lady’s Choice
  • Demonheart
  • Ascension
  • Wilder
  • Nusantara: Legend of the Winged Ones
  • Along the Edge
  • Cinders
  • Freak-Quency
  • A Troll’s Fairy Tale
  • Amplitude
  • Frozen Essence
  • Cupid

Now on the games I can’t wait to be released:

  • Ebon Light
  • Seven Kingdoms: The Princess Problem
  • Queen’s Crown
  • Magicians of Delphine
  • The Pirate Mermaid
  • Essence
  • Cardinal Cross
  • Ascension: Echoes in the dark
  • Calling Cipher
  • Dark Nights
  • Love at the Laundromat
  • Where the Wind Travels
  • After-Party Chemistry
  • Until Eleven
  • Konbini Life
  • Changeling
  • Wicked Love
  • Valentines Otome

For any further information about the games above, feel free to ask :relaxed:


It doesn’t classify as an “Otome game” but I like this one, so I’m dropping it here to get more people to known it.

There are 2 female routes and 1 male. I found it to be a cute and very funny game, my favourite scene :


Beyond Eden is amazing by the way. Although dark themed. But do check it out.


Very Very short but interesting. I could not find that scene though


Did you play Klaus’ route? If I remember correctly it’s somewhere in the middle of it.


Despite putting forth a recommendation, I hadn’t finished a single route at that time. But I just got around and finished one with all of them Endings. And my God, this game broke me. I don’t want to spoil anything, but playing ‘the villain’ in this one is so satisfying.

Also, blue eyes, blonde hair. I have simple taste.


Chess of Blades is out on Steam! A BxB romance with 3.5 routes as they put it—three main routes and a shorter (but still quite interesting!) route.

I read it a couple of weeks ago in its itch.io release, and I really enjoyed it. Fabulous music, some really good voice acting, fun and often clever writing, beautiful art. Even a super-polished UI. Some very strong female supporting characters, too, which was great. My one minor complaint is that in one route—and happens to be the least strong route, in my opinion—the PC does get called ‘Princess’ once, even though it seems to be meant in a positive/complimentary way. And there’s one other remark along the same lines. But overall the writing was really fun, and oh my word the music. And the art.

For anyone who ends up playing and wants to discuss, I’d be game. :D


Any of them offer a male protagonist and the possibility of m/m relationships too?

It’s on my list still sad I missed the kickstarter for this one and the cute butler route didn’t make it in.

I agree with some of your comments, of course Marcel is in the position of a servant, which leaves limited possibilities for agency, which is why I’m hoping for a sequel building of off the golden ending with Marcel learning to navigate his new life with his lover by his side (Eloy in my case). That should leave a lot more room for player agency too.


I was sad about the butler too—but the route that did make it in actually turned out to be a lot different to what I was expecting, and quite interesting to boot.


Unfortunately only Magicians of Delphine. But it’s really one of best WIPs at this moment; gorgeous art, plenty of ROs to choose male and female for both female and male MC, humor it’s really great! :blush:


It’s still a pity cause to me Silas (the Butler) did look like the cutest guy to me. By the way how do you date Arden? I’ve tried twice and always seem to end up with Franz.


Franz’s route is easy to fall into…I did his first, not intentionally; I was aiming for Linnaeus. For Arden’s route, be as rude to Linnaeus and Franz as possible, and if you have to pick betwixt the two, pick being rude to Franz—it seems to be a bit harder to shove him away. And of course stay with Arden during the festival scene, and say all the nice bits like ‘Maybe [I’ll dance with you] some other time’ and ‘I should have eaten with you’ and that should do it.

The transition to the routes—although you may have noticed already, but it wasn’t super obvious to me until I’d played two different ones—is the announcement and the crime—different crimes for different routes. So if that’s not different then Franz has gotten his way again, the pushy bloke.


Same here, as you might have guessed I was aiming for Arden, but decided to roll with it, but it’s frustrating to fall into the same trap on the replay.


Agreed. I think some of it is that it’s tempting to play Rivian as sort of courtly, maybe? And if you’re not outright rude to Franz, it’s easy to end up on his route—at least, that’s how I seem to have managed it, trying to be polite (or at least, politely sarcastic) to everyone.

On the plus side, Franz’s route ended up being my least preferred route by far, particularly in terms of the storyline and writing…some of the other routes are really remarkable in some ways, I think. So that worked out, better as I went along, which is always nice.


True, he looks so very cute and gentlemanly, after Silas Riv really is the cutest guy in the game, though Arden’s cute too.

Also agreed on Franz’s route.

Still sad I missed the kickstarter, too bad the authors didn’t think to advertise the kickstarter here as that’s how I’ve learned about it for “Coming out on Top” and “Seven Kingdoms” too.
While I probably couldn’t have gone higher then the $60 tier, 18 more like me and we could have had the cutie butler too.


So I cried a bit because full release was delayed again but a new demo is out…

And its really good! Bit buggy, in beta, if you don’t like that, then wait until full release months end. BUT- It’s amazing. Like, wow, and character depth and scariness but fabulousness.

Character creation, personality choices, only fxb.


Just finish 2 routes of Chess of blade
The key to enter someone’s route is being rude to the other. When I were nice to everyone, I ended up being killed :joy:
Arden just likes a cute lost puppy :blush:, but I really don’t like 3p part in his route.

Couldn’t agree more. I think he is the best guy of the game.