English Otome Games


Not when they are all guys :disappointed:


Not when I have to play a female mc. :disappointed: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


For me, it depends on how the MC acts and is presented. While I am female I actually prefer playing as a guy but there are some female MC’s that I do not mind playing as
My all-time favourite is Sona from a2 https://navigame.itch.io/a2
(Which is an awesome game, go check it out~ ^_^)


I’m just gonna put Hadaka Shitsuji on the list and slowly back away. Good day.


Then I’ll put Enzai on the list…


Well then, why not Sweet Pool too ?


And Absolute Obedience?


Compared to those three, AO seems like a child’s play.

But jokes aside, if you are into BL otome then I highly recommend Coming out on top. Beautiful written. And of course hot ROs. But they are absolutely adorable too. And of course Dream Daddy. But you probably already know that. So yeah, those are two of my favorite seemingly innocent games. Enjoy!


Thanks for the recommendations~
Actually, I’ve never played any of those games XD
(We have our computer in the living room and we all use it…)
Coming out on top, dream daddy and seiyuu danshi are on my to-play list. They seem pretty fun.


Well, Dream Daddy won’t be a problem to play, even with having to share your PC since it was a pretty “clean” game with no CG H scenes or actually H scene. Probably Seiyuu too. But for Coming out on top though, be careful. Lol


Seiyuu danshi is an adult game too XD
(And it looks pretty cool, not to mention all the things you can do :smirk:)
I can’t even play the cleaner ones since it still involves male/male relationships. l’m just gonna wait until I have my own place and my own computer. And aren’t I going a bit off-topic here?
Sorry you all! ^_^"


I think Dream Daddy has one (1) steamy scene, but there aren’t any visuals to go with it. (I haven’t seen all the routes tho so what do I know)


I really appreciate this thread since all your reviews and recommendations include truly top-notched games.

I found 7KPP highly interesting, but I’m not sure if I should get the full version by backing up their Kickstarter campaign. Playing only demo version will really kill me since the release date of the full version doesn’t seem to be confirmed yet. Could someone kindly advise me how I should play 7KPP?


The kickstarter campaign ended months ago and there was an extended demo up for download (idk if it’s still around)

But as someone who has played the demo, it is A+ and is worth the wait imo


Well, those counted as streamy scenes I supposed. But since they did the ‘fading in black’, compared to those me and @Ninja1 recommended with nudity and full CGs, some even have audios, it’s nothing really. I don’t think it should be count as H scenes at some points.


Thank you so much :slight_smile:


There this amazing otome game I really love, The Arcana. This is The Arcana Kickstater. You can romance them all (currently there are only 3 romanceable characters), it remind me of mystic messenger.

Here’s their Tumblr. If you want more info of the characters. :slight_smile:


The kickstarter is over iirc but the game has recently updated

(The RO’s are so good though? Julian Devorak has a very good claim on my soul)


Have any of you played Stardew Valley? I didn’t think I would enjoy a farming stimulator as much as I do, but it is surprisingly addicting.

Plus it has an interesting story line, an amazing cast (that you can romance of course), a customizable mc, and magic. You can even collect slime monsters that will provide nothing but uncouth attempts on your life and a ravenous dash for the watering bucket, no grudge there, or have nefariously evil chickens. If you want a cute and fun game that has a lovable characters, you should check it out.

It’s just aces.


Stardew Valley owns my ass currently