English Otome Games


You can have people refer to you as he/him. I’m not sure about the use of man or boy in reference to you, probably not for he/him nbs etc.

That’s all. It’s like Hustle Cat. In order to be inclusive to he/him nbs, you have to trade off specific words that you’d use to refer to a cis or trans man who was 100% male. Unlike Hustle Cat, you don’t get to choose your appearance, though; trading it out for the ability to choose a name for your MC.

Yeah, pretty much. They’ll treat you the same and you get similar dialogue.


Wish that desktop demo was out so I could see for myself what it feels like, in any case thanks.


If you want me to screenshot you a few lines and images from the demo I can do that.


Don’t bother, I just checked the funding period is over anyway, so I guess I’ll find out with the release demo, as literally the only use of me getting a feel for it right now would have been to help me decide if I would have backed it on Kickstarter or not.
But, again, thanks for the kind offer. :slight_smile:


I was actually interested in romancing Bahadur from Wilder… he looks like one of those big, cuddly bears (not the homosexual kind) that you just want to hug and hold on forever. Ran… Ran I don’t trust. Can’t decide which archetype he falls under but my nose tells me he’s either a mayadere (villain-turned lover) or a kuudere (cold type that doesn’t care if the MC dies but secretly does).

Anyway, I never heard of Ebon Light but it looks interesting!


Bahadur does look lovely, I’ll romance them all, ahahah.

My main issue with romancing him would probably be me role-playing the character, and her always seeing him as a parent/brother figure. I wonder how Sonnet will handle that shift…considering how awesome she is at writing, she’ll probably pre-empt that, and slide it in epically. ^^ She’s easily one of my favorite game writers ever, in the ren’py market.

It is cool! Very unique art style, it’s so painty and pretty, and I get to make fun of Laceaga (erm, is that how you spell it, I’m too lazy to go check) and I’m surprised it hasn’t received more acknowledgment, honestly. Is it even on lemmasoft? (I don’t think it’s on itch.io) Which just makes me think of all the epic games out there I may never find due to bad publicity. :frowning:


Just finished the demo and I must say I’m impressed! The story is intriguing and the art style one of the best I’ve seen in a while, extra points for having a character creator too. I’m surprised that it hans’t received more acknowlegement either as its quality surpasses the average visual novel you encounter nowadays by far and that is precisely why I’m baffled its going to be free. Not that I’m complaining, mind you, but normally you’d expect something this good to have a price on it… I’ve seen worse games asking for more. Though if you’re just starting out I guess giving one product for free is one way of establishing your name in the market and rack up a few fans.


The demo for Wilder is so nice - I love the backgrounds. The story is very intriguing so far, I really cannot wait for its release date!

I also have to check out Ebon Light once I have time for sure. The art style is very intriguing from what I have seen.

I might also start working on my own, short visual novel in my freetime. I started one ages ago, but lost all of my progress due to my laptop dying on me. I really appreciate the change of pace that working on a visual novel would bring, mostly because work for The Gifted and Graceless has been incredibly slow due to multiple little issues such as the fact that I still have to transfer the progress from my former, shitty laptop to my new PC and the fact that I still have to install Word on my new PC. Also, I should be drawing way more than I have been.

And I startet pondering about a gritty story featuring a pessimistic artist as the protagonist who gets thrown into a world void of colour for a while now. Who knows. :slight_smile:


Maybe you guys know it because I cannot remember the name for the life of me…

There was this otome, where you play a trans girl, and you and a bunch of other people get kidnapped and forced onto a reality show in a house where you guys have to kill each other. And it had a trans boy as a romance, as well as a nonbinary person I think, and it was really cool and well-written and funny in this absurd way?


Boi… I accidentally downloaded MM while searching for the Arcana and… you know… have to play as a girl… only date guys…

Except u don’t because! There’s a friendship path that becomes gay in the DLC and the canon route is… a genderfluid nb boy… Excellent…


What’s MM? Sounds interesting


MysticMessenger. All I remember is one of my friends keeps waking up at 3AM to play. It’s a real time game. Must have hooked her deep.


Oh, yeah, I remember trying that! Can’t keep up with realtime games tho. :frowning:


If you would pay the average amount a full otome game costs (£30ish) on hourglasses, you should have enough to play most of the game without problem, since you can replay missed chatrooms.


Don’t know if it has been mentioned before but there’s Wicked Love as well. It’s a VN about a woman that mysteriously awakes in an underworld city called Tartarus with no recollection of how she ended up there. In order to leave she has to go through a gate that requires 7 seals, the gimmick here being that each seal is guarded by a living version of each deadly sin - Pride, Envy, Gluttony, Sloth, Wrath, Lust and Avarice. There’s choices to be made, puzzle elements and, of course, relationship building. The art they used is better than the norm, and the setting (according to the background images) looks like a cross between sci-fi and cyberpunk.


I think there are certain times when the characters call you though? And you can call them and get different conversations depending on the time?


Yeah. They’ll call you, but you can call them by paying hourglasses.


Right, but even if I pay for hourglasses, I’ll still miss content if they call while I’m in class or something. Maybe I’ll try picking it up again in the summer.


You can just call them later on an off day. It doesn’t change anything. The chatrooms are the important part.


Aren’t the conversations you get different on different days or depending on whether you call or they call? I know the chats are more important, but I don’t like to miss content.