English Otome Games


I always notice these kinda projects after the deadline has come and passed. :joy:


Here’s a cheat- save scum before each choice, then go through with it, and only go back to the choice if you don’t see a colored crystal flash on the top right. ^^ That’s how I managed, yay.


I do actually save before each choice, but I hadn’t been really paying attention to the crystal flashing.


I know Aloners has been mentioned on here, but I really just want to give it my admiration. It’s the game that inspired me to come to CoG, actually! I want to create a game with a similar choice system. I loved the way that you could create your own personality without being punished for it. There were no “right” or “wrong” choices, save for one, or having to get a stat to x to pass, and that was something I’d never seen in a game. Plus, the character reacts to your personality choices. So good. :sob:

Here’s the list of the Nano otome games, taken from this site [English Otome Games], is anyone is interested.


[quote=“IvoryOwl, post:280, topic:8149”]
MC is always a female
[/quote] blinks in realization huh apparently I like being a female Mc a lot more than a male Mc I think I have at most 5-10 romance games that are not otome

If my 30+ games tell me anything the ones without adult content are the ones with better story…almost all the time.
my friends tell me as a guy I read to many romance games or as they labeled them “porn games”. At this point I’ve started shooing them when I start reading and they ask me what I’m doing, ruins Emerson with their buzzing.

I think I’m gonna try wilder then check out that cotton & cream game
Edit: wilder Ran’s story made me a bit watery eyed at the sweet ending.


I’m only posting because I’ve seen these games recommended by @BoisterousBumblebee - but apparently Astoria: Fate’s Kiss (which has a cool NB RO, who is quite possibly my favourite of all the options), Castaway, and Gangsters in Love are all going to be removed from the appstore on April 30th. I’ve played a bit of all three of them, and they’re all of pretty good quality, so I’d recommend trying them out before their servers shut down on June 30th (apparently any purchases stories can be transferred off to another app, so you won’t lose the stories completely just because the apps aren’t working anymore).


Voltage Inc Otome games are neat but I refuse to have to connect to the internet or use cellular data just to play them. It seems ridiculous to me.


I’m okay with the internet thing. You only need to be connected to the internet when the game downloads content? I can’t remember. I can see how it’d be annoying, but I tend to play on wifi at home so it never affects me too badly.

I like some Voltage games, but sometimes they can be hit and miss. Some Voltage games are great, but a few don’t have a lot of content, quality writing, etc… I tend to wait for other people to recommend Voltage games to me before buying them. Also, sometimes Voltage bishies look too much alike and have similar personalities across games. Every so often I run into a gem, though, and Voltage does seem to be trying to expand their art style with some games. I appreciate their games with Western-style art and settings.

I remember thinking “Pirates in Love” was the BEST. It was my first Voltage game, and I wanted a mobile otome game so much… Now you can’t throw a rock in the app store without hitting an otome game. LOVE IT.

I played Niflheim, which has beautiful art, compelling characters, and a wonderful world. BUT, the freemium game structure really impairs my enjoyment. The individual scenes seem short, and there isn’t a whole lot of romance until you worked up to the very end (which takes DAYS AND DAYS). Still, Skeletano~ The ROs are all interesting, which is what got me to slog through the awful freemium bs. I can’t stand that whole “hey, dress up your avatar in arbitrary outfits that don’t really affect the game at all except when the game needs an obstacle for you to unlock (yay…)”

Meanwhile, I started playing (throwing money at) Mystic Messenger. Although I should know better, I’m really obsessed now. 707 is cute, unique, fun, quirky, and my dream guy. Usually I don’t like the Freemium play structure, but the writing and content is good enough where I actually don’t mind that much. I’ve had NO patience for waiting for chats to open up, and so I’ve spent a lot of money on this goddamn game… Just… so… in… love… with… 707. His cardboard prank for he April Fools special had me rolling on the floor. It’s definitely worth getting. His Valentines Day special is worth getting, too. Unlike the other guys, the MC makes choices that determines which ending you get (romantic and innocent, or sexy and sexy).

I really like Cheritz (I played Dandelion). Generally, I get caught up in their stories and characters. With some other games, I end up skipping a lot because I get so bored. But MM has sucked me in.

The only thing that turned me off to Dandelion initially was how slow the start felt. It seemed to take forever to get to any otome content. I played it a long time ago, though, so maybe it’s not the slog I remember it to be. I haven’t played Nameless, but I need to.

Lastly, Resident Evil 4: Otome Ediion

Haven’t played this. I think it’s a Nano, but, man, it looks stupidly funny.



(Not really, but you get the picture)


I haven’t played Resident Evil IV before but when I saw that I suddenly really wanted to see a Metal Gear Solid 2 version of that where you play as Emma, cause lord knows she’s in the same situation. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Though to be fair she has the legendary Jennifer Hale - who along with Laura Bailey and Ashly Burch are the Queens of Video Game Voice Actresses - doing her voice.)


Just for anyone who might still be curious, here are some screenshots of Love Bites (due out later this year). Things may change as work continues on the game, of course.


I will always fawn over Viktor and his arms. :heart_eyes:


I have come bearing more titles!

Demonheart, Nightshade, The Charming Empire, The Falconers: Moonlight, and < /reality>.

Note: I have not played any of these so I cannot recommend them or not, but they seem high quality. I found them all on my Steam escapades and they’re just released, so if you’re looking to kill time and cash, you’re welcome.

Oh! And this gem:

The Multidimensional Underwear Drawer. It’s early access because the last route or two hasn’t been released, conveniently the one I am most interested in, but it is a masterpiece. :clap:



Then this scene would probably be up your alley.


:scream:! @Lys, you tease me so! :sob: H-he’s so gorgeous… those arms, those abs–they’re leaving me feeling awfully faint. :confounded:


Hey all, I’m super into games where you can customize the personality of the MC that you’re playing like in “Aloners” or “Wilder” or "The Lady’s Choice"
Anyone have some other recommendations?


The Crossroads is pretty similar (it’s also from the same author like The Lady’s Choice). You can choose to be kind/funny/upfront etc and people react to your personality


Oh yeah I downloaded that just yesterday on itch.io that one is awesome

Anyone else also like flash games like “Ascension”?


Hell, I remember the Ascension series. It was good but kinda bad, yeah?

The MC was a total Mary-Sue and the grammar and spelling was off in multiple places, but the story and characters were really interesting, and there was character customization, and a personality thingy and outfits.

There’s supposed to be a sequel, but the alpha was let out to the public years ago and no progress has been made on it since.


There are so many good games on itch.io, I haven’t even gotten around to playing all the ones on my list. I got The Blind Griffin and played it a couple of times, even reviewed it and all. But I never even played it through a third time. I have a couple of promising entries from the most recent NaNoRenO saved on my laptop, but I’ve barely touched them. I feel spoiled for choice, but also a little guilty because I’ve been looking forward to them but I still haven’t played them.

AIRIS and Sour Cherry Twist are both high on my list, but so are a few others.